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Trials turn into Triumphs

I am so thankful for every trial that I have had, particularly my health trial. Most of you already know my story. Many of you have probably met me when I did a super Saturday, two years ago. I actually got a parasite, right after September 11th when no one was traveling. Kerry and I […]

Let’s Talk Marketing

When we talk marketing in physical therapy, it really is like an explicit word. Nobody wants to hear it. I am not going to spend a ton of time on this but I want you to understand a couple of things: 1.) You have to understand that there is good marketing and there is bad […]

Do you Dream Often?

Do you dream, do you still believe? Are you still dreaming? I have young kids on YouTube following me, 7th, and 8th graders. My wife reminded me that I am old and they look up to me for inspiration. There was a kid in seventh grade that reached out to me a few weeks ago […]

When you believe, you never have to sell

My whole mission is to change the game for Physical Therapy. How do I do my business and make it big? I want to talk about selling and marketing. I went into PT school because I did not want to do what my father did. I love my Dad, but I didn’t want to do what […]

Who Drives You and What Drives You

What drives you? Or who drives you? Since I have come back from my vacation I have been in turbo boost mode. I get tired, I do. I always try to remember the things that drive me. Who is it for? What drives me are my kids, my wife, my extended family who counts on […]

How to be a Person that People can Trust

I heard an amazing message in regards to relationships at church. This is important because many of you in this group are Physical Therapists. It’s important for us as PTs, in how you treat all people. How do you build up leadership? If you are a successful PT, then you have to be a great leader. My […]

Who is navigating your ship?

Something that a friend of mine brought up to me saying, “Hey, trying to get to certain goals but sometimes obstacles or people or things kind of varies off where we want to go to.” that happens all the time. That’s called life. . If you want to get somewhere, there’s two things that you […]

What Separates You as a Physical Therapist?

One of the things that I do is I consult. I consult now for fifteen companies. As of today, it might be eighteen companies. I get these questions like, “how did you become a consultant? What are they looking for?” Are you a physical therapist? Okay good. Let’s talk about the real thing. Who are […]