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Smart Physical Therapists Understand Leverage

The first story I ever heard of leverage happened back in the day; a story in the Bible about Jesus taking a loaf of bread and feeding 5,000 – that’s called leverage. That’s called taking a little (a loaf of bread) that would usually feed a few people and making a whole lot of it. That’s […]

3 Things I would Change in PT School

  In physical therapy, it is just the norm for insurance to reimburse us for physical therapy services. I would at least make sure that I show physical therapy students how insurance reimbursement truly works. There is a difference between case rate, fee for schedule, Medicare, Auto and work comp insurance. That’s how you get […]

The Harsh Reality

This is the harsh reality.   For the 16 years I have been in this PT game, being part of the 95% wasn’t a bad gig in 2000. But today, in 2017, if you are coming out of school with six-figure debt, being part of that 95% could be a problem. I had no desire […]

The Difference Between a Good PT and an Exceptional PT

Here’s a question I got from YouTube, “Greg, What is the difference between a physical therapist being a good physical therapist and being an exceptional physical therapist?” One word: INVESTMENT. That is the difference between a physical therapist, a good physical therapist, and an exceptional physical therapist. How much investment do you put into yourself? […]

The Marathon Mindset

We have over 200 paid students in our PT Builder courses. To think I just thought of this idea. I said this idea in a DPT student group that I wanted to start to help PTs and PT students, and I acted on it, and it’s been a game-changer. Yesterday my pastor talked about something, […]

The Power of Association

Let me tell you something about the power of association. Module one in SSPT goes over one thing, and every single week I discuss these modules in detail. I make sure everybody understands, “Okay this is what you need to get out of this module to enhance your career.” Tuesday, we talked about module two, […]