How I Build Relationships Using My Phone

Building relationships with our patients is something that they don’t talk about a lot in our profession. Just recently while I was at breakfast with my wife, I won.

I won because of a patient. I have a text message service, the text message service system is called Hability, and I use this to keep in communication with my patients. I give them an option at their evaluation whether they want to signup for the service or not.

About 90% of my patients sign up through text; the other 10% sign up through email. A patient sent to me “Greg, I wanted to see if you could help me out with finding a physician for injections in case I need one?”
She came for her first visit on Monday; I saw her on Monday, I mapped out everything for her, I told her that we’re going to give this three weeks of therapy. We should see some progress and improvements by then, and we can look at other options if we don’t achieve positive results by then.

So I said , this is what we are going to do.”

She reaches out to me via text and says, “Greg, I called this place FOI (Florida Orthopedic Institute), and they can’t get me in to see a doctor for injections until the end of September, so do you have any thoughts on that?”

I said, “I can call somebody, and see if I can get you in earlier than that, we are still going to stick to our plan though, right?”

She says “Yes but I just want to know.”

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All I did was send a text. If my patient would have called me while I was having breakfast with my wife, I probably get back to her later today or maybe tomorrow. I don’t really want to talk on a phone because it can get drawn out, but I used text.

I used technology, and that’s all I did.

And I just said to her “Sure I can hook you up.”

I text one of my doctor guys that I know. A pain management guy that does injections.

I said, “I got a patient for you potentially if things don’t work out with therapy.”

“Wow Greg, thanks so much,” he says.

“Hey give me her contact information, and I am going to give it to the front, and I’ll take care of her”

I got her name, I got her contact information, and I sent it to him. All I did was send it back to her.

I said “I just spoke with the doctor and they are going to contact you,”

She said “You are the first person in over ten years of me dealing with this that cared”

I have won in this lady’s book so quickly because I did that. Could I have done that the traditional way that all these archaic PTs like me are calling her; I would have called her later, maybe tonight, but that’s not excellent customer service.

All I did, I said to my wife, “hold on, one second… … … “ done. I won with her, I then gave the doctor a potential new patient, and I did that in two and a half minutes.

You can decide what you want to do. There’s a lot of lessons to learn from that. Communicating happens to me all day long because most people don’t want to take the call from the patient because let’s face it, it’s a bother.

You are at lunch and don’t want to talk to somebody for 35 minutes, but you can text them. I don’t want to get on the phone, the doctor is busy too but you can text, and everybody won today.

The lady won, the physician won, and I won. And because I just made both happen, everybody wins. I just wonder why don’t people use these things more?

Why? It’s just a way to win. It’s getting easier. I just want you to understand that today. These are the things that I try to teach my students; it’s that you can’t do things the same old way – you can’t.

People ask “How is it that you guys are busy and your employees are so happy?”

It’s because we know how to leverage ourselves. We’ve learned how to leverage, how to develop relationships, and how to create connections with patients.

Think about it, most physical therapists, what did they do? They just beg the doctor,

How about hooking the doctor up? How about collaborating with physicians? How about taking care of your patients?

Let’s talk marketing and cupping

I am a physical therapist first. My primary thing is to be a physical therapist and a damn good one. A good physical therapist is not necessarily a good business person. I know some of the best physical therapists that I have met in my life have gone out of business in private practice.

I want people to appreciate me for the things my professors told me I should be valued. Click To Tweet  It’s just not how it works. Not just for physical therapy; it is for every single business in the world. If you cannot sell, if you cannot market, it doesn’t matter. In the field of physical therapy, it is frowned upon to market. If someone even slightly has this mingling of self-promotion, they are frowned upon, crucified, and it’s crazy to me.

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It’s crazy to me in a profession with no brand awareness at all that we don’t get it. That it doesn’t matter just how good you are, it matters how well you market. It is part of the equation.

Do you understand marketing?

People in physical therapy have to come to the realization; they just have to come to the realization that if you don’t know how to market, don’t blame anybody else. The fact of the matter is that people will do what other people are doing.

If Michael Phelps put some cupping thing on him all over his shoulder, everyone wants to do it. Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry does it. Everybody wants in. That’s just understanding marketing. That’s understanding that they are influential people…and people do what influential people do.

I am giving you all valuable information. I have a pretty big following in the physical therapy community. But, if Oprah or Ellen endorses me, my following goes up by 500,000. Just like that.

Did I automatically just get better? Or did I just understand marketing? Promotion from people that are respected, that’s called marketing. Do you get it? In our field, people look down on marketing. That’s the reason why we are in the position we are in right now. I have done as much CEUs as everyone else. Have I gotten that much better? Or have I just learned how to get what I do out there? I have just learned how to talk to people better by looking for what I can offer them. If you don’t know how to market, you are going to lose. Click To Tweet

Do you get it?

That’s what I want to tell you guys. Please, you’ve learned enough in physical therapy school, you have heard enough about all that other stuff. Please focus on the other things now.

Focus on how to take your gifts you learn in physical therapy school Click To Tweet and take it to the next level. Please don’t convince yourself that you have to have a four-wall clinic. It’s not true.

You have a cellphone; you have a business. Every single video that I have right now, that’s on YouTube, that’s on Periscope, that’s on Facebook LIVE, that’s all done by the same phone that you have, we have the same thing.

If you have a phone that has a camera, you can start. Don’t let anybody fool you. It’s just the truth. Stop looking down on marketing and start embracing it. Believe in what you do and learn how to market to reach those people better and stop complaining about cupping and all that other stuff.

Two Words You Need to Know to Market yourself as a PT Without Selling

Let’s talk about the two words that a physical therapist must know to market yourself without selling.


2.) ASK

When people have a proof that you have done something for them other people will follow.

Social proof and testimonials. Not you saying how great you are. Do you know how powerful it is for me to have my crew? I don’t have to say how great I am. If I have helped them and they will tell you what I have done for them. That’s the most powerful proof I have for any person that’s new and comes to my broadcast. Not from me, from them. In for you to get proof, you have to be willing to ask.

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On Google, when you put in “physical therapy Wesley Chapel”, we come up number one but most importantly is that we have thirty more reviews than the second person. That is how we kill the game and get so many new patients. People go on to Google, they look for physical therapy and see my clinic on the first page.

I told my staff I want to take it to the next level this summer; I want a hundred. People love us, I want a hundred. And they are like, “alright, we have to do it.”

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How to market yourself as a Physical Therapist

I am going to do give you two scenarios. If I am going to sell to you on how I can fix your shoulder like this

“Hey guys. I am Greg Todd, I am a physical therapist. I have been a PT for sixteen years. I am an OCS which is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist. I am a CSCS which is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I have worked with over five thousand people that have shoulder problems and I know I can fix your problem. I have gone to about eighteen different continuing education courses and I know I am the dude that can fix your shoulder problems. I understand how the shoulder joint works in a bunch of different ways. I would give great care. Would you mind coming and seeing me?”

Tell me if that works better or this works better.

This is a testimonial  from David. 

“I have used Renewal Rehab for three different injuries and I cannot say enough about how good Greg and the rest of the staff has been. I tried physical therapy once before coming to Renewal Rehab for problems with my knee and I did not think there is any use to physical therapy. But then I had surgery on my shoulder and on a recommendation, I came to Renewal Rehab. After my first visits, my opinion about physical therapy completely changed. They were very professional and knowledgeable. I actually enjoyed and looked forward to going to my appointments and regained 100% mobility on my shoulder after a level five separation on my AC joint. I would highly recommend Renewal Rehab and his entire staff to anyone who needs physical therapy. Besides the best care available, I feel like I am being taken care of by my friends.’ “

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Which one worked better for you? Number one or number two?

Do you want to know what will allow you to be marketable? It’s other people; show me proof. You are a new grad, you want a job with me, you want big money from me? Show me proof.

I don’t care  where you went to school or what method you have learned. Every single one of you can get that right now.

If you are in your first internship, second or third; you should be asking people that you have had results with if they could do a testimonial for you.

 I can tell you that my course Smart Success is going to do double. I have people go through the course and talk about how amazing it is.

It’s because I get testimonials from them. 

If you want to market yourself as a physical therapist, understand two words - proof and ask. Click To Tweet

If you do those two things sky is the limit.

Let’s Talk Marketing

When we talk marketing in physical therapy, it really is like an explicit word. Nobody wants to hear it. I am not going to spend a ton of time on this but I want you to understand a couple of things:

1.) You have to understand that there is good marketing and there is bad marketing.

2.) You have to understand that there are good products and there are bad products. Good products, bad products. Good services, bad services.

We understand those things. There’s good marketing and there is bad marketing Click To Tweet. And then there is good products and then there are bad products. I have seen some amazing marketing for some crappy products. And guess what, those crappy products sell. I have seen some bad marketing for some great products. Particularly in the field of physical therapy, I have seen of the most amazing clinicient – I know they are; I learned from them; I have seen them present courses; I heard patients talk about how amazing they are – but their marketing is so bad that I have seen them go out of business. I have seen them close up their shops for physical therapy. They close up their shops, crying, discouraged, devastated, and they blamed it on everything but marketing. Physicians are getting bought out, insurance changed, wa-wa-wa, we-we-we, and they truly felt as though they had no control over their total devastation and demise.

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I have seen it happen to some of my best friends. I have seen it happen to some of my clinical mentors. But they just had bad marketing. Bad, bad marketing. They did not know what they are doing. I have also seen really great marketing for some crappy products. And they become a multi-billion dollar business.


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Please tell me, you have something more to give to the Earth than cheap pet and you are trying to tell me you cannot come up with a million-dollar company?

In our field of physical therapy, we just pay no attention to marketing. Click To Tweet Once you understand that marketing is what allows you to get your great product/service out to people, and without it you got no shop. Marketing could come in the form of direct marketing, building relationship with people or referrals, testimonials, referral from past clients. You have to embrace marketing.

The fact that schools are not paying attention to this, they are setting you up for disaster. As you see, I don’t care to say that. I don’t care of who I am to upset because the truth of the matter is that if you are coming out of school and you have no concept of how to market your product – yourself as a clinicient, and then you are wondering why things aren’t working out for you – it’s because you never embrace marketing. A lot of times it’s because your school that taught you never embrace marketing. At the end of the day, you have to pull up your big boy pants and you have to say, “This is my degree, this is my career, and I have to embrace marketing.” That’s what I wanted to instill to you all.

>>>> Do you want to know how to effectively market yourself as a physical therapist? Click here! 

Marketing changes. What works today might not work tomorrow.

What worked five years ago might not work today. But it is what it is. As much time as I spend becoming a good clinicient; as much time as I spend when I finish school going into my books so I can treat patients; as much time as I spend with those type of things – I need to spend equal or more time learning marketing. I don’t want you to be like those people – amazing clinicians that shut their doors down because they were so crappy at getting their brand out. They were terrible at it. Had no self-awareness. Had no ability to find out what the people that they were looking for, were actually searching for so that they can find them and get themselves out for those people.

I hope this message gets out to physical therapy students.

Here’s my direction to you: go to your professor and say, “Why don’t you teach us marketing? Greg Todd said so.” I am assuming their answers would be, “Because we don’t know how to market.” then say, “How can you equip us?” Let us see what happens.

Whatever you do, if you don’t know how to market, you have no chance in hell of ever succeed Click To Tweet.

You have to learn how to market.

When you believe, you never have to sell

My whole mission is to change the game for Physical Therapy.

How do I do my business and make it big? I want to talk about selling and marketing.

I went into PT school because I did not want to do what my father did. I love my Dad, but I didn’t want to do what he did. He does insurance and works for a company called Primerica. He has worked for them for over thirty years. It is a multilevel marketing company who sells insurance and different financial plans. He has to sell and I remember as a kid him calling people, making appointments and people not showing up for their appointments. I remember thinking I do not want to do that! I wanted to find something else to do, so Physical Therapy was what I wanted to do. I knew I would never have to sell anything. That was a huge reason why I chose PT. I always let people know because they hear my passion, they feel my passion and they think I am a salesman that got into Physical Therapy. I went into Therapy so I wouldn’t have to sell. Here is what I have learned in the sixteen years of doing this; when you believe in something and you have a passion for it, you never have to sell anything.

I believe in what I am doing and I never got that in Physical Therapy. I never understood this. I was never comfortable asking people to come twice a week or three times a week because I saw their co-pay was high. I didn’t think they were going to do it because I didn’t believe what I was doing as a Physical Therapist or I didn’t believe in myself. This is why you will see in the course that we talk about personal development. I struggled with believing in myself early on in my career. I was good enough back then, but I didn’t believe in myself. I did believe in what I was doing because I saw people getting better, but I didn’t believe in myself.

Watch the Video here: When you believe, you never have to sell

The majority of the profession has such a lack of belief in themselves. If you believe in what you are doing and you believe in yourself, you will never have to sell… Click To Tweet. Most people don’t believe in what they are doing. I get companies frequently trying to get me to affiliate with something, or try to get my company to change. They are a company that wants me to endorse them and to change my company over. They will say that basically they will let me do everything for free as long as you say that you are doing it. I listened to their presentation and their energy is so low. It was a good system, but this guy’s energy is so low in what he was presenting to me. It was his job.

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The reason why I am on Facebook and YouTube or Periscope is because my main focus is not only to help people in their Physical Therapy career, but it is to ward off people that shouldn’t be in Physical Therapy. There are people that are going to get into the profession because it is a profession that is in demand. The truth is that it is a different profession than it was 8-10 years ago, it is costlier than it ever was. I don’t want those people that are trying to get into it just because it’s a job. They will have a miserable career.

They don’t believe in the Profession. They don’t believe in themselves. They think it’s an easy job.

It’s not good and it is not good for the profession. I am trying to get myself out there so they say, “oh is that what Physical Therapy is”? I want to get into that profession. Or they will say,”oh no I am not doing that”. If you believe in yourself, you believe in what you are doing, you will never have to sell anything again. Your passion and your mission will draw people to you; it is just a matter of getting enough exposure to yourself. Passion and belief will get you very far in life. Click To Tweet

The Truth About Developing And Running A Business

This is a conversation that I had with my wife yesterday.  I have been putting a lot of work into my courses. I was showing her the workflow of how people sign up for my course – when somebody opts-in to watch the webinar, and then how an email is automatically sent when they finish watching it, etc.

She said, “wait, you don’t have to…” I said, “no babe, it’s already set up.  It’s interesting because I said to her, “The way business works is you’re gonna put a lot of work in on the front end but you don’t have to put as much work in on the back end.”

Do you guys know what I’m saying?

Do you feel me?

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You put a lot of work on the front end but you don’t have to put as much on the back end. Click To Tweet

In the beginning of my PT career, I grinded hard.  7:00AM, first patient. 8:00PM is when I finished. Then, I would go to Saddlebrook. I would go work with those tennis players that I was talking about. Sometimes at 8, 9, 10 o’clock at night. And I repeated that over and over again.

Watch the video here: Can I Just Give You the Truth About Developing and Running a Business?

Today, I don’t do that.

I had to put in the work then because I had to develop a reputation for myself. I might only have four to five patients for the day. There are days I might only have seen three patients for the day.  Regardless, I learned and built a reputation for myself.

[“bctt tweet=”It’s grind in the beginning, you will then reap the rewards” username=”gregtoddpt”].

If you are a regular employee,  it doesn’t work like that. You work, and you get a reward. But you will never actually have something really for the future besides your 401K, your dental benefits, and whatever extra benefit your employer might give you.

But business works different. In the beginning, my business was not really a business. I was self employed, and I was putting in work for my reputation. But I was not really putting in work for my business.

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Over the last seven years, I’ve been really putting in work for not just my reputation but for my business. I’ve been learning processes, I’ve been writing down processes, I’ve been writing down “this is how it should go”, step A-B-C-D, step 1-2-3-4.

Does this make sense to you guys?

That’s how it works. And when you have business that means that you have steps. You have steps for everything.

That’s called business. And many of the people that I’m going to talk at this conference,  I don’t really know them, but I’m telling you that most of them don’t have steps for business.

Let me tell you what happens. When you have steps for business, you can do a course like what I did or you can consult for companies like I do.

You know why? Because you can put different people in the business and it will still work because the steps are already there. That’s how it works. So if you want to get paid, if you want to build something, here’s my recommendation to you guys right now.

Whatever you do, I know this is not just physical therapists right here, write it down. If whatever… Click To Tweet.


A true business owner

If you can show a system for what you do, there’s people out there that have money. People out there that have money, also known as investors, and all they want to do is to buy things – or invest in things and in people that have very good systems.  That’s the message for today.

That’s what a true business owner is. Not a self-employed PT, but a business owner. Yes, you need to start self-employed and to understand and build a reputation for yourself. When you go to business, it’s all about systems. There you go, business knowledge for you all this morning.

How I had built my brand from my company is through my blog… I am a private guy but I don’t mind talking about my journey. I just like to be real and authentic. Business is not easy; life’s not easy. Being a good dad is not easy. Being a good husband is not easy. But there’s nothing good I have ever gotten in life that was easy.

There’s nothing good about easy. Life’s just damn hard. It’s important, when things get tough it’s good to know there are other people out there that understand and that you know they are grinding with you. If you know that, life just gets better and seems more manageable. It’s just so much better, to be able to ride it out with other people.

You approach your investors with your system and your passion. Click To Tweet

Let’s just say the course is worth five million dollars. Remember, no investor cares about anything else but your system. But here’s the difference between you getting a million and five million: Passion!!!!!!

If I wanted to sell you on my course, let me show you two ways I could do it.

  1. Non-passion way…. “I’m Greg Todd. Yeah, I have this course you know? Yeah it’s pretty good. Physical therapists kinda like it. Overall I think I put a lot of good stuff in there. Yeah, so you guys just take a look at it and let me know what you think.”
  2. Passion way …. “Hey guys, listen! I can tell you right now over my sixteen years of being a physical therapist and getting my company to a 7-figure business. Every step of the way has been put in this course. This course unleashes the power for every physical therapist to totally explode their career. This is not a course just for one individual person for success. This is a course that will change the entire industry!”

You see the difference? That’s the difference. It’s passion.

When you got passion you don’t have to sell. Click To Tweet

I hate selling. One who sells is the one don’t believe in their niche. It’s people that do not believe in their stuff. They are like, “damn I got to sell.” because you don’t believe in it. I believe in what I do.

I know that there’s a lot of people that follow me and they believe in me. When somebody believes in you, they’re gonna refer other people to you.

You don’t build a business, and a reputation by yourself. People promote you. When you ride or die with people, with patients, and with staff, they will help promote your personal brand.

No matter where you at now at life, just enjoy life. Just make things happen. No matter how hard things get, just be thankful for what you currently have. Be thankful for where you’re at right now.

Be thankful that your trials are actually teaching something to you. Click To Tweet

The Power of Repetition

It is crazy to me being asked to consult for companies. Most of the companies that asked me to consult for them – you know what they want from me? They want me to use my gift of teaching and explaining their product.

Usually it’s like, for instance, as a physical therapist – a few of you in the group have been a patient of mine. My strength is my ability to educate. I can give you your condition that you have and I can actually make you understand it for the first time in your life. I do that for disc problems, neck problems, hip problems, hamstring problems. I have this gift of explaining things to people so that they actually understand it. And that’s what companies mostly want me to consult and do for them.

This is so important because I’ve struggle with speech impediment; I’ve struggle with stuttering. I’ve struggle stuttering all of my life. I nearly did not become a physical therapist because of my stuttering problems. And how I have been able to overcome those stuttering problems – dealing with people every single day.

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Is because of reps. It’s repetition. It’s doing something over and over again until you get to the point where you have what I call… Click To Tweet Meaning that, you know how like, sometime you’re driving on the highway. And you’re like, “wait, how did I just get over here when I was just over there. How did i just do that?” that’s because you are so proficient at driving that sometimes you don’t even have to be totally conscious and aware of what you’re doing. And you’re so good at it and you can get to point A to point B and now you don’t remember how did that happen. That’s called: unconscious competence.

Watch the video here: The Power of Repetition

If you want to be good at something that you currently aren’t good at, you have to do so many… Click To Tweet

Remember how hard it was to get started? Remember how difficult it was to do a burpee; or how difficult it was push out reps when you are doing chest press; or do bear crawls with someone you’re doing right now. How difficult it was? But how comes overtime it does get a little bit easier? It’s because of repetition.

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Whatever you want to do in life, you have to repeat it out. Click To Tweet You’re going to have to just constantly do it until your body just becomes proficient with it. Take it from me. “Stuttering Greg” is now known as an educator and a speaker. It’s crazy but you know what, it’s the truth. If you want to get good at something, do it consistently over and over again. Don’t stop until you get good at it. And then when you get good at it, do more. So you can get… Click To Tweet

Smart Success

Success does come at a price, it’s not a walk in a park. Now, I have looked at all the things that I learned through trials. I got really sick in 2009 after I did the San Francisco marathon and I couldn’t recover. I got sick to the point that I couldn’t exercise for over a year. Doctors told me that I couldn’t treat patients anymore. That forced me to have to learn other things besides treating people in physical therapy. What it allowed me to do is to see the big picture. It allowed me to be a little bit smarter with the things that I was doing.

Have any of you ever done crossfit before? I am doing crossfit – I do it a couple days /week – When I do crossfit, the coaches are always queueing me on form. When I am doing a deadlift and sometimes I want to flex my back –  they are queueing me on form because when I get my form right, I get more efficient. And if I become more efficient, I can lift more. I don’t open myself up to injury as much. I become much more proficient in that exercise which means I can do other things because I am not taxing out my body as much. This is called smart success.

What has happened to me through my trials is that I have learned that success does come in different forms. Maybe I was perceived successful in 2005, 2006 when I open up my clinic. I guess I was perceived successful in 2009 and 2010 when I was drowning with patient care- at least I was making a good living.

Over time, you learn how to become efficient. How to become better. How to become faster, stronger, you learn those things and your success in my opinion, becomes smarter. That’s the reason why I called my course Smart Success. Because through my trials and experiences, I have found that this is the quickest, most efficient way to become an amazing physical therapist.

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It’s by doing the things that I am instructing my students to do. I feel like my success now is smart because I am so efficient with my time. I’ve worked on my leadership. I’ve worked on myself to have people want to work for me; people want to be on my team.

People that work for me, they will work while I am doing this and I am still impacting people. That’s why I am putting on the course, to show you guys how to do that so that you can become a leader – and attract people to you. I have shown people, instead of doing it the traditional way begging physicians for referrals, there’s a way to do it through direct marketing, through talking to people and build a following in social media.

It’s Smart Success.

Because if I do this I can take my kids to the bus stop, I can hug and kiss my wife and have coffee and breakfast together. That means a lot to me because I nearly had that taken away from me. In 2012, I nearly had that taken away from me. I was unconscious, I was on the floor, while I was at my parents house in Miami.

They didn’t know what was wrong with me. They thought I was dead.


When you have certain things taken away from you, you realize that life is short.  If you are going to do stuff, you’ve got to do it smart.  I want to spend time with the people I want to spend time with. I have now trickled that over in my job. I don’t want employees working more than 40 hours a week. You’ll get your benefits, you’ll get your full 40 hours, you are not working more than 4 days a week if you work for my company because I believe that life is precious.

Everybody needs to spend time with the people that they love. Everyone needs to spend time with their family. That’s my culture. I teach my people, “we are not going to work harder, we are going to work smart.” We are going to give people amazing experiences at our clinics and there is no reason why we have to be here more than 4 days a week. We just stagger our schedules.

You guys who have taken the course – you have to want it. It’s not like you purchase the course and then all of a sudden you have this osmosis. Somehow what comes in my online platform just comes in your head. It doesn’t work like that. You have to put in the work. All I have done is I’ve laid it out for you to make you think different, to make you see the opportunities. That’s all I’ve done.

My heart wants to help people in the profession. I got this opportunity to open up my third clinic or it was to create a course. She (my wife) actually want me to do the courses. I wanted to do the courses because after I spoke at PPS last year in November, and my talk was the highest rated talk of the conference, everybody wanted me to consult for them to help with their practices. That sounds cool but when you have four kids and you have a wife, you realize that’s not really I want to do. I don’t want to travel 35 weeks out of the year. If that was the case, I would have stayed and work with the tennis players. Smart is creating a course so that if you really want it, it’s there for you.

I hope that it helps because in PT we don’t just do things smart, we do things hard. That’s why people burn out.

Should you be an Entrepreneur then answer this one question

Do you value your time? I once took my family to the Bush Gardens. About fifteen minutes from the park, we are at a stop light and a lady had a sign up saying “She is homeless…” My wife took out ten dollars out of her purse and we give it to the lady. That sparked a conversation about our journey and money and all about other stuff. The conversation came up about why I became an entrepreneur.

I never had this entrepreneurial mind. I am a guy that wanted stability. I just want to work a 9 to 5. I wanted to have a family, I always dream of having a cute wife and having some cute kids but I don’t have massive aspirations of owning a business. But early on our relationship, she get jealous and said she loves time. My wife doesn’t need the Gucci bag. We still shop at consignment shop for our kids. We are not material people. Most of the time when I get her gifts for Christmas, she returns that back because she feels like she can get it on sale or at a garage sale. That’s just the type of chick that she is. What she wants is she wants my time.

2005, I was working for a corporation. I started from the bottom and we started from nothing – zero patients. In a year, I doubled their projection in numbers – all I am asking is “hey I am giving you everything that you wanted, can you allow me to work four days a week?” and they said, “No.” Why? I have done anything they wanted, and more – why can’t I work four days a week? Because my wife wanted time. She is working, doing her internship for teaching. We didn’t have any time for each other. All she wants is my time – my job wasn’t giving me my time. So I asked them again two months later and they said, “No, you have to work five days a week.” I just kept on grinding and show them the clinic is having 30 visits a day. And I asked them again, “can I have at least one off per week?” and all I have to do is work ten hours a day so I still get my 40 and they are like, “No.” So that was it, two weeks later, pregnant wife with our second child, no major savings – I resigned. I wasn’t taking anymore of that bullshit. I value the relationship with my wife, she wanted time and I wanted to give her time. Our relationship today, fifteen and a half years being married and people are always like, “your kids are so good. Your relationship with your wife is so great.” A lot of people see us behind the scenes and they know that we are lovebirds because I spent so much time on her. She doesn’t want the coins, she wants the time.

When you are an employee, they don’t give you time. Because that means so much to me, of my company nobody works more than four days a week because I value that  and so I am giving that to them. We are going to work smarter, not necessarily to grind more. Everybody works four days a week. Everybody gets one day off. Because the struggles that I went through I put all that unto my employees.

Do you want to be a business owner/ entrepreneur? Do you value your time? That is the question that you need to ask. Let’s forget about coin right now. If you value your time, you’re never going to be satisfied working the five-day, six-day, forty to fifty hour hustle. There’s only so much time.

I love my family more than physical therapy. I love my wife more than physical therapy. I love all of my four children more than physical therapy. I love the fact that I don’t have to miss events that I used to because they wouldn’t give me my time.

Is it time that you want? If it is, you have to be an entrepreneur.

How to Start a Physical Therapy Career Successfully

I have been a PT now for 16 years. At the age of 27, I became a practice owner and I obviously done pretty well for myself but it wasn’t by accident. I kind of had a plan for my career and I probably think it out as much as I should have but when I became as a physical therapist I said, “I want to have a private practice” and now looking back, I wish there were things that I put in place from the get go so I can make that I am not wasting my time. I am moving in the right direction and I see so many PTs just doing haphazard stuff that just doesn’t make any sense. It’s not getting them to what they say they want to go. That if you don’t really have major aspirations or goals and that’s fine but in today’s market of being a physical therapist, it’s just like super expensive. It’s a huge investment. I think it is so imperative that PTs really figure out “how do I want my career to go; how do I want my career to look”


Let’s talk about the three things that you can do to help you successfully map out your career as a PT.

Watch: How to Start a Physical Therapy Career Successfully

I think number one is to get your first job in your dream situation. Now let me explain this a little bit. I am not saying to get your dream job. Your dream job might be to own multiple out-patient clinics, to work for a professional sports team, to work for some industry, some big company and just take care of all their employees. I don’t know what it is but when you take your first job, you need to take a job that is in line with your dream job. If your dream job is to work at an out-patient industry, you need to take an out-patient job as your first job. You do not need to be working in a home-health industry or at a school nursing facility because then what you are doing is just taking a job for financial reasons and what happens is that the first couple years of your career is what is going to shape your career and habits. So please, make sure you take a job in line with what you want to do long term.


Number two is get a mentor. This is what I feel a lot of physical therapists screw up. A lot of times people think that, “okay, I want to have my own practice one day and what I need is I need a mentor that’s like really amazing at physical therapy but not really amazing at practice ownership”. In that case, you might have to have two mentors. If you want to have your own practice one day, you need to have a mentor that it is in business. Preferably the business of physical therapy but even if they are not, make sure that you have a mentor that understands business. There are some of the most gifted physical therapist out there don’t have a flipping clue on business and if that’s what you want to do, you will start to think because remember your synapses and what you’re doing as a PT it’s all happening with those first three years. So, if someone is so gifted as a clinicient but they don’t really understand – they don’t really have a good emotional intelligence across the patients, they don’t understand business, they don’t understand how to capitalize of of things, how to see changes in the health care industry and how to capitalize of of that then that’s actually really scary. That’s something that you need to be aware of. I highly recommend, for those who want to have a business, get a business mentor. For those who want to be a great clinicient, get a great clinical mentor. Preferably someone that gets both but maybe you need to get separate. For me, I had a separate business mentor because I couldn’t find any great business mentor in the field of physical therapy.


And then finally, I believe you need to reverse engineer your career. Let me explain. If you have aspirations to have a practice in 10 years, then I need you to start to reverse engineer. It will make you understand whether what you are currently doing makes sense for you or not. I had basically a vision; I had the goal of having a private practice in five years and I achieved that goal in four years and nine months. It’s not like I am obsessed every single day working for other places. I worked for one, two, three corporations and then I went to a practice and then I have my own thing but I had that goal at the back of my head and what I did is I said, “okay, the five year goal was I have a private practice so where I would need to be in two year and a half?” I mean by two year and a half, I need to at least be a clinical director for a place so that I can learn some of the business stuff and I did that. I actually did it in by a year and a half into it. I knew that if I am two and a half years there then I needed to be at a year and a half; I knew that by a year and a half, I need to really accelerate my career clinically so that I could start to focus and learn more about the business side of things and that’s why I did a 180 hours of CEUs within my first year and a half.
I went backwards and you need to reverse engineer your career. If you do those three things, I feel pretty confident that that will at least help with getting your PT career off to a great start. The cool thing is that you could do those things even if you are not in PT school. You can start to map things out and know these are the things that I need to do to get myself to where I want to go to. It does not take going to PT school to do that.