Ideas + Execution Makes Success

Ideas with execution makes success.


Let me tell you this story on how we have over 12,000 downloads on my Podcast over the last six months of 2016. We started this podcast on accident.  It was because of my LIVE stream following that knew I was going on a family vacation.

They basically said this…

We’re used to you coming on every single day. “How are you going to serve us? We want you to have time with your family, cool, but how is this going to work? We’re just going to go back and listen to your YouTube videos?”

I said, “You know what? Should I do a podcast and just pre record messages from the podcast?”

I could do a Periscope like I usually do and then I can just do a podcast and then just do that for the two weeks before the vacation and then you will have stuff while I am gone because I need to spend time with my family and I don’t want my wife to kill me. 🙂

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They said, “yeah, good idea”

But that’s an idea; It was a good idea to start a podcast. But you still gotta execute. I know so many people that have so many amazing ideas. I have heard it from many of you that are physical therapists, that are students, and some of you are so damn brilliant. 

Watch the video here: Ideas WITH Execution Makes Success

I know how to serve people good, but I don’t really have tons of ideas like some of you do. If you say you are going to do something you gotta do it Click To Tweet. But I know that when I try to execute on something, you know what gets in my head??? – it’s fear.

It’s fear that I am going to fail and that’s why today I made the title “Ideas + Execution… the only way execution is going to happen is if we minus the fear Click To Tweet and that’s when success happens.

It was an idea that I had and honestly it wasn’t really me, it was Calvin. Calvin had this idea. I was like, “okay, sounds good but how are we going to execute it out?”  

I said, “Louise (my assistant), how are we going to do this?”

She said, “that’s a great idea”

I said, “yeah that’s wonderful, but how are we going to execute it?”

Then we actually came up with the execution plan.

If you listen to the first podcast, called “Greg’s Story” it actually sounded good because I did it with my mic that I have  in my office here. But the first seven or eight after that? They suck.

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The content was good but the microphone was trash. It was awful. But then you learn, and it got better. So we bought this microphone, and then we made each one better and now we got this bad boy on a machine.

You are going to get better as you start doing it more. That’s my point. Its execution. You are going to get better, but you just gotta start. You gotta be okay with just sucking in the beginning The problem is that everybody wants their stuff so good when they start.

You have to minus the fear!

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A lot of times we have our idea and we see success , but it’s that middle part that trips everyone up. It’s okay if nobody is on your first few broadcasts. It’s okay if you only have one person that is viewing. It’s okay if you don’t have a massive line out of your clinic. It’s okay, you are still trying to figure crap out. Remember, it’s ideas… but you gotta execute, you can’t just have a whole bunch of ideas, you gotta execute, and you gotta minus the fear.

Ideas are wonderful, they are great, but Ideas without execution - they don’t mean anything Click To Tweet, but they are just an idea.  The hard thing with execution is fear. It’s fear of what others think, failure and etc.

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You have to understand that’s actually part of the process and you have to get better. I don’t know anyone that’s just going to do something for the first time and they are going to be amazing at it. By the way, my podcasts are now are really dope so if you want to check it out just go to the or subscribe to me on iTunes  and if you leave a review I will take you out to dinner at CSM :).

Why I Have So Many Consulting Accounts

I have 16 companies that I consult for now, and I can tell you that of the 16 companies that I consult for – there’s 6 different things that I am consulting for. If I was only good at marketing physical therapy, I would probably only have four companies.

If I was only good at understanding financials within a physical therapy business, I would only have four companies. If I was only good at understanding technology and how it relates to physical therapy, I would probably only have a few consulting accounts. 

Watch the video here: Why I have so many consulting accounts

And if I was only good at understanding how to do wellness in a physical therapy practice and how to use Facebook Groups and email marketing and support systems, I probably only have four. But I actually have sixteen because I am well-rounded.

What is my biggest skill set?

It’s my ability to speak.

I can come on LIVE, I can think about something in twenty minutes and I can come LIVE and I can spit fire for you. If I had to do one thing, that’s all I am going to do. But When you are well-rounded, you get even more opportunities Click To Tweet. Don’t get it twisted, you still have to hone your craft – but you have to know what your craft is.

I have seen a lot of people who has amazing gifts but they haven’t worked on themselves, they are not good leaders, they are not nice people to be around. That’s how you get people to promote, honor, to find favor with you. I will say it again… you have to be well-rounded to make it big. 

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If you are a complete jerk even though you are gifted at something, I don’t want to work with you. It’s not just about being great at something if you are not working on yourself.

You may have the greatest physical therapy idea,  but if you can’t get along with anyone, fine, you have your idea – you will be the one person in your business. I want to work on myself, I want to work on my leadership, and that’s the reason why I have 20+ employees. 

You have to be well-rounded. Click To Tweet

What is a smart PT?

What are the things that make up a smart PT?

A Smart PT has no limits on them Click To Tweet.

It’s true, we don’t have limits; we believe we can do anything that we want because as a physical therapist, we have a lot of different possibilities. That’s one thing, but a Smart PT has more than that.

A Smart PT understands that we don’t live in 1995. School ain’t $10,000. We understand that if school and investment is ten times more and reimbursement is never going to get higher. We understand that we either have to be an entrepreneur or we have to be an intrapreneur. 

Some PTs don’t understand that. An entrepreneur is someone that has a business. Smart PTs understand that you don’t need to have a four-wall business. We understand that we can have an online business showcasing the talents that we have learned from physical therapy school.

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We can become an intrapreneur which means that we have a regular job but we have a side hustle because what we do is we invest in our patients.

We can all be friends with our patients. Please understand that our patients dictate our career and we show our patients all the things we can do beyond formal physical therapy.

A Smart PT also understands money; they understand the business of physical therapy.

This has nothing to do of how great you are as a clinician. I have seen some of the greatest clinicians that are some of the dumbest PTs. They don’t make any sense. I have seen some of the most talented young clinicians out there that are bankrupt.

You have to understand that what patients are really coming to you for. A Smart PT understand how to separate themselves from every other health care professional.

What makes PTs so special? Smart PTs understand that; the other PTs don’t. Smart PTs understand that they have to put their investment on themselves. Click To Tweet

They understand that continuing education for technical skills is important but it is not the most important thing. They understand that they learned a lot from their professional development. A Smart PT understands that what they have here and the knowledge that they have here, they have to focus on repackaging that knowledge so they could monetize it.

A Smart PT understands that in today’s era, 2016, we live in a world where not everybody is looking… Click To Tweet; people are looking at their phones. People are on their tablets and if you want to get people’s attention with physical therapy, you got to put it on there. Get your ass in social media. 

That’s what you all of you to be. You are the Smart PTs. I want you to be the Smart PTs at year five that are saying, “I’m glad I learned that” unlike the other PTs that are like, “I made the worst decision of my life”

I am raising Smart PTs. 

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I have brought through the first 50 people in my course Smart Success PT and I have changed their lives. They have changed their lives because I have opened up another world of physical therapy to them. I filled in all the gaps that they missed from formal school. The typical professor’s intentions are for you in school: to make you a well-rounded employee.

If you don’t want to be a Smart PT, do not get into this line of work because today it will be a total disaster for you.

If you are serious about your career, I don’t care if you haven’t started PT school yet, I don’t care if you are in your first year, your second year, your third year, or you just became a PT. The earlier you learn it, the better.

What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? You don’t have an expiration date at the back of your neck. You don’t know when your time is. We live in a world that is not stable – it’s never been. 

We live in a world of evil; we live in a world of good. Mistakes happen, bad things happen.

You don’t know when your time is up. Click To Tweet

About four years ago, I was going through a lot of health problems and my parents said, “Greg, you are just overworked. We will watch the kids for you.” My wife and I went to Cancun. We drove down from Tampa and let my kids at my parents house.

My wife and I went to an all exclusive resort in Cancun for four days. After that, I was taking my staff, all of us going to run the Disney marathon. I got two condo’s, so for my family to stay in and then for my staff to stay on another condo. We went to Cancun, I had a pretty good time and was able to rest up.

When I came back from Cancun, we flew back in my parents house. The next morning we were all going to drive up to Orlando. My dad was actually running with me along with my staff.

That morning, I woke up around two o’clock in the morning and my face kind of like blew up! Like having an allergic reaction. As I got to the bathroom, I felt sick and threw up. When I came out I hit the ground so hard that I apparently hit like a closet door.

I was unconscious. I don’t know what happened. All I know is when I semi-regained consciousness when the paramedics were around me. I know I was admitted into an ambulance. I know that my wife was screaming; I just heard different things. I don’t really know all what fully happened; I just know that I was out.

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I just remembered telling my wife – because I know the kids were sleeping and apparently didn’t wake up through all of these – “Tell all the kids, bye” because I thought that was it.

People want to know, “how was it that you are doing all these things now?” I had my close call. Things didn’t just get better after that.

About three months later, I had three seizures in four days. I have had my trials. I have had close calls enough to say to myself,

“what the hell are you waiting for?”

“why are you waiting to take out all your kids in dates?”

“why are you waiting to go to the ball game with your son?”

“why do we always continue to wait?”

You have no expiration date. Click To Tweet

So,what are you waiting for?

If nothing else as tragic as yesterday was; if there is any type of good that I can pull from it – it’s a reminder. I don’t know what else you can take from that; it’s just an awful terrible event but I hope it serves as a reminder to you on like, “don’t wait.”

Watch the Video: What are you waiting for?

If you want something, go after it now. It’s not worth it to not tell those person that you love them. My daughter said, “daddy I want to go to see Angry Birds.” we go see Angry Birds.

Whether that happens or doesn’t happen. My son said, “daddy, I want to go to the race game.” we go to the race game. “Daddy, I want to go to the NBA Finals.” I got and took them to the NBA Finals. I am not waiting anymore.

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I want to help and inspire young physical therapist, well then I am just helping inspire young physical therapist. I just want to come on here today and tell you, “I really hope you take my advice.” There is no reason to wait. You do not know when your ending is. For me, it could be today. If it is today, there is no regrets. I don’t live life with regrets anymore.

How To Develop A Following

I want to tell you how to develop a following to yourself. This doesn’t matter if you are a physical therapist; I don’t care if you are a mechanic, or if you are in school. You have to know how to create a following if you want to be able to be successful in anything. You are going to have people that believe in you and then eventually will want to purchase from you. That’s how it kind of all work in any business. It’s a matter of how many people follow you, how many people become your fans.

There’s something that is really important of understanding how to develop a following. You develop a following by having core beliefs and by not chasing money Click To Tweet. I am talking about people are with you from start to finish.

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My clinic – I have for eleven years now, and my first patient in that clinic – I am talking when we had nothing – has now become a physical therapist for five years. She came in, had a car accident, I gave her everything that I knew. I treated her like she’s the only one because she’s the only one. Her name is Christy Bates, I don’t know where she is now, but I treated her with everything that I had. She had a great experience that she decided to go to PT school and she has now been a physical therapist for five years.


Watch the Video here: How to Develop a Following

My second patient that I ever had was a professional tennis player. My third patient that I ever had, till this day, we are still great friends. I was invited to her wedding two years ago because she married another patient of mine. We have just been great friends.

When those people came into my clinic, I wasn’t looking at them like, “Oh my, great money.” I treat them the way that I wanted to be treated.

Don’t lead with money

I don’t lead with money and I live with building relationship with many people. It’s been twelve years, they like me more today than they like me twelve years ago when we met.

I think that so many people that are looking to build their goals and dreams – they lead with money. They are like, “I wanted to get that Range Rover. I just wanted to get that big house. I wanted to live here.”

Those things are not bad but the fact is when things get tough and hard, and they get really hard – disappointment after disappointment – let’s face it, will the Range Rover carry you through? Do you really want it that bad? Or will your principles of what you truly believe in carry you through.

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I have principles. The reason why I open my own business is because I wanted to do physical therapy different. I wanted to have hiphop music in my clinic. I wanted to be able to treat people with respect and develop relationships. Be able to play dodgeball which is what we did at night. Sometimes at seven o’clock at night, when we shut down the clinic, we would have a few patients and we would play dodgeball in the middle of the clinic. I wanted to have fun. People came in there and were hurting – that’s the thing I knew with everybody but I want to make it an environment where it was fun. I didn’t lead with money.

It makes me think about that because of my Periscope following, my YouTube following. I have started a Facebook page for Physical Therapy Builder. It has blown up in such a short amount of time. My YouTube subscribers are gone from two hundred to nearly twelve hundred in six months. My Facebook page has gone from nine fans to eight hundred fans in about two and a half months. I think it is because people realize that I am not after your money. I believe in the things that I am telling you.

Let’s talk money for a second. I know if I have solutions that can help you and it’s beyond what I already given you for free, then I think everybody understands you have to pay for that premium service. I have people on here right now that are going to watch this and they are part of my premium service – and they pay for it. There is always financial reward on the back end but if I was leading with that, people would see, people would know.

Recently, I went in to one of my private premium groups. I gave them a story about how I got a new referral source. They know that I don’t lead with money. If I have something valuable that I can give to my premium students, they are getting it first. That’s just the way that is.

If you want to build a following, find out what are you about, what is your core beliefs? Click To TweetAnd please, don’t lead with money.

We can spot it a mile away. Find what you truly believe – what truly moves you, what you really want to change about this world, what you could give of value to people right now. Start leading with having a dream of helping hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundred of thousands of people with the problem that you can help with. Stop thinking about your bank account. Stop thinking about the next house, the next pool, the next big thing that you can get. Lead with people in mind first and you will develop a following. Click To Tweet

Trials turn into Triumphs

I am so thankful for every trial that I have had, particularly my health trial. Most of you already know my story. Many of you have probably met me when I did a super Saturday, two years ago. I actually got a parasite, right after September 11th when no one was traveling. Kerry and I had just gotten married. We got a cheap flight out to Vegas because no one was traveling. The second day I got very sick, I had a seizure and from there it has been years of having stomach problems. Any time I was stressed or over worked it would make matters worse.

In 2009 I had just finished running my fourth marathon in San Francisco and for about a month after I couldn’t recover. I was ok, walking around, but I couldn’t get back to exercise and running. I realized I needed to see a doctor for this. I saw many doctors and one finally said I had no immune system. I couldn’t treat patients any longer. It was tough because all I knew was how to treat patients. I was a Physical Therapist.

Watch the video here: Trials Turn into Triumphs

All I knew was to treat patients. That is what we are trained to do. If someone tells you that you can’t treat and you have a business where you take care of people and you have a staff plus you have a following because of what you do with your hands, it becomes a tough thing. Without those trials, I wouldn’t have found Beachbody because I never would have needed them. I was desperate when Jeannette came to me.

I am thankful for those trials because without them, I would not have had to reinvent myself. Click To Tweet I had to learn billing, marketing, collections and administration. Everything else it takes to run a business. Without those trial, I would never have had to trust people like I do now. I have to trust my team. I thank God that I went through those things and came out of it, especially today having a full circle moment.

I just launched a course for Physical Therapists called Smart Success. The things in the course are things that I learned in my trials. The things most PT’s don’t know. This is what has gotten me to the point I am today. Thank God for your trials Click To Tweet Maybe you haven’t seen your trials yet. It could be months or years from now, we don’t know. But thank God for them.

Do you Dream Often?

Do you dream, do you still believe?

Are you still dreaming?

I have young kids on YouTube following me, 7th, and 8th graders. My wife reminded me that I am old and they look up to me for inspiration. There was a kid in seventh grade that reached out to me a few weeks ago that said he thought he’d like to be a Physical Therapist. Someone commented on that this morning and asked him why he was worrying about that when he was only in 7th grade?

I want to tell you a story that happened 13 years ago. Thirteen years ago I worked for a company called CORA Rehabilitation. It is an outpatient company that has multiple clinics throughout the entire United States. My first three weeks working for them, I was honored to go to their annual meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. They took all their clinical managers. We stayed at the Trade winds hotel. I had just become a clinical manager. It was beautiful. We had our own rooms. Several of my friends from school worked for them as well. I remember that night, going back to my room and thinking I wanted to do this one day for my staff.


I was 23 at that time. I didn’t have my own staff, I didn’t have my own company, I worked for someone else. I remembered tearing up knowing one day I would do that for my staff. Recently, I just bought 29 tickets for my entire staff and family to go to Universal studios/ Islands of Adventure because of how well we have been doing. I told them after we had purchased the tickets.

Watch the video here: Do you dream often?

I told them my story of thirteen years ago. I had dreamed this. I envisioned this. If you are reading this and you are in 7th grade thinking about doing PT, you are not too young to be thinking this. You have to dream it from now. Click To Tweet I already have envisioned taking my staff to Sandals in the Bahamas with their spouse. I don’t know how long it will take me, but I dream these things all the time.

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If you are not willing to dream, then what are you going toward? You have to dream; you have to envision it Click To Tweet. This is what I want, this is what I was going to do. Don’t let people crush your dreams. Do not let them take that from you.

Sometimes that is all you have. You’ve got to hang on to something. That is the message I have for you today. It is so important, don’t let people take that away from you. If you want this, dream it! This is what you want, then dream it. How are you going to get to this point? Envision and dream it, then decide how are you going to get to that reality! Click To Tweet

Who Drives You and What Drives You

What drives you? Or who drives you?

Since I have come back from my vacation I have been in turbo boost mode. I get tired, I do. I always try to remember the things that drive me.

Who is it for? What drives me are my kids, my wife, my extended family who counts on me. I believe that everyone has gifts. Click To Tweet

My Pastor believes people have the gift of time to give others. Some people have the gift of making money. We are business people who have had success in business. This is how I can bless and help others. I want my kids to see the work ethic that I have. I want them to see you can have a good work ethic and still be involved with your family life. I want them to see me working on a project and the time I contribute to it through its completion. I want them to see my project from start to finish.

When I started at Renewal Rehab, they were very little or not born yet. I don’t think they understand the grind that was put in. However; this course, the venture and website is good for them to see. They are what drives me. The profession of Physical Therapy is driving me right now, as well. I believe the profession is in a very unstable state currently. Who drives you? I am not saying you have to have four kids, or an extended family that relies on you. There will be times when you are not going to want to do the things that you need to do. There are times when you will need something to push you. Click To Tweet

Watch the video here: Who drives you and what drives you?

What are you doing it for?

Who are you doing it for?

Maybe you would like to have a family one day. Or you do have kids, parents or a family member who have helped you to get to where you are right now. You want to be able to pay them back. You want to be able to show them you appreciate them and that you want to do something for them. My mother has been a huge support system for me. I would love to do something very special for her just because she is my mom. As you get older and you can look at the profession that has given you so much, you may want to say I want to help people. Maybe you will be there one day, I don’t know. This is something to think about.

What drives you and who drives you?

Those days when you get tired and fatigued and you can’t go on anymore; you will have to pull from those that drive you. Yesterday, I was up early talking to those who are finalizing my videos and getting the ads ready. I didn’t want to come and have to work out. I knew that would not set a good example for my kids, my staff and now my followers of physical therapist. Keep in mind those who drives you or what drives you 'cause when you get tired, you need to pull… Click To Tweet

What is Better than Making Money?

I am not afraid of making money. Making money is nice. It has helped my business. I t has helped me help others, myself and my family.

Do you know what is better than making money?

It is helping people. For a prime example, I had a chance to speak with someone recently. His name is Calvin; he has been a PT for 8 years. He found me through someone else who has been watching my Periscope for months and suggested he watch my video presentations here on Periscope. He has become a personal friend of mine now via social media. We have been talking and exchanging numbers. We have talked for hours. We have a relationship. I released the course to ten people only to show them the video.

Shortly after, I received a notice that someone bought my course. Calvin bough the course within five minutes. I gave him one hour of consultation for free. He took it a step further and came to Florida to talk to me. He doesn’t live in St. Petersburg; he lives in Georgia. He came and shadowed me at my clinic. He saw the fruits of my labor. I didn’t show him my bank account. I showed him something more powerful to him in my clinic. I showed him my staff. I didn’t have to say a word. He saw the love my patients had for me, for my staff and the love my staff has for one another. Nothing else really needed to be said. He just didn’t an opportunity to see my family. I didn’t give him money yesterday, but I showed him it is possible to do it. It has to start with you, you have to be better.

Watch the Video here: What is better than making money?

Everything you want, you have to emulate for yourself. Not one day, one week or one month. It has to be done day in and day out. If you want people to love you, you better love them first. If you want to be respected, better respect others first. Click To Tweet

Seeing Calvin’s intent and interest, patient recognized this in him. I was just so impressed; I came home feeling so full yesterday. It was about seeing a large group of patients. It was about having an impact on a person. This is the reason I am so addicted to social media. The beauty of social media Is by putting this story on my business page, I have had over 2,000 people see it. When you get addicted to helping people, you realize you have to use social media if you want your… Click To Tweet When you are involved in a profession that is so selfish and parasitic like Physical Therapy when we are always looking for stuff. It is good to know that there are actually people out there that are giving back and that is a blessing. Sometimes you think having money is a blessing, but just helping others ends up being much more of a… Click To Tweet.

The most powerful and influential people in the world, like Mark Zuckerberg, when you come up with an idea and your intention is to help people first, usually that is when those people inadvertently get very wealthy. When you watch the Biography channel, how Facebook was created, all he was trying to do was find a way to get woman. He was kind of an introvert. He was trying to get a way to talk to chicks rather than face to face. His intentions were not money. His intention was thinking this could help dorks like me. When I started Renewal Rehab, it was that I hated traditional therapy and the way it was done. I hated that when you ran out of insurance visits, I had to discharge people. That was terrible. I went to school for all these years and I couldn’t do more stuff with people. This was not to get a beach home. My intentions were pure. When people see that your intentions are pure, they want to promote you. If I went around telling people, I wanted to make a great deal of money or get a particular car; people will not promote me. This was not my intentions.

I am not saying that money is bad, but when you have a passion for something else other than money, you will make it. Have pure intentions. Want to lead by helping first, instead of taking care of yourself. It will come out in everything you do. I think Calvin was most impressed with the idea that there were people in the clinic that have been with me for over thirteen years. They knew my intentions were not about money. BUT I am a fan of it. I let them know that no poor person has ever built a hospital! Poor people can’t have influence the way wealthy people can but it is what it is.

How to be a Person that People can Trust

I heard an amazing message in regards to relationships at church. This is important because many of you in this group are Physical Therapists. It’s important for us as PTs, in how you treat all people.

How do you build up leadership?

If you are a successful PT, then you have to be a great leader. My analogy would be a plane waiting to land and circling in a holding pattern over the airport until it was safe to land.

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When was the last time you had  “beef” with someone? You had a disappointing situation happened to you and others either acted in a positive way or a negative way. They either embraced you and said we’d get through this or said ‘GOSH, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” Based on their reaction, that will determine if you will ever tell that person something again.


Watch this Video: How to Become a Leader That People Trust

Most people that have struggles with relationships whether it is work, home or friends….they tell someone something and then that person reacts in a particular way.

If you want to be a great leader and build relationships, you are going to have to learn how to treat the people closest to you well Click To Tweet, when things are going bad. Not when things are good and they are achieving success, or doing good things for you. You have to learn how to treat people good, especially when they are in a rough time. That is when you have to lock arms with people because that’s what builds true relationships.

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As an owner of two practices, 20+ employees, these are the people that will ride or die with me. They will because I have earned it.  When things are bad, I don’t quit on them. That is when we get closer. We have a situation in our office where one of my employees has failed her PT exam, and I showed her amazing support.

This is not the time to quit on this person. This is the time to lock arms and say, “I got you”. We’ve got you, we are doing this together. That is when relationships build… not when you are doing good for me. They build when things are not going well. We don’t quit on each other and don’t put one another down. If you want to build relationships, you have to build relationships when people are at their lowest. Click To Tweet