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The Marathon Mindset

We have over 200 paid students in our PT Builder courses. To think I just thought of this idea. I said this idea in a DPT student group that I wanted to start to help PTs and PT students, and I acted on it, and it’s been a game-changer. Yesterday my pastor talked about something, […]

The Power of Association

Let me tell you something about the power of association. Module one in SSPT goes over one thing, and every single week I discuss these modules in detail. I make sure everybody understands, “Okay this is what you need to get out of this module to enhance your career.” Tuesday, we talked about module two, […]

Fail to Plan is Planning to Fail

I want to talk about planning your career and planning out your life. A friend of mine named Ben Fung gave me some stats on what the top 10% of physical therapy make. I realized that I am doing quite well in the field. I believe that it’s not just because I have a business. I […]

Let’s talk marketing and cupping

I am a physical therapist first. My primary thing is to be a physical therapist and a damn good one. A good physical therapist is not necessarily a good business person. I know some of the best physical therapists that I have met in my life have gone out of business in private practice.  It’s […]

Dream Big

I’m a physical therapist and a fitness coach – that was my dream, that’s what I wanted for my life. I also wanted to have my own practice, because that was my dream.  It wasn’t my mom’s dream, and it wasn’t my dad’s dream, it wasn’t even my wife’s, it was MY dream. It was […]

Are you teachable?

  Since 2009-10, I have been doing the same speech. The speech that I did, I have been doing it for the University of Miami. I have been doing it for different universities in Florida, I have been doing it at other events. Last year I spoke at seven events, and it’s the same speech. I […]

My 5 Favorite Personal Development Books

  I have been helped more with personal development than I have with any particular CEU course I’ve taken. Physical therapy continuing education is fantastic.  But the truth is that in this game what they don’t tell you is that you are capped out with what you can make from learning new techniques.  You are not […]