Be the Bigger Person

I always tell my employees, my wife, my friends that you need to be the bigger person. This morning I was reading a devotional. This devotional was about arguments. How do you resolve conflict?

My reasoning for doing these blogs consistently is to make you better. Sometimes it could be physically, sometimes it could be emotionally. Sometimes it could be with relationships. It is to help you become better. One of the things about conflict when you are dealing with people is that you are always wrong. The other person can be wrong too. You could be 99.99 percent right in this conflict and .01 percent wrong. But someone has to be the bigger person.

resolve conflict

Resolve Conflict by Learning to say “Sorry”

I would say one of the biggest attributes to success in my Physical Therapy company over the last 11 years is that if we have a conflict with a patient or if they are not happy about their scheduled time or maybe they are not happy about something, I say “I am sorry”. This happened two weeks ago at my office. I don’t know what happened at our front desk, but something happened with a patient and the first thing I did when I saw the patient was to say “I am sorry”. I didn’t even do anything!!! But I had to say I am sorry because you have to understand that when it comes to resolving conflict, someone has to say they are “Sorry, I apologize for my part in this”. At the end of the day, what I realize is if I am going to ask people to work out and invest in themselves… if I am going ask people to do those things, we have to be right emotionally and mentally.

If there are relationships in our life that are just holding us back, it makes us not want to move forward with other parts of our life. That is really the truth, and if you have a relationship today that is unresolved and there is conflict there, be the bigger person and apologize. Even if it really isn’t your fault, just apologize. I am telling you right now, one of the best books I ever read, is a book by Dale Carnegie called How to Win Friends and Influence People. At the end of the day, that is more important than getting muscles.

You have to learn how to get along with people. It will to take you so far in life. We need to learn how to deal with people better. If I had to take one attribute that I have that has allowed me to get to the places that I am in life, it is learning how to deal with people and even more importantly, how to deal with complicated people. So that is my message for today. No exercise, no fitness motivational talk. Just deal with people. Say ‘I am SORRY”, even if it is not your fault.