Should you be an Entrepreneur then answer this one question

Do you value your time? I once took my family to the Bush Gardens. About fifteen minutes from the park, we are at a stop light and a lady had a sign up saying “She is homeless…” My wife took out ten dollars out of her purse and we give it to the lady. That sparked a conversation about our journey and money and all about other stuff. The conversation came up about why I became an entrepreneur.

I never had this entrepreneurial mind. I am a guy that wanted stability. I just want to work a 9 to 5. I wanted to have a family, I always dream of having a cute wife and having some cute kids but I don’t have massive aspirations of owning a business. But early on our relationship, she get jealous and said she loves time. My wife doesn’t need the Gucci bag. We still shop at consignment shop for our kids. We are not material people. Most of the time when I get her gifts for Christmas, she returns that back because she feels like she can get it on sale or at a garage sale. That’s just the type of chick that she is. What she wants is she wants my time.

2005, I was working for a corporation. I started from the bottom and we started from nothing – zero patients. In a year, I doubled their projection in numbers – all I am asking is “hey I am giving you everything that you wanted, can you allow me to work four days a week?” and they said, “No.” Why? I have done anything they wanted, and more – why can’t I work four days a week? Because my wife wanted time. She is working, doing her internship for teaching. We didn’t have any time for each other. All she wants is my time – my job wasn’t giving me my time. So I asked them again two months later and they said, “No, you have to work five days a week.” I just kept on grinding and show them the clinic is having 30 visits a day. And I asked them again, “can I have at least one off per week?” and all I have to do is work ten hours a day so I still get my 40 and they are like, “No.” So that was it, two weeks later, pregnant wife with our second child, no major savings – I resigned. I wasn’t taking anymore of that bullshit. I value the relationship with my wife, she wanted time and I wanted to give her time. Our relationship today, fifteen and a half years being married and people are always like, “your kids are so good. Your relationship with your wife is so great.” A lot of people see us behind the scenes and they know that we are lovebirds because I spent so much time on her. She doesn’t want the coins, she wants the time.

When you are an employee, they don’t give you time. Because that means so much to me, of my company nobody works more than four days a week because I value that  and so I am giving that to them. We are going to work smarter, not necessarily to grind more. Everybody works four days a week. Everybody gets one day off. Because the struggles that I went through I put all that unto my employees.

Do you want to be a business owner/ entrepreneur? Do you value your time? That is the question that you need to ask. Let’s forget about coin right now. If you value your time, you’re never going to be satisfied working the five-day, six-day, forty to fifty hour hustle. There’s only so much time.

I love my family more than physical therapy. I love my wife more than physical therapy. I love all of my four children more than physical therapy. I love the fact that I don’t have to miss events that I used to because they wouldn’t give me my time.

Is it time that you want? If it is, you have to be an entrepreneur.