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Fail to Plan is Planning to Fail

I want to talk about planning your career and planning out your life. A friend of mine named Ben Fung gave me some stats on what the top 10% of physical therapy make. I realized that I am doing quite well in the field. I believe that it’s not just because I have a business. I […]

How I Build Relationships Using My Phone

Building relationships with our patients is something that they don’t talk about a lot in our profession. Just recently while I was at breakfast with my wife, I won. I won because of a patient. I have a text message service, the text message service system is called Hability, and I use this to keep in communication […]

Do you value you?

No, he was truthful. A lot of times we say we want things and say we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get those things, but do we want it? Are we prepared to make the sacrifices to get it? Are we ready to invest in ourselves to get to that point? I ended […]

Get Uncomfortable

Here’s the story on the first day I worked with the #1 player in the world. I walked into her room, and there were cameras all over. She had Eurosport doing a documentary on her. I was sweating bullets while I was doing manual physical therapy on this girl. What’s even worse, was that the whole […]

Physical Therapy Career Tip – The Power of the Gift

I help physical therapists monetize and leverage their careers through innovative strategies, and that’s what my gift is. Apparently, my gift is also motivating and inspiring people. I think my story is just my story and it’s just me, and I think people find my story inspiring. It’s very easy for me to speak every day […]

How To Develop A Following

I want to tell you how to develop a following to yourself. This doesn’t matter if you are a physical therapist; I don’t care if you are a mechanic, or if you are in school. You have to know how to create a following if you want to be able to be successful in anything. […]