3 Things I would Change in PT School


In physical therapy, it is just the norm for insurance to reimburse us for physical therapy services. I would at least make sure that I show physical therapy students how insurance reimbursement truly works.

There is a difference between case rate, fee for schedule, Medicare, Auto and work comp insurance. That’s how you get paid the majority of the time.


2.  I would condense what you are currently doing for three years into two years, and at the end of that second year, you would specialize in something during that 3rd year. The biggest problem with physical therapy is you come out as a generalist. Many people do residencies, which I think is a good thing, but I think it should be integrated into the regular PT program.

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What do you want?


3.  If you understand insurance, and can now make that decision on whether you want to take patients that have insurance or not, and you also know what area you want to specialize in, then now you are ready to learn marketing.

I would teach you all how to market yourself, and how to market to the group of people you want to serve with your physical therapy skills.

When you go to YouTube, and you put in “physical therapist”, my video became the number one video in ten months on YouTube. Do you know what that has done for my business?

YouTube is integrated with Google. If you do well on YouTube that means that everything that Greg Todd does on Google is going to get raised up as well.

On the first page of YouTube for physical therapists, I have three videos that rank in the top 10. My point in saying all this is that when people are searching for physical therapists, I am the main person in the United States that comes up.

So how do you do that?

You just have to know the formula.

Why couldn’t anyone in women’s health do the same thing? There’s nobody doing it because they are not teaching you basic marketing.

7% of people that have musculoskeletal conditions are seeing physical therapists; 93% aren’t, and it’s because the 93 % don’t even know that we can help them.  A lot of times, we don’t even know what it is that we do because we are so generalized.

People say to me, “The days of owning a private practice are over”

Who is telling you that?

The days of doing private practice the way they did it in 1996 are over, but that has been over for ten years. Running a private practice has never been easier. It’s never been this simple; it’s never been this cheap, and it’s never been easier.