Physical Therapist Tip – How to Get the Results You Want

How do you get the results that you want?

Open YouTube right now, and put in the search bar “Physical Therapist” and a YouTube video called “Should You Be A Physical Therapist” comes up number one.

It’s tough to get ranked on YouTube; “Getting ranked” means that you put in a search for something and your video comes up on the first page. It’s a difficult thing to achieve.

We did that in 10 months, and have maintained it for 2 years now.

The truth of the matter is we’ve been massively consistent. There’s been no physical therapist on YouTube that has put out the amount of videos that I have put out in the last year.

With my schedule, I dedicate 6 hours a week just for me to respond to all of the people that need my help. That’s the truth. It takes consistent work.

There is nothing done without hard work and consistency.

there is nothing done without hard work. Click To Tweet
Watch the full video here: Physical Therapist Tip – How to Get the Results You Want


It took me 16 years to pull off this “overnight success.”

It’s just that you all are seeing me over the last year or so because I have decided to help a group of people.

The truth of the matter is this has been going on for a long time, and that’s why you guys will always hear me saying, “do what you love” because it’s going to be hard, and there’s no way around it.

Life is hard. Becoming successful is hard. So might as well do stuff that you liked to do. Things… Click To Tweet.

I love receiving messages or getting on the phone with these kids, students, and people that are 40-50 years old that want to take it to the next level. I love it.

Do not get roped into this overnight success.

Find people that you are passionate for serving.

Ask yourself a few questions, “Who would I want to serve?” “What would I love doing if money wasn’t an issue?”

That is your mission, that is your gift. If you can’t figure it out, sit down longer.

When you do that, then you can start figuring out how to serve those people.

That is the key. In the past I used to think, “I am going to grind hard in PT, and I am going to retire”

What is working better for me is thinking this way….which is that I needed to know how to enjoy myself in physical therapy every single day.

That’s what I needed to figure out.  Once I figured it out, I had to start asking this…

“How can I get my staff to enjoy it every day?”

Then my next question was….

“How can I get other PTs around the world to enjoy PT every day?”

If I gave you $20,000 more per year, but you are freaking miserable, would you be ok with that?

You hated the types of patients you are working with, your boss, the environment, everything about the situation, but I gave you $20,000 more a year.

That’s brutal, right? It doesn’t even make sense. No, you are not going to put a jackhammer to my head and give me $10 extra per hour. You are not going to do that.


Stay within what you are about – stay within your truth.

Be in your element, stay consistent, and keep it real. That’s the key to success.

This Is the Best Time to Be in The Field of Physical Therapy

When I found out that I can start monetizing my videos on Twitter, I went ahead and trained my students on how to do it. I learned it all so I can teach my students.

I trained them how to make themselves brand relevant in physical therapy because many people don’t know what physical therapists do. I believe that this is the best time to be in the field.

I’m not sure if you all saw this, but I did an interview webinar with Paul Gough recently. Paul is the owner of four cash-based clinics in the UK. What makes that so special is that right next door in his clinics, you have a free option.

It’s socialized medicine in the UK which I believe is where we are going to eventually end up in the US. It’s just moving towards that way, as you see what insurances are doing.

So… back to PG (That’s what I call Paul)…. There’s a free option, and then there’s Paul – the hundred dollars plus option, and he’s winning. Four clinics, I think he has 14-15 employees at this point.

If you keep on telling yourself “it’s a lie, that is not possible to do nowadays” that’s fine, you can think whatever you want, but I think you realize that it’s just your lack of belief. d

Paul explained step by step on how he brings in everything. Dude is winning, and he’s competition gives PT for free. LOL!!!


I want to talk about on a personal level, on why Paul and I, have a lot of similarities even though I have insurance-based clinics and he has cash-based clinics, but why is it that we both have managed to do well? Let me tell you a couple of things.

Number one, I do think that we both worked for professional organizations. Being that he used to work for professional soccer teams in the UK,  and I worked with professional tennis players.

I think the advantage for us is that we saw what professionals do. We saw the levels that professionals are willing to work at to excel in their careers. The standard for us is very high. We both learned what high standards looked like, and I believe we followed it in our field.

I hate average

I didn’t want to be an average person. I am not talking about that I wanted a big car or a big house.

I am just saying that I didn’t want to stick to only having worth based on what insurance companies gave me.

Paul decided, “I didn’t want to do it the way the national healthcare does it in the UK; I knew there were going to be other options that I wanted to have for my patients beyond insurance.”

I just think we are both very stubborn. We are very stubborn people that didn’t want to do the status quo.

I think even though we are super stubborn, we are both willing to learn. Paul’s invested a lot of money; over $150,000 in himself, in marketing strategies, in learning the PT business, and in learning those types of things.

It’s a pretty amazing story that he has. Paul had enough for a pretty solid down payment for a home through his work with his clinic. Most of the people would have just said “no, let’s just take the home and live a very comfortable average life, ”

But he wanted something more, he wanted something bigger, and he told his family, “I think this is what we need to do.” and he did it. He invested in himself.

You know how I invest in myself. That’s why I don’t think we have a problem with asking people to invest in us. Whether it be for physical therapy services or it is if we are going to coach and mentor you, we don’t have a problem with that because we’ve already invested in ourselves, so we feel like we have worth. I think there’s a lot to this.

There’s probably like 15 more things that we have in common, but I am going to finish with this. I believe that we both have vision. It’s not that I can say that I knew I was going to have 20 employees or a virtual team of three full-time people but I just knew that I wanted something big, something that special to myself and others.

I knew that I was going to have a team of individuals that I would be able to mentor. If you’ve ever seen his youtube channel, you will see that he invests a lot into his people. I think he does 3 hour staff meetings weekly to help his staff!!! WHOA!!!!

Watch the video here: This is the Best Time to Be in The Field of Physical Therapy

I believe if you have some of those qualities, you can win big in physical therapy today. I wanted to tell that it’s never easy.
You could put into work, but at some point, you just have to say, “okay, it’s time to go, it’s time to stop listening, it’s time to take steps forward.”

It’s just executing and understanding that you are going to mess up. Click To TweetThe only way you’re going to win it to take that first step.   Every single time I have to hit LIVE and go, it’s tough, but I do it.

That’s the difference; I am going to do it. A lot of people are like, “not today” and they lose. That’s the difference….I go for it. At the end of the day what I realize is that none of my critics are paying my bills. None of my critics are taking care of my kids, none of them are taking care of my employees, none of them are taking care of my boo, so say whatever you want, it won’t matter.

Most of them won’t coming to my funeral.  If that’s the case, does it matter what people think about me? Does it matter in the big picture? And so many people live their lives based off of people that don’t care about them. But once you can get over that every day, that’s why I keep on pressing the button to go live daily. If I have five haters, and I got one person that I inspire, then we are going again tomorrow.

I am going to bring this back to the physical therapist. There are more physical therapists that are not doing it the way Paul and I are doing it, than those that are. And probably what’s standing in the way for many of you is the potential critics. You are scared to go outside of your comfort zone. Just understand that the majority of them are losing.

Just the way we are as humans, we would rather be more comfortable and feel more accepted by people that we believe approve of us. Even though they are not coming to your funeral, they are not paying your bills; they are not doing any of that stuff, so don’t let them dictate your path.




Should You Go into Private Practice Right Out of School?

Jeff Moore talked about “Should you right out of school open a Private Practice?”

His short answer was no.

He said you should not do it, and he gave his reasons.

His reasons were that it’s just a lot for you to absorb, trying to get yourself comfortable with your clinical skills and then your marketing to people and do you know if you are good enough to be able to deliver the goods. It’s a great point… actually it’s a fantastic point.

He believes like I believe that you need a mentor, you need someone who is in the game and that’s done it, and you can learn, and  get training from them and all that other stuff. I agree with every single thing that he said.

Here’s my only issue… my only problem is who’s mentoring you? Let’s go back to my first four years out of school before I had my practice.

Every single place that I worked at there was nobody in any of those places that got me any more ready for opening up a practice than I was 4 1/2 years into it. I had more people pushing me away from practice ownership than wanting to own one.

Everybody was pushing me away. The customer service level in big places was so piss poor; it’s terrible.

When you see the things that are available to you now, trust me, they are not trying to make you see these things. In our profession, we have this mindset that we have only this amount to work with so we think we are competing against one another.  I thought that too, but that’s not true. I am not competing against anyone.

How do you stick out competing against so many people in the area?

That’s the thing you have to learn; you are not competing against them.  Most PT clinics aren’t giving excellent customer service, and most aren’t trying to cater to a particular group of people.

Nobody is doing that stuff, so I am not competing against anybody.

PTs think they are giving customer service if they can count numbers for people one on one but that is not what people are looking for.  Honestly, that’s not what people are looking for. Just ask them and they will tell you.

Most of the private practices that I consult for don’t know social media. Mentorship by these practice owners sounds great on paper, but if I am trying to create my practice to win in 2017k and you built your practice by getting chummy with  physicians, and you did that back in the 90s or back in the late 80s, how is that going to be duplicated for me?

If I’m a late 20/early 30’s new grad PT, wanting to earn a living and build a business that I can have for my family and future generations., how is the way that you built your biz 10-15 years ago going to be in line with how I am going to build it?

Does that mentorship work for me?


Watch the video here: Should You Go into Private Practice Right Out of School?

Today we are in a different era. You take out your phone, and you can make magic. Most practice owners that are baby boomers, they don’t understand that, and in all fairness, they don’t need to understand that. So my whole thing is who is mentoring you? That’s the problem.

I just don’t see a lot of people out there that can direct you in a path that is relevant for today’s era. That’s my issue.

PTs are killing it on Twitter.

That’s cool, and that’s cute, but Twitter was like four years ago. I am on Twitter just because I am talking to other PTs but when I want to speak to the community, I am not on Twitter.

Again….who is directing you?

Who’s telling you where to go?

Step up your game. Click To TweetWhen we are talking about mentorship, the thing is you need proper mentorship. The way you built a business in 1975 is not the way Mark Cuban made his fortunes in the late 90s early 2000s. And the way you grow business in the late 90s/early 2000s is not how you build your business in 2017. You need relevant training.

If I want to have a practice, you need someone that is doing it in an appropriate manner that you can say, “Hey, I can duplicate that?”.  That’s why I am torn between should you do it right out of school or should you not.

My concern is that if you go right out of school, and work for your typical mill or even if you work for a private practice,  and you are doing it the old school way.

Well, you are screwed because you are learning techniques, and you are learning processes that don’t work anymore.

Renewal Rehab has done pretty well. For twelve years we’ve had net revenue growth. Bottom line, what’s coming to our bank account has increased every single year for twelve consecutive years. The way we pulled it off in these first few years is totally different than how we do it today.

And if I had to look back on my career that I started my practice 4 1/2 years in, would I have started any earlier?

Why not?

What happens to most PTs is that they get to 7 years and they are burnedout . They are doing it the old-fashioned way. That’s my problem with mentoring is that a lot of mentors are still doing it the old fashion way.

It doesn’t work in 2017 because the same thing, you are getting paid $80 now, you used to get $180 back in 1989, and you don’t get that paid anymore and you can’t win.

The same education that was $20,000 in 1998 is now $110,000. You can’t win doing it the old way. It’s not putting you in a situation to win. So the people that are efficient, the people that are leveraging, the people that are listening to their customer, the people that are catering to their customer, the people that are marketing into their customer, we are the ones that are winning.

And because you are investing more, you should demand more from your investment…which means that you might have to take it into your own hands  a.k.a – Do your own thing!!!

So if your mentor is not doing that, you are not going to win because you are learning the wrong way. That’s why I say, It’s important to learn all the right tools, but you gotta learn it in the correct order as well. Click To Tweet

How I Build Relationships Using My Phone

Building relationships with our patients is something that they don’t talk about a lot in our profession. Just recently while I was at breakfast with my wife, I won.

I won because of a patient. I have a text message service, the text message service system is called Hability, and I use this to keep in communication with my patients. I give them an option at their evaluation whether they want to signup for the service or not.

About 90% of my patients sign up through text; the other 10% sign up through email. A patient sent to me “Greg, I wanted to see if you could help me out with finding a physician for injections in case I need one?”
She came for her first visit on Monday; I saw her on Monday, I mapped out everything for her, I told her that we’re going to give this three weeks of therapy. We should see some progress and improvements by then, and we can look at other options if we don’t achieve positive results by then.

So I said , this is what we are going to do.”

She reaches out to me via text and says, “Greg, I called this place FOI (Florida Orthopedic Institute), and they can’t get me in to see a doctor for injections until the end of September, so do you have any thoughts on that?”

I said, “I can call somebody, and see if I can get you in earlier than that, we are still going to stick to our plan though, right?”

She says “Yes but I just want to know.”

Click here to watch the video: How I Build Relationships Using My Phone

All I did was send a text. If my patient would have called me while I was having breakfast with my wife, I probably get back to her later today or maybe tomorrow. I don’t really want to talk on a phone because it can get drawn out, but I used text.

I used technology, and that’s all I did.

And I just said to her “Sure I can hook you up.”

I text one of my doctor guys that I know. A pain management guy that does injections.

I said, “I got a patient for you potentially if things don’t work out with therapy.”

“Wow Greg, thanks so much,” he says.

“Hey give me her contact information, and I am going to give it to the front, and I’ll take care of her”

I got her name, I got her contact information, and I sent it to him. All I did was send it back to her.

I said “I just spoke with the doctor and they are going to contact you,”

She said “You are the first person in over ten years of me dealing with this that cared”

I have won in this lady’s book so quickly because I did that. Could I have done that the traditional way that all these archaic PTs like me are calling her; I would have called her later, maybe tonight, but that’s not excellent customer service.

All I did, I said to my wife, “hold on, one second… … … “ done. I won with her, I then gave the doctor a potential new patient, and I did that in two and a half minutes.

You can decide what you want to do. There’s a lot of lessons to learn from that. Communicating happens to me all day long because most people don’t want to take the call from the patient because let’s face it, it’s a bother.

You are at lunch and don’t want to talk to somebody for 35 minutes, but you can text them. I don’t want to get on the phone, the doctor is busy too but you can text, and everybody won today.

The lady won, the physician won, and I won. And because I just made both happen, everybody wins. I just wonder why don’t people use these things more?

Why? It’s just a way to win. It’s getting easier. I just want you to understand that today. These are the things that I try to teach my students; it’s that you can’t do things the same old way – you can’t.

People ask “How is it that you guys are busy and your employees are so happy?”

It’s because we know how to leverage ourselves. We’ve learned how to leverage, how to develop relationships, and how to create connections with patients.

Think about it, most physical therapists, what did they do? They just beg the doctor,

How about hooking the doctor up? How about collaborating with physicians? How about taking care of your patients?

Two Things All Successful People Do – Learn and Apply

Nine years ago, my older brother who’s one of my mentors – this dude reads like crazy, he reads a lot and I have a lot of respect for him to what he’s done, he is just a straight up hustler, he hustles hard. My older brother had two million-dollar-businesses.

My older brother has been homeless; had to steal food – it’s a crazy story. You talk about inspiration, I had nothing compared to what this guy has done. He reads like two hundred books a year.

He said this to me, “you know the two things that successful people do? Just watch successful people and do what they do and you will be fine.” what two things that they do?

Here’s what I learned because he never told me what it is. Here’s what I learned from successful people that I put in my life and it changed the whole game for me.

Watch the video: Two Things All Successful People Do

1.) the L.A. principle – Learn, Apply. This is not the first time you are seeing my broadcast. I hope not, and if it is, thank you for watching me.

If you just learn that and apply it, you’re straight. I don’t read two hundred books a year. But if read one and then I apply it, it’s going to change my life. 

Three years ago, I read this book “The Power of Habit”. It was the time I wasn’t working out and when I was about 40 pounds heavier than I am now. I realized how easy it was for me to create a habit and what was going on in my brain why I was certain with certain things but I actually applied the stuff I learned on that book and it changed my life. I started fitness again completely, and now I have close to eight hundred fitness clients. That one book – learn, apply.

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2.) I learned is execution. You might think, you got to nail it in the first try. No, you don’t. That is a lie. What you have to do is just try. You just have to try. You just have to put something out there.

The biggest mistake most unsuccessful people make is that they think of point Z and they worry about… Click To Tweet.

They think they have to go to point A to Z and then it paralyzes them. It’s just too much. It’s just too darn overwhelming for them. So they end up never doing anything.

I used to think, “I want to have a forty thousand square foot big time wellness facility”. If I have to start with that, I would never have gotten anywhere. But because I said, “we can start with this – little eleven hundred square foot facility and see if we can work” or “look, I just need to get something out there – get one person to consume your information and then get some response back from them and then make it better.”

I have done two hundred and thirty YouTube videos but every single time I did a video, I actually ask somebody that I respected,

“hey what you think of this video”

“yeah, it could have been better.”

“yeah, you are not really looking at the camera”

Every single time I just got something and then it made it better, A to B, B to C, C to D, D to E, E to F, F to G… that’s how it goes. You don’t have to go from A to Z, you just got to go from A to B – and then course correct, go to B to C.

Learn, apply. Click To Tweet

There is no reward given out for reading a hundred and ninety five thousand books. If you took one book, listen to one message, apply that somehow in your life today, tomorrow or this week. You will radically change. If you understand execution is not going from A to Z - it’s just going from A to B. Click To Tweet

That’s all it is. That is all you need.

I have a course that is called Smart Success PTs that is over 95 lessons. If I would have thought about all the lessons, it’s everything that I would teach a physical therapist that was taking over my practice. You are taking all my practice, you are learning everything in it. That’s what I thought when I initially created a course, and it was overwhelming.

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It took me a month, I was paralyzed. But all I needed to do I say, “okay, what’s the first thing to teach them – I am going A to B instead of A to Z. And then the next day I went from B to C. And then I took off a day and then I went from C to D. Then I went from D to E. After about three and a half months, I got the Z. Smart Success done. That’s how you do it.

How To Develop A Following

I want to tell you how to develop a following to yourself. This doesn’t matter if you are a physical therapist; I don’t care if you are a mechanic, or if you are in school. You have to know how to create a following if you want to be able to be successful in anything. You are going to have people that believe in you and then eventually will want to purchase from you. That’s how it kind of all work in any business. It’s a matter of how many people follow you, how many people become your fans.

There’s something that is really important of understanding how to develop a following. You develop a following by having core beliefs and by not chasing money Click To Tweet. I am talking about people are with you from start to finish.

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My clinic – I have for eleven years now, and my first patient in that clinic – I am talking when we had nothing – has now become a physical therapist for five years. She came in, had a car accident, I gave her everything that I knew. I treated her like she’s the only one because she’s the only one. Her name is Christy Bates, I don’t know where she is now, but I treated her with everything that I had. She had a great experience that she decided to go to PT school and she has now been a physical therapist for five years.


Watch the Video here: How to Develop a Following

My second patient that I ever had was a professional tennis player. My third patient that I ever had, till this day, we are still great friends. I was invited to her wedding two years ago because she married another patient of mine. We have just been great friends.

When those people came into my clinic, I wasn’t looking at them like, “Oh my, great money.” I treat them the way that I wanted to be treated.

Don’t lead with money

I don’t lead with money and I live with building relationship with many people. It’s been twelve years, they like me more today than they like me twelve years ago when we met.

I think that so many people that are looking to build their goals and dreams – they lead with money. They are like, “I wanted to get that Range Rover. I just wanted to get that big house. I wanted to live here.”

Those things are not bad but the fact is when things get tough and hard, and they get really hard – disappointment after disappointment – let’s face it, will the Range Rover carry you through? Do you really want it that bad? Or will your principles of what you truly believe in carry you through.

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I have principles. The reason why I open my own business is because I wanted to do physical therapy different. I wanted to have hiphop music in my clinic. I wanted to be able to treat people with respect and develop relationships. Be able to play dodgeball which is what we did at night. Sometimes at seven o’clock at night, when we shut down the clinic, we would have a few patients and we would play dodgeball in the middle of the clinic. I wanted to have fun. People came in there and were hurting – that’s the thing I knew with everybody but I want to make it an environment where it was fun. I didn’t lead with money.

It makes me think about that because of my Periscope following, my YouTube following. I have started a Facebook page for Physical Therapy Builder. It has blown up in such a short amount of time. My YouTube subscribers are gone from two hundred to nearly twelve hundred in six months. My Facebook page has gone from nine fans to eight hundred fans in about two and a half months. I think it is because people realize that I am not after your money. I believe in the things that I am telling you.

Let’s talk money for a second. I know if I have solutions that can help you and it’s beyond what I already given you for free, then I think everybody understands you have to pay for that premium service. I have people on here right now that are going to watch this and they are part of my premium service – and they pay for it. There is always financial reward on the back end but if I was leading with that, people would see, people would know.

Recently, I went in to one of my private premium groups. I gave them a story about how I got a new referral source. They know that I don’t lead with money. If I have something valuable that I can give to my premium students, they are getting it first. That’s just the way that is.

If you want to build a following, find out what are you about, what is your core beliefs? Click To TweetAnd please, don’t lead with money.

We can spot it a mile away. Find what you truly believe – what truly moves you, what you really want to change about this world, what you could give of value to people right now. Start leading with having a dream of helping hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundred of thousands of people with the problem that you can help with. Stop thinking about your bank account. Stop thinking about the next house, the next pool, the next big thing that you can get. Lead with people in mind first and you will develop a following. Click To Tweet

Trials turn into Triumphs

I am so thankful for every trial that I have had, particularly my health trial. Most of you already know my story. Many of you have probably met me when I did a super Saturday, two years ago. I actually got a parasite, right after September 11th when no one was traveling. Kerry and I had just gotten married. We got a cheap flight out to Vegas because no one was traveling. The second day I got very sick, I had a seizure and from there it has been years of having stomach problems. Any time I was stressed or over worked it would make matters worse.

In 2009 I had just finished running my fourth marathon in San Francisco and for about a month after I couldn’t recover. I was ok, walking around, but I couldn’t get back to exercise and running. I realized I needed to see a doctor for this. I saw many doctors and one finally said I had no immune system. I couldn’t treat patients any longer. It was tough because all I knew was how to treat patients. I was a Physical Therapist.

Watch the video here: Trials Turn into Triumphs

All I knew was to treat patients. That is what we are trained to do. If someone tells you that you can’t treat and you have a business where you take care of people and you have a staff plus you have a following because of what you do with your hands, it becomes a tough thing. Without those trials, I wouldn’t have found Beachbody because I never would have needed them. I was desperate when Jeannette came to me.

I am thankful for those trials because without them, I would not have had to reinvent myself. Click To Tweet I had to learn billing, marketing, collections and administration. Everything else it takes to run a business. Without those trial, I would never have had to trust people like I do now. I have to trust my team. I thank God that I went through those things and came out of it, especially today having a full circle moment.

I just launched a course for Physical Therapists called Smart Success. The things in the course are things that I learned in my trials. The things most PT’s don’t know. This is what has gotten me to the point I am today. Thank God for your trials Click To Tweet Maybe you haven’t seen your trials yet. It could be months or years from now, we don’t know. But thank God for them.

Let’s Talk Marketing

When we talk marketing in physical therapy, it really is like an explicit word. Nobody wants to hear it. I am not going to spend a ton of time on this but I want you to understand a couple of things:

1.) You have to understand that there is good marketing and there is bad marketing.

2.) You have to understand that there are good products and there are bad products. Good products, bad products. Good services, bad services.

We understand those things. There’s good marketing and there is bad marketing Click To Tweet. And then there is good products and then there are bad products. I have seen some amazing marketing for some crappy products. And guess what, those crappy products sell. I have seen some bad marketing for some great products. Particularly in the field of physical therapy, I have seen of the most amazing clinicient – I know they are; I learned from them; I have seen them present courses; I heard patients talk about how amazing they are – but their marketing is so bad that I have seen them go out of business. I have seen them close up their shops for physical therapy. They close up their shops, crying, discouraged, devastated, and they blamed it on everything but marketing. Physicians are getting bought out, insurance changed, wa-wa-wa, we-we-we, and they truly felt as though they had no control over their total devastation and demise.

>>>> Do you want to know how to effectively market yourself as a physical therapist? Click here! 

I have seen it happen to some of my best friends. I have seen it happen to some of my clinical mentors. But they just had bad marketing. Bad, bad marketing. They did not know what they are doing. I have also seen really great marketing for some crappy products. And they become a multi-billion dollar business.


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Please tell me, you have something more to give to the Earth than cheap pet and you are trying to tell me you cannot come up with a million-dollar company?

In our field of physical therapy, we just pay no attention to marketing. Click To Tweet Once you understand that marketing is what allows you to get your great product/service out to people, and without it you got no shop. Marketing could come in the form of direct marketing, building relationship with people or referrals, testimonials, referral from past clients. You have to embrace marketing.

The fact that schools are not paying attention to this, they are setting you up for disaster. As you see, I don’t care to say that. I don’t care of who I am to upset because the truth of the matter is that if you are coming out of school and you have no concept of how to market your product – yourself as a clinicient, and then you are wondering why things aren’t working out for you – it’s because you never embrace marketing. A lot of times it’s because your school that taught you never embrace marketing. At the end of the day, you have to pull up your big boy pants and you have to say, “This is my degree, this is my career, and I have to embrace marketing.” That’s what I wanted to instill to you all.

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Marketing changes. What works today might not work tomorrow.

What worked five years ago might not work today. But it is what it is. As much time as I spend becoming a good clinicient; as much time as I spend when I finish school going into my books so I can treat patients; as much time as I spend with those type of things – I need to spend equal or more time learning marketing. I don’t want you to be like those people – amazing clinicians that shut their doors down because they were so crappy at getting their brand out. They were terrible at it. Had no self-awareness. Had no ability to find out what the people that they were looking for, were actually searching for so that they can find them and get themselves out for those people.

I hope this message gets out to physical therapy students.

Here’s my direction to you: go to your professor and say, “Why don’t you teach us marketing? Greg Todd said so.” I am assuming their answers would be, “Because we don’t know how to market.” then say, “How can you equip us?” Let us see what happens.

Whatever you do, if you don’t know how to market, you have no chance in hell of ever succeed Click To Tweet.

You have to learn how to market.

When you believe, you never have to sell

My whole mission is to change the game for Physical Therapy.

How do I do my business and make it big? I want to talk about selling and marketing.

I went into PT school because I did not want to do what my father did. I love my Dad, but I didn’t want to do what he did. He does insurance and works for a company called Primerica. He has worked for them for over thirty years. It is a multilevel marketing company who sells insurance and different financial plans. He has to sell and I remember as a kid him calling people, making appointments and people not showing up for their appointments. I remember thinking I do not want to do that! I wanted to find something else to do, so Physical Therapy was what I wanted to do. I knew I would never have to sell anything. That was a huge reason why I chose PT. I always let people know because they hear my passion, they feel my passion and they think I am a salesman that got into Physical Therapy. I went into Therapy so I wouldn’t have to sell. Here is what I have learned in the sixteen years of doing this; when you believe in something and you have a passion for it, you never have to sell anything.

I believe in what I am doing and I never got that in Physical Therapy. I never understood this. I was never comfortable asking people to come twice a week or three times a week because I saw their co-pay was high. I didn’t think they were going to do it because I didn’t believe what I was doing as a Physical Therapist or I didn’t believe in myself. This is why you will see in the course that we talk about personal development. I struggled with believing in myself early on in my career. I was good enough back then, but I didn’t believe in myself. I did believe in what I was doing because I saw people getting better, but I didn’t believe in myself.

Watch the Video here: When you believe, you never have to sell

The majority of the profession has such a lack of belief in themselves. If you believe in what you are doing and you believe in yourself, you will never have to sell… Click To Tweet. Most people don’t believe in what they are doing. I get companies frequently trying to get me to affiliate with something, or try to get my company to change. They are a company that wants me to endorse them and to change my company over. They will say that basically they will let me do everything for free as long as you say that you are doing it. I listened to their presentation and their energy is so low. It was a good system, but this guy’s energy is so low in what he was presenting to me. It was his job.

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The reason why I am on Facebook and YouTube or Periscope is because my main focus is not only to help people in their Physical Therapy career, but it is to ward off people that shouldn’t be in Physical Therapy. There are people that are going to get into the profession because it is a profession that is in demand. The truth is that it is a different profession than it was 8-10 years ago, it is costlier than it ever was. I don’t want those people that are trying to get into it just because it’s a job. They will have a miserable career.

They don’t believe in the Profession. They don’t believe in themselves. They think it’s an easy job.

It’s not good and it is not good for the profession. I am trying to get myself out there so they say, “oh is that what Physical Therapy is”? I want to get into that profession. Or they will say,”oh no I am not doing that”. If you believe in yourself, you believe in what you are doing, you will never have to sell anything again. Your passion and your mission will draw people to you; it is just a matter of getting enough exposure to yourself. Passion and belief will get you very far in life. Click To Tweet

What is Better than Making Money?

I am not afraid of making money. Making money is nice. It has helped my business. I t has helped me help others, myself and my family.

Do you know what is better than making money?

It is helping people. For a prime example, I had a chance to speak with someone recently. His name is Calvin; he has been a PT for 8 years. He found me through someone else who has been watching my Periscope for months and suggested he watch my video presentations here on Periscope. He has become a personal friend of mine now via social media. We have been talking and exchanging numbers. We have talked for hours. We have a relationship. I released the course to ten people only to show them the video.

Shortly after, I received a notice that someone bought my course. Calvin bough the course within five minutes. I gave him one hour of consultation for free. He took it a step further and came to Florida to talk to me. He doesn’t live in St. Petersburg; he lives in Georgia. He came and shadowed me at my clinic. He saw the fruits of my labor. I didn’t show him my bank account. I showed him something more powerful to him in my clinic. I showed him my staff. I didn’t have to say a word. He saw the love my patients had for me, for my staff and the love my staff has for one another. Nothing else really needed to be said. He just didn’t an opportunity to see my family. I didn’t give him money yesterday, but I showed him it is possible to do it. It has to start with you, you have to be better.

Watch the Video here: What is better than making money?

Everything you want, you have to emulate for yourself. Not one day, one week or one month. It has to be done day in and day out. If you want people to love you, you better love them first. If you want to be respected, better respect others first. Click To Tweet

Seeing Calvin’s intent and interest, patient recognized this in him. I was just so impressed; I came home feeling so full yesterday. It was about seeing a large group of patients. It was about having an impact on a person. This is the reason I am so addicted to social media. The beauty of social media Is by putting this story on my business page, I have had over 2,000 people see it. When you get addicted to helping people, you realize you have to use social media if you want your… Click To Tweet When you are involved in a profession that is so selfish and parasitic like Physical Therapy when we are always looking for stuff. It is good to know that there are actually people out there that are giving back and that is a blessing. Sometimes you think having money is a blessing, but just helping others ends up being much more of a… Click To Tweet.

The most powerful and influential people in the world, like Mark Zuckerberg, when you come up with an idea and your intention is to help people first, usually that is when those people inadvertently get very wealthy. When you watch the Biography channel, how Facebook was created, all he was trying to do was find a way to get woman. He was kind of an introvert. He was trying to get a way to talk to chicks rather than face to face. His intentions were not money. His intention was thinking this could help dorks like me. When I started Renewal Rehab, it was that I hated traditional therapy and the way it was done. I hated that when you ran out of insurance visits, I had to discharge people. That was terrible. I went to school for all these years and I couldn’t do more stuff with people. This was not to get a beach home. My intentions were pure. When people see that your intentions are pure, they want to promote you. If I went around telling people, I wanted to make a great deal of money or get a particular car; people will not promote me. This was not my intentions.

I am not saying that money is bad, but when you have a passion for something else other than money, you will make it. Have pure intentions. Want to lead by helping first, instead of taking care of yourself. It will come out in everything you do. I think Calvin was most impressed with the idea that there were people in the clinic that have been with me for over thirteen years. They knew my intentions were not about money. BUT I am a fan of it. I let them know that no poor person has ever built a hospital! Poor people can’t have influence the way wealthy people can but it is what it is.