Are you teachable?


Since 2009-10, I have been doing the same speech. The speech that I did, I have been doing it for the University of Miami. I have been doing it for different universities in Florida, I have been doing it at other events. Last year I spoke at seven events, and it’s the same speech. I did the speech at PPS 2015, that’s a private practice session for the American Physical Therapy Association, it’s the same speech.

Last 2016 in Las Vegas was the first time I spoke on a different subject. I told them about how I do all these things; how I have cloned myself to be everywhere. How I’m on a podcast, how I’m on YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook. I’m doing everything, and I am spending more time than I have ever spent with my family, and I have been able to raise my business and be able to get up by 37% this year, and we’ve grown 12 years in a row.

After I had spoken at that speech in Orlando, I came back home and found out that I got high higher ratings than Gary Vaynerchuk. He was great, but the truth is that he’s not a physical therapist and he didn’t resonate with the people like I did.

When I came back home, I had a patient. She came to my office and said “Hey Greg, my name is Victoria” I greeted her “Hey Victoria what’s up?” then she said, “I found you through Google reviews; I work for an independent social media and web company that contracts through BCBS.

Her company helps blue cross blue shield get their stuff out for all of their medical blogs. She then said “We want you to be a guest blogger for us”

I was surprised, “Wow, that’s awesome. Sure I will do it” we started talking, and she says, “Why don’t we go to lunch one day?”

About three weeks later, she was doing her therapy, loving it and ended up saying, “Let me take you out to lunch.” She added, “I have been looking at your website; looking at what you do in social media…and although you do a pretty good job, but you can do a lot better.”

In my industry, I am the social media guy. I said, “Okay, show me what I can do” we both pulled up our laptop, “You could do this, you should be doing this, repurposing or you could be doing that.”

I sat there, and I listened, and I started writing down notes. I didn’t act like a know-it-all. I listened to the lady. She was an expert in that field; she had advice for me and I took her advice, “Okay, I can do that.” and then I told myself “That stuff she says makes sense, but that’s gotta be a lot of work.”

Right after that, I found a course that showed me how to build a team that can help me do that stuff and I took the course. And between what that lady told me and me taking the course, it has taken my social media to a whole new level; I am everywhere.

Watch the video here: Physical Therapy Success Tip – Be Teachable 


Are you teachable?

I am not smarter than any of you; I am not better than any of you. But I am teachable. It trips me out how many people swear they know-it-all and they don’t know ‘ish. I am teachable. You know what I realized about super successful people?

They are teachable.

I particularly deal with physical therapists. They come out of school, and they learn a lot of stuff in school; the stuff they learn in school are just getting them prepared to pass a board exam but there is so much more to learn. You can look at my track record, look at other people’s track record that are leaders in the industry and some of them are just not teachable.

It’s okay; not everybody is going to jive with how you teach and your philosophy. My whole thing is that there are just some people out there that are young in their profession. They are young doing their thing, but they are just not teachable. That right there is going to be the biggest predictor of your success.

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The biggest thing I can tell you all is to be teachable, be willing to learn. Click To Tweet Follow what successful people do if you want to be successful.

How many people are truly teachable? They are moldable. I am 39 years old. I have had a pretty good run in the physical therapy career. I have a 7-figure company in physical therapy.

I honestly believe I am probably one of the top five students in the industry and that I am always learning and opening my mind up to different things. I think that’s the difference. I just don’t believe I am smarter than any other PTs out there; I believe that I am a lot more moldable than most people and I am advising you to do the same.