APTA PPS Annual conference 2015: Day 3

I’m overwhelmed… What happened yesterday was nothing short of amazing. Day 3 of the APTA PPS Annual conference 2015.
This was my first time speaking at PPS annual conference. I’ve never spoke on a stage this big… My speaking has been pretty much relegated to crowds of 60 to 80 people when lecturing at universities.
This was hundreds… And it was a group that I wasn’t sure on how they were going to accept my message.

As I told you guys in my previous blog on Thursday, I was really floored by how the crowd responded to Gary Vanyerchuck. You could hear pins and needles in the room when he was speaking. And to me, that guy is basically the Michael Jordan of social media and the art of the hustle.
Luckily, I got a good night’s sleep, and I wasn’t thinking about the talk at all. I woke up at my typical 5 AM time… But after about 20 or 30 minutes I was able to go back to bed. I slept until a little bit after 8 AM.

at APTA PPS Annual conference 2015

My staff is amazing… They did a video encouraging me and wishing me well for my talk this morning. I was just totally floored. I just realized how much they love me and I realized how blessed I am to have such amazing people to be part of our team.


APTA PPS Annual conference 2015
I went downstairs, sat in a lecture in the main ballroom, and then I started getting set up for my talk.
It’s hard to grade yourself on how you spoke… But I can tell you this… I wasn’t even nervous. I didn’t have that crackling in my voice like I usually do for the first minute or two… I just started out ready to go.
My talk went for 1 hour and 30 minutes on how I’ve use technology to grow my practice and to make incredible first impressions on my patients.

APTA PPS Annual conference 2015
APTA PPS Annual conference 2015

Even though the talk finished at 12 PM… I had to stay around for an additional two hours and answer questions. From what everyone told me, it was the most engaging talk of the entire conference and I had multiple people come up to me and tell me that it was the best talk of the entire conference.
You want to hear the irony of this?

Two years ago, I submitted a proposal to PPS on talking on this exact subject with this same material… And they declined it. So the moral of the story is it’s all about timing… And not giving up.

APTA PPS Annual conference 2015
I had many people come up to me after the conference, and I basically could leave my job (which I’m not going to) and be a full-time consultant today if I wanted to… But the person I remember the most that came up to me after I finished was a lady by the name of Lisa Chase.

We actually met the night before at the last talk of the evening, and it was more of a roundtable discussion… and the both of us were pretty animated in what we thought about the proposal of what they were doing.  She just had this feisty spark about her, and it reminded me of how I am.
We chatted briefly, and I told her that I actually would be speaking the next day and she decided that she would come.
So when she came to me after my talk… I specifically remembered who she was, but when I looked down and saw that she was from St. Petersburg Florida, and I saw her name, something just clicked in my brain. We actually worked together on the WTA tour!!!

It was so awesome for us to catch up… She was the person that I would report to when I was doing different treatments on some of the top WTA players that I had to work with.
So anyways… We ended up having dinner together last night… And we were able to catch up on so many things, as well as have discussions on ways that we could grow her practice. It was probably the highlight of the conference for me, because when you find physical therapists that are like-minded and they really have their intentions in the right area… All you want to do is see them do as well as you.

APTA PPS Annual conference 2015
So honestly… After that, I went up to my room, I got a few more texts from different people wanting to speak to me about consulting for them, and I just told everyone that I would get back to them tomorrow. I was exhausted mentally… And I just wanted to go to my room and take a nap.

There was a big dinner at 7 PM,  and I slept through the entire thing. I woke up around 10:30PM, went to shower, came back to my bed called my wife and kids to tell them that I was going to go to sleep.
It’s now 5:30 AM Saturday morning, and I’ve decided to just blog about this so I can reflect on it a little bit… and then pack my stuff and drive back to Tampa in time for my son’s soccer game this morning.

I know he’s going to be so excited… Because he thought I wasn’t going to be there this week.

OK… That’s all for now… Everyone have a great weekend! APTA PPS Annual conference 2015 Rocks.