How To Gain A Competitive Edge Over Your Peers

I have been a physical therapist now for 16 years. The first year and a half, the company that I worked for offered free continuing education courses within the company. I just have to drive to where the free course for that weekend and I would learn stuff, it was great. I learned a lot of stuff on different body parts and different techniques. It was fantastic. My first 14 months, I completed 180 continuing education hours.

Now, to put things into context. Every two years you are required as a physical therapist to complete 24 hours. I completed 180 in the first 14 months. When I went on after that, year one and a half to year five, I went on to complete another 100 hours. I ended up completing all the course required to get your manual therapy certification through the University of St. Augustine and ended up getting my Orthopedic Certified Specialty. I was working at that time with professional tennis players and I really felt that I need to up my game. But with all those hours that I did, what I have done for over the last 5-6 years of just investing as much or more time into learning marketing and learning how to serve my customers as I do with learning clinical advancements, it is totally exponentially exploded my career.

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I learned how to serve my customer, learned where my customers are at, learned what my customer’s pain points are, I understand that most of my customers don’t know what a physical therapist does – they don’t know what things that you really offer. They are told about what we do through another health care provider – usually a primary health care physician or specialist. I understand that there is a lot of people that still need my help but I have to know how to target those people. I have to know what things they are struggling with and then explain to them how I can help them as a physical therapist – that’s marketing. And that in itself is an art. That changes all the time.


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What is interesting about physical therapist is that we learn new things. It doesn’t change every single month – we learn different ways to do different mobilization, different techniques or how to assess things a little bit different. When we deal with marketing, especially Internet marketing, that stuff changes monthly. Every quarter, something new. I just went on my cellphone and saw all these things – insights in Instagram and Instagram just changed two months ago, it’s always changing. Everything is always changing. Now that I actually found value in it and understanding the importance of it, it totally transforms my business. It’s taking my business to a whole new level – things that I never thought I will be able to do in business.

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Next thing is innovation. You can have patients coming in all the time and you can be good but there are certain things that is out of control like insurance, reimbursement, patient responsibility. Just because I am better as a PT, I don’t get better to work with better insurance plans. I can choose to work on a cash-based setting but most of us don’t. So, you have to learn and the next thing is innovation. Innovation is leverage. I used to think of innovation as, “I have to create a new technique.” No, that’s not really what it is. Innovation is just making something better. I focused my efforts on making my customer’s journey more complete. I’ve listened to my patients. I asked them what they want and now I offer that to them. That is innovation, that is leverage. That is now taking a patient that maybe if I just went through insurance that patient would maybe bring $500. Now I understand that I can have that same patient and offer them things that they have shown interest in, things that they need and not realize that I and my team can serve them with those things. And now that person gets four times the amount. Did I have to go get four times the amount of patients to now make four times the amount? No, I am just serving my client things better.
The two things that you need to know to separate yourself as a physical therapist from all the rest of your competition is how to market and how to innovate and leverage yourself.

How Physical Therapists Can Make More Money

For the past twelve years, I have learned all of the ways that are available for physical therapists to make more, just understanding a few different things. I really believe that most PTs, including myself, just don’t know you don’t even know that these things are available to you and because of our lack of understanding of the finances, of the physical therapy business itself, of what patients are looking for, you just totally shut off all of those potential streams of revenue. I did that for quite awhile. Even when I had my private practice in the first couple of years, I did that and it made me suffer. I just thought that the only way that I could make more money is if I either brought in more patients, which I didn’t feel I have control over, or if I kept people there longer. It’s just not a good feeling to be in and I think it’s just because most physical therapists in a whole, most companies, they have a lot of tunnel vision with regards to how they help their patients.


The number one way is just understanding the financial ramifications of the physical therapy business.

PT on a whole is based on a couple of things. It’s based on understanding net revenue; that’s the amount of money that is coming in per patient based on their insurance. Understanding insurance, that the type of insurance plans that you are seeing within the facility that you are working for are going to pay a certain amount. Not all insurances are created equal. Understanding how cancellations affect your business. Understanding capacity, which is the amount of patients that you are seeing per hour based on the amount of revenue that you are creating for the clinic. All those things make a big difference and I just think that most physical therapists from staff PTs to homeowners don’t have a good pulse of that. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. I believe if you are a staff PT or you are looking to go in the field, I think just understanding those things will allow you to separate yourself from the rest of the pack just because you are willing to understand it. It’s a lot of taboo in our profession.


I think that those ways are really important and I think that is something that you understand it, now you can actually manage it, you can measure it, and now you can look at, “hey, we just changed this, where could we go?” and I always believe in the 10% group. You don’t have to complete a 180, you just make small little changes and it could radically change your career and financially change a lot of things for you.

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Number two, and I think this is a huge one I did in my practice is just increasing the lifetime value of your patients.

We can do that through a lot of different ways. Typically in PT, we get a patient, they come with their script, we see them, we make them leave, we are done and if they liked us and remember us then if anything aligns perfectly we’ll see them again three years from now. I just think that is not an efficient way of doing it. If you understand the power of customer reviews, patient reviews, that will bring more people to you. I think if you understand the power of additional services that you can offer, you now increase the lifetime value of that customer.


Let’s think about it for a second. Somebody is coming to your clinic, the average amount of visits that you’re seeing that person is eight, you got paid $80 per visit – that’s $640 for that person. To get that customer, you are getting $640 over here. What if you offer that person longer services, subscription-based model, they do massage therapy, they do other things at your office, running analysis, whatever things you have. And now, you can make that person an additional 400 – $500. That’s a huge difference, that’s 40 – 50% difference. 600 vs a thousand dollars for that person? And what if you have campaigns that are setup to where you are sending out email broadcasts to patients on different things that you are offering for your former patients every six months or maybe eight months. That person, now that can go from a $600 lifetime value to a thousand to fifteen hundred to 2000 to 3000. Those things are a big deal in understanding the lifetime value of your patient.


Number three is CONSULTING. That’s a big one for me. As a consultant, you could usually make whatever you wanted to charge but if you have expertise in the area of physical therapy, if you know the area of physical therapy very well, and most of the physical therapists don’t know anything besides the clinical aspect of physical therapy, well you just separate yourself from everyone else. Understand this, if you are not understanding and you are not embracing the business of physical therapy, there’s many other non-PTs that are, you might work for one. And there are many non-PTs that see the value and they see the potential to help a lot of people in this area and they use you for consulting because they know that you have expertise in what clients go through and you can name your price as a consultant. My price for a consultant has increased by 350% over the last four years just because of the demand. That’s a really cool thing that you could continue to do if people know that you are expert in physical therapy along with one or two areas.


Number four, I believe that this is the wave of the future for PTs and that’s telehealth services. The thing that people are buying for is time and money and we know where insurance companies are going or moving towards trying to keep more of their money and to save people time and they know that there is opportunity in that. Physical therapy right now is not huge in telehealth even though telehealth is big with a lot of physicians now but physical therapy is moving towards that. Are you comfortable enough with tech? Are you comfortable enough with being able to manage someone’s care that wanted to be managed via telehealth or part of it being telehealth? That’s a huge opportunity for you to make more money in the PT profession.


And I think the final one is practice ownership. Because whenever company you work for, there are always going to have overhead that you are going to be working towards paying for. The bigger the company, the bigger the overhead. The more that you are doing with regards to treating patients and doing all these other things, the more it has to, now it will pay you but it has to pay all the other people up the chain.

How to have Influence

I spent a lot of time as a Physical Therapist because most people don’t. You know why? Because most people that are consulting, they don’t see money in physical therapist. I don’t want to waste time with them. I see a massive opportunity to change the way we do physical therapy. I have already made my money. I needed help, I need to get back. If people listen to the things that I say, it’s gonna change their careers. I already know that. I know how God works, I know how the universe works. I take care of other people I always be taking care of. Opportunities will always come my way so I focus on physical therapist and I focus on young kids. To make sure that if they want to go to physical therapy, they know what exactly they are getting themselves into.

Today, I want to talk about how you get influence. This is how you create influence. This one tip: It is called reciprocation.

Let me tell you a story about reciprocation,

This young handsome fellow named, Sprinter32304. This guy starts following me on Periscope, maybe two to three months ago. Solely invested, trust me, I know who’s on my scopes and who’s not on my scopes. I don’t check everyday but when I go in, I go in. I know who’s on my scopes and who’s not. I know who’s participating and who’s not. Sprinter did, whether he knew it or not, it’s called reciprocation. He basically showed me, like I don’t need money or funds from him. But when I’m on here, I’m trying to give knowledge to people and the one’s who are willing to listen, then that’s good. Because then if they need more, I’m willing to give them more. So, here’s how it works. Dude comes on every single day. And finally got to the point where he reached out to me via email. Asked if I will be willing to speak with him. Usually, if it’s anybody else that I have never spoken to, you’re not setting up a meeting with me unless you drop $250. That’s it, that’s just the way it works. Okay, it’s my time. I value my time right now. And that is the lowest amount. I set up meeting with the guy and we spoke not on a Wednesday, we spoke on a Saturday. Why? Because reciprocation. He already invested in me. So we spoke about an hour and a half – two hours. And then he just continued to follow me on Periscope. Continued to interact with me on Periscope. My course went live, dude bought it, in four minutes. Again, reciprocation. He is supporting me. The first twenty people that bought my course, I gave them an hour of coaching with me. He took in a step further, drove down from Georgia to Tampa. Did I give him hour? No. I gave him six. He spent basically, the majority of the day at my clinic. And we went over with everything. Everything. You guys see what’s happening here? These are things reciprocating. Reciprocation.

Another story is, I won’t give out his name. But again, he reached out. I know I seen this in my scope quite a few times. He reached out to me via Messenger. And let me show you how he started it. He said, “I am a fan of yours.” do you think that’s gonna make me feel good? If you say I am a fan of yours? And I have a question before I go into an interview or some job offer, what not. So, again, usually you’re not setting up meeting with me unless you drop coin. But he reciprocated. He gave me a compliment. I know he is already invested in me. I gave him this private link that I have that I set up little fifteen minute things and I am not giving it out today. And so it was a fifteen minute appointment. The type of dude that I am – I don’t really do fifteen minute appointments. When I am talking with you, I am invested in you. And that fifteen minute appointment turned out to forty five minutes. He reciprocated to me, I gave back to him through that appointment. He saw, okay this guy gave me something that he didn’t have to do. He then bought my course, we’re just reciprocating back and forth.

You guys, go to Starbucks. There’s a time at my local Starbucks where it went for two hours. The person in front bought the other person in the back. They don’t know who they were but bought them their coffee. One time, it went for two hours because when you do something for someone it makes them want to do something for you back. So if you want to start creating influence, just do something for someone. Do something first.

Okay, I want to give you the flip side of that story. I get emails all day whether they’re from YouTube – notifications from YouTube who keeps me asking questions. People looking for jobs. Some dude apparently emailed me but I don’t check them all the time. In order to hustle and do what I need to do, I’m not locked-in to my email all day. Anyways, some guy is looking for a job. And he basically sends me an email. And he comes into my office last Monday. And says, “I have an interview with Greg” and my office is calling me, “Greg, do you have an interview with this guy?” and I was like, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I have no interview with anybody.” So, right there he already played himself. That is crazy. You can’t do that. Anyways, that’s not good. He didn’t invest in me, he didn’t do anything. You can’t just come into my office and create an interview. So the dude is coming over and over again and wants a job as a PTA. And I am like, “that does not how it works.” Finally, he called again yesterday. I said, “okay. Have him come in at 9 o’clock.” and as you can guys see it’s 7 o’clock and I am just taking my own good old sweet time. Because I am going to work out, I am going to have breakfast, I am going to stroll to the office around 9:45. I am just gonna stroll in because he played himself. He didn’t reciprocate to me. He didn’t invest in me. He didn’t respect my time. Those are things that you could do the right way. You don’t have any influence. You don’t have any hook-ups. Why don’t you just reach out to people that you want to emulate. Do something nice to them first. Say something nice. “Hey, I am a fan of yours.” “hey, I have been watching your stuffs on YouTube.” “I really respect the way that you do with X, Y, and Z.” Do the same things to the professors. “Hey, I love your work.” “I love how you teach.” “can you do this or could you help me out with this?” Start with that first before you go in and begging for something. Reciprocation. The art of reciprocation. Do it for patients. You see a patient for the first time, give them a compliment. You want to know the physician in Tampa that has the best reputation? This guy, I don’t care if he does a great surgery or bad surgery. He has the best reputation in Tampa. You want to know what he does? He is known to hug every single patient the minute he goes to the office. This guy, you can’t get in to see him because he hugs everybody. It’s reciprocation. I am not saying you have to do that. But do something. You want to create influence. You want to create that first great impression. Do something and people will automatically promote you – because people are people. There you go guys, reciprocation. That’s huge.

People will promote you if you just take care of them first.

I love being able to give people that can’t give me back. It is totally exploded the way that I do things in the office. Presentations are so much better. Nothing can throw me off. If my mic goes down in my presentation in Seattle, how bad can that be? I could just wrap it. So, if you want to get good at your game, get on LIVE stream. It pushes you, you can’t turn back. It’s like getting off a cliff. Like you are already in the air.

LIVE stream is the way to go. I am doing this for a long time, as in like speaking. I kinda have an idea of what I want to say in the morning. And honestly all what I am doing everyday is what have happened in my life in the last 24 hours. That’s really what I decide to talk on. You learn so many things everyday.

The deal is this, to get a patient, to get a new person to know, like and trust you, you know how long it takes? Do you know how long it takes for someone to come into physical therapy and actually trust you? To exchange money with you? It is a massive investment in people. Usually when you are doing that through email, through going to a doctor’s office, or whatever. It takes a long time. LIVE video shows people exactly who you are. If you guys got an email from me, the transcription of everything that I just said. Would it be as powerful as you seeing me in my home. You see me in my game room. It is so easy to get people Like and Trust. LIVE video has allowed people to know, like and trust me so much quicker.

LIVE video with having a Facebook business page – my regular business page (Physical Therapy Business page) has 600 fans which is pretty good for a physical therapy page. These are people that know us and we see each other like three times a week. My Physical Therapy Builder page that I have been doing LIVE video on, I have as of this morning 640 Likes in three weeks. Because people know me.

Know, Like, and Trust. That’s the key.

Pretend you are the boss when you are in there. And you have confidence on those questions. Go through it. Don’t fly by it. You take every time you need. You got it.

The FIVE things successful PT practice owners always do….

Every PT practice owner understands the importance of marketing.


However, successful practice owners take it one step (or five steps) further.


Here are FIVE things that successful PT / OT practice owners always do:


  1. They have more than one marketing campaign in place at any given time. They are not dependent on physician referrals. They don’t sit back and relax; they are constantly in forward motion with concurrent campaigns.


  1. Their staff is in touch with patients consistently, whether it’s email newsletters, or phone calls, or letters. They market directly to the consumer (and do it very well).   They don’t simply tell the public they are physical therapists. They educate the consumer why they are ‘different’ and ‘better’.


  1. They are masters of delegation and hiring. They delegate tasks others can do, and motivate staff to rally behind them. They are good leaders.


  1. Their revenue is diversified – they integrate additional business models (massage, wellness, laser, etc.) for ‘revenue cushioning’ to minimize dependence on payers. In fact, a significant amount of their revenue comes from ‘non-traditional’ sources.


  1. They commit to self-improvement and are always willing to learn. In other words, they don’t have an ego, and they acknowledge that they can improve.


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How to Run Your Own Physical Therapy Practice in Less Than 2 Years

I had a goal coming out of school to have a private practice in five years. I thought that I was going to get an MBA first and then I will have a practice because in my mind, well that’s what you needed right? You need to have a Masters in Business or you need some type of degree that is teaching you those things. That is as far from the truth as possible.


I did not get a Masters in Business. I learned a lot of things the hard way but there are many resources out there that can teach you a lot of the things that have been able to get my practice to where is now which is three consecutive years of generating over 1 million dollars in net revenue and at the time of this video we’re up 40% from last year.

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These are the things that you need. I am a consultant and I do have online academies that help people go through all of these things step by step but I am going to give you guys the 7 to 8 steps that you truly need to understand in order for you to have a private practice. The quicker you understand the quicker you can do it. You can do it in less than two years or you can take it in ten. But now that I have gone through ups and downs and I know the steps.


Step 1)  You have to have solid confidence of what you are doing; you have to have a massive belief that what you are doing can bring value to others. Enough belief to where your passion shows a bit more than your typical physical therapist. That’s not really hard to do because most work for others and just working in an environment that is not really too exciting for them so they really don’t show passion, so that’s not really hard for you to be able to do that but you need to invest in yourself. You are going to personal development, you are going to need to fill in all of the things that will build up your emotional intelligence. When I say that, your ability to be able to influence others, patients, other people in the community and really want them to be able to do business with you. That’s huge. That’s a really big deal.


2.) I would say is you have to have clear and specific goals to get to that level. If you want a private practice out of school, you can do it. I know people that have done private practice right out of school. If you want it 5 years out of school, you can do it but you have to have clear goals. You have to have someone that can sit down and help you with aligning – this is what I need to do, this is where I want to be, this is exactly the things that you are going to need to do to get to that point.


3), I would say, especially if you don’t have a cash-based clinic – you are going to do insurance like I have done, you need to understand the industry in and out with regard to insurance. You need to understand all of the things that go along with the insurance-based facility. You need to know insurances, you need to know ways to get on panels, you need to know what insurance is paying what in your area, you need to know the red tape that you are going to go through. You need to know that stuff in and out. You have to know that. That’s a huge thing.


Watch the video: How to Run Your Own Physical Therapy Practice in Less than 2 Years

I would say the next thing is marketing and I say it then but actually it should be the most important but you are going to have to know a couple of things, to know where people’s attention is at. If you want to be a physician-based clinic that gets referrals from physicians which I don’t recommend as your primary source. But you need to know where patients are at, you need to know how to get patients to do more than just formal physical therapy, and you need to know where the community’s attention at, and then you need to own that space. You need to learn how to totally dominate that space. There was a good amount of time with no physician referrals and I would have gone out of business if I didn’t have the blogging space. When I get so many patients from Google that’s the reason why I stayed in the business. And the cool thing is that today, I can just have that but I have other things that’s why we are at the level we are at now.

You are going to need to understand how to leverage your patients and integrating health and wellness. It’s not even an option anymore. If you are coming out, you are starting a practice today, if you can’t do that you are in trouble. You are going to be in a lot of trouble. It could be very difficult doing it strictly with insurance. You are going have to learn how to integrate health and wellness into your facility from day one because it is really more of a mindset for preparing your patients to go into that.

I would say after that you are going to have to understand finances. I have always been fairly financially savvy with my own personal finances and it really is not that different in business. I have seen people that have all those things in place but they are so financially reckless that they still go out of business so you are going to have some financial literacy in order to do well.

Clinically, you have to know what people are really looking for because if you could understand that clinically the patient evaluation is probably one of the most important things that is going to set you for everything else, then you are going to do well but you need to have your clinical down path not necessarily from a treatment standpoint but really explaining to people why they are in physical therapy, why you can help them, and where you are going to take them. If you can do that successfully, you are going to do well in patients mistake and then they won’t fall off.

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Finally, you are going to have to learn how to manage what you measure. You are going to have to learn all of the aspects that it takes to run a private practice. You are going to learn not to be afraid of finances. You have to not be afraid of knowing measurements and different metrics. And these things honestly, they are not hard to learn. They are not hard stuffs to learn. The amount of time that many of you that are going into PT school or that have gone to PT school, if you took just 10% of that time and said, “hey I am going to dedicate to learning those things”, you will be fine.

I have created a course that just does that. It was a course that I created on a selfish level that if I ever left my practice, this is the manual that I’d give to the person that going to take over my practice, but anyways, there are so many things out there to teach you those things. But if you know those things, you can open up a private practice in absolutely no time. Do not be fooled that you need some MBA or some other garbage from college. Things change so much in our industry, it can’t keep up with how they teach you in school.

Physical therapy degree, that’s one thing. To learn how to run a business in today’s era, that’s a whole other thing.

Business Owner vs. Employee

I want to talk about the difference with being an Employee and a Business Owner. There is one big thing that you just have to come to understand. If you’re thinking, “gosh, could I own a business one day?”. “Should I be an employee?”. So, let me just explain this. I’m not gonna make this video very long. But it’s really important for people to understand what should make your decisions. Of whether or not you should be an employee for the rest of your life or you should be a business owner. Okay, so let me explain the two differences:

Alright, as an employee – right? It doesn’t matter whether you are for checkers. It don’t matter if you are from McDonalds. Don’t matter if you are a physical therapist, you’re a doctor, whatever. It doesn’t matter. If you’re an employee for the rest of your life, you are going to exchange your time for money. I go to my office – let’s just say I didn’t own the business – I go to my office, I treat a patient, I get paid either per patient or per hour. I give them my time and I get money. Okay, nothing necessarily wrong with that. For me, I didn’t want that for my whole life. I’m okay with putting in work on the front end, and not necessarily getting paid for it but on the back end now my money makes more money – for me. So I have time now. I have time to wake up at 8 o’clock and go on Periscope. And before I have five consulting calls this afternoon, take the Mrs off for breakfast, checked in with some of my staffs, do whatever. But for me, like you know – I have to consult all this afternoon. But that’s the difference. You guys understand that? Please, if you understand that, let me know. Because there is a huge difference as an employee, you will always exchange your time for money. You will always look at, okay well, like if you love what you do – fantastic. Then you don’t care. Like you don’t mind if you’re working all day or if you’re home ‘coz you love what you’re doing. That’s why I say it’s so important. But, when you are a business owner, in the beginning you’re going to work really hard and you won’t get a lot of money. In many cases, you’re gonna sometimes invest money. Many times, you don’t have to invest anything. And the world of business change so much. And where before, you would have to come up with all this money to open up the business. That’s not the truth anymore. Like, you could be right here on a livestream – whether it’s YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live. And if you have something that you can help people with, you could put it in your Profile and say “Hey! I can help you with that.” And as long as those people trust you, they can go by their thing and you can make money and you have a business.

That’s called you give a little bit time in the beginning, but now people are going to buy whatever it is that you have and you’re gonna make money whether you are doing something for them or not because you are already putting the time. I don’t think a lot of people understand that. I don’t think a lot of people truly understand the difference with being an employee and a business-owner. And that’s the reason why for me even though I am very passionate about physical therapy, I also am very passionate about my time. I have a wife, I have four children. We have a very close family culture. Not just theirs but my staff as well. I like to spend time and invest time with all of those people. Because they are all of my family. So, I need not to be a slave to exchanging time for money. Does that makes sense? I hope it does. Because that’s what I want to let you guys know today. At some point, if you don’t want to exchange time for money, you’re gonna have to look into business ownership.

I just finished creating my seventh course now in the last five to six months – online course. I show physical therapist how to become little mini business owners without doing it the traditional way. By selling the things that they are already knowledgeable at but they don’t even realize that people need that. So that’s what I do. But in order to create those courses, it was a lot of time on the front end. But I’ll wake up in the morning and two people bought my course and I just made like a thousand dollars. While I’m sleeping – and I didn’t even sleep long yesterday. So, that what is called business guys. That’s business. Now, when I was working hours after hours in the beginning and there was no money coming in, I had to believe on what it is that I was doing in order to keep on doing that because some people say, “you’re insane. You’re doing all this work and there’s no money coming in.” But I know how business works.

Understand the difference between and employee and a business owner. Employee – you are going to exchange time for money for the rest of your life. A business owner – you’re going to put in a lot of time on the front end but eventually your money will just continue to make you money.

I have been a business owner from the age of twenty-seven. And I didn’t even understand that when I became a business owner. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just knew I just got to try to treat patients and be on my own schedule. But I didn’t really understand that. And I think the one thing I want to leave you guys with today is understanding that you don’t have to have some traditional – “okay I gotta have to get a $50,000 loan.” Well, you can literally open up a business today for a $150. Get license in whatever state you’re at. And you can have a business like online businesses that works at right now.

Consistency is the Key to Success

There are no shortcuts. There is no overnight success. There isn’t. Now, you might have breakthroughs, but there is no overnight success. Let me explain why is it important.

I have been doing Facebook ads for my company for about a year and a half. Worked great. Been fantastic. But I know up to recently, I got an access in an interview with Therapy Insiders. They did an interview with me Tuesday night. And they are like, “All we see is you Facebook ads about “Six Ways to Six Figures”. I purposely have not been in the PT game dealing with PTs throughout my career. I’d like you to go to my facebook page and you’ll see that I just put up a video with me and my partner at the clinic blabbing coming up with a brand new Fitness Program that we’re going to launch this Summer.

I said, “Hey, let’s just go LIVE real quick and let’s talk in a video” and you can see from here that we have been doing these stuff for twelve years. We have been laughing for twelve years. We’ve been grinding for twelve years. It doesn’t matter how successful we get. We’re still always constantly learning, constantly changing, constantly evolving all the time. It’s consistency. So now when people see my Facebook ad, and they went like, “Who is this guy saying Six Ways to Six Figures? Let me go see if I can check him out. The cool thing is you can go to my Physical Therapy Builder page, go to, you can go to my personal Facebook page “Gregg Todd” and you could go back month after month , year after year, to when I started Facebook in 2009. And you can see that I am consistent. I’ve been saying the same message for nine years. Ten years doing the same thing over and over again. You know what that does? That gives me instant credibility. It’s almost like you’ve known me for 8-9-10 years in less than five minutes.

As you start building your brand, as you start building your reputation, don’t worry that you don’t have a hundred followers, two thousand friends on Facebook or fifteen hundred followers on Instagram or nine hundred subscribers or a thousand subscribers in YouTube. You don’t worry about that. What you want is when you pop. Can people see, “Is that the second video that you just did?” or “Is that your thirty second video that you did?”. Which one is it? Because if it’s your second video, that means this guy is starting. You have to understand that in the beginning you to plant the seeds. In the beginning, it’s all about laying out the soil. It’s all about doing over and over again and you’re not gonna getting any love.

I think I have done a 168 broadcast. I have had at least ten days words with “zero”. And I am just here talking to myself like, “Yes!”. Because I know, I just believed. Somebody’s gonna see this. Somebody’s gonna want this. There’s gotta be somebody out there that needs a little jolt of energy. So even when I had zero and I could just have stayed on Facebook, and I could have just done my thing. But no, I knew that people needed this. I needed to build credibility anyway. So when somebody come on Periscope and they see me and when they go to YouTube and say, “Wow, that makes sense.” You know the first thing that they want to see? Is he a fraud. And then they’ll go and they check me out. And on YouTube they will see, “Wow, those got over 300 videos?” And on Periscope they can see, “Crap, this one has over 165 broadcast?” Or they can go on Facebook and they see, “Crap, he’s got over 250 videos?” That’s what I want you guys to do. Keep consistent. Keep consistent even nobody is following. Just keep consistent. You owe it to yourself.

The first step is taking the first step. Yes, that is so true guys. You just gotta take that first step. Then once you take it, you gotta keep on going step over step. You gotta build the momentum. You gotta build the consistency. It’s hard to be consistent. That is a habit. You either have a habit of being an inconsistent person – that’s always quitting. Or you have a habit of being consistent. And all you want to do is to create that habit – being consistent. But you can’t get obsessed with like, “oh my nobody is listening” You can’t worry about that. You owe it to yourself to be consistent.

The first two companies that I started consulting for, it’s two completely different stories. The first one that I consulted for is when I first got the original iPad. And they have this cool medial app. But there are stuffs on it that was wrong and I went to contact the developers (way back 2009) I basically contacted the company and say, “Hey, you have some stuffs wrong here. Your app is amazing but some of the stuffs are wrong.” And they responded back saying, “Who are you?”. I said, “I am a physical therapist located in the Tampa Bay area. I love your app but you guys have to fix some of these things because I am showing these to patients.” So they called me and we started talking and they liked my vibe and they said, “Hey, we are working on a new project, something that you would be interested in.” Their company is in Dublin, Ireland and I say, “I can’t come to Ireland, sir. But just give me the info on it.”

Basically, that’s how they found me. I end up doing all the – every single muscle in the body – I know because I’m a Physical Therapist. It took me about four weeks. And that was my first real consulting gig. And after that there was a private practice company that I was affiliated with. And they gave me the opportunity to speak and she told me, “I’ll give you one opportunity. If you suck, I am not asking you to come back. But if you’re good, I’ll have you go to three more seminars.” I did my first one, I nailed it. She asked me to go to three more seminars and then my name just started to get around the place. Then I started getting consulting gigs from private practice owners. Back in those days, I was just building my company through my blog and through my website. And that was totally different from what everybody is doing. And now, I got a lot of gigs because of social media. Like, a lot from social media. You can look and see that I have lot and tons of credibility. How many PTs are good going live?

Everybody thinks that I am watering down PT but I am not. This is where it’s at. The first person these companies will call to is me. Because they know that I can communicate well. They know that I can simplify things well. They know I am a good teacher. And they know that I don’t have problem talking to masses of people. So that’s why they come to me. It’s just that now, I can only affiliate myself with one company. I can’t be working with all of these companies and they show me their business strategies and their quarterly things that they’re trying to do. And then I go over to another company and it makes it very difficult. I know there is massive opportunities for you guys. You just have to get good at it first.

Don’t ask any company to consult for you and you can’t explain things and you are scared in front of the camera. Or you are scared to talk business. You may get good money. My first consulting gig, I made $5,000. I was crazy. I did the project over a period of time but a five grand was my first one. You guys have to get good on those areas. In PT, they don’t really train you to get good at those areas. Life after plain PT, he’s already a step ahead of everybody because he’s doing stuffs like these constantly. So going to perfect his craft. So, he’s probably one of the frontrunners of the new therapists to get consulting gigs when his time comes.

When I am talking to a company, they hear my passion about PT. They hear my story. You can go on my site and see I am always loving my patients. I’m loving all my patients. That’s why it is important. I feel a lot for you guys because you guys have environments that you’re working in where you’re with other passionate PTs, that’s why I’m trying to make a community of it. Because that’s how companies should be like, “okay, I want to work with you. I want to work with this guy. I want this guy to endorse my stuff. Let me see if I can get him believe in my stuff and that’s the type of guy who is in the field” Do you want to know why my talk was rated the highest? My talk resonates because I’m a PT. I’m you. Garry can’t do that. He might have passion. He might have this, he might have that. But I can talk your story. I can tell you the same damping journey you are in right now. I can guarantee you, I went through it too. I remember the first day in my internship and it took me right hour to finish an
I know that story.

The companies are looking for someone that can identify what the people are trying to hit but that loves their stuff and great communication skills.

The biggest thing that you could do for yourself is get good at communicating with people. Get good at LIVE streaming. Listen, this is what I want you guys to do. I know LIVE streaming could seem petrifying, like really scary. If it makes you feel better, when you do your first live stream, just put @gregtoddpt. I’ll listen to it. The first five people that do a LIVE stream, have guts to do LIVE stream – aim your title, you put @gregtoddpt it will notify me either myself or my assistant will then look at it and we will actually share it on your behalf. So, we’ll share it. The first five people that do it, we’ll share to all of my followers. I just want to encourage you guys to do that.

Listen, I don’t think people are necessarily looking for dudes like me. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I listen to people. When I was doing LIVE stream, I just want real authentic people. I don’t want people to mess up. It’s okay. That’s why LIVE is so important.

The quickest way to grow your clientele is to use social media. The tool to use in social media is you. I want to see you, with your camera, with the tripod, in your salon, with passion about what you have going on. Show people what you have going on. You might have a one client yet. But you gotta show them your vision. Why would you even open up a salon if you don’t have vision? I know you got vision. You gotta let people know. And you know what is so cool? You can take that one video, you could put it in your Facebook Business Page, and you could push that to exactly who your ideal clientele is. Facebook allows you to do that. Is is a white, black, asian, hispanic. Between age of 25 to 45, 55 to 75. That’s in to this, that. Earns this amount of money, that amount of money.

Go grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and say, “Who’s my ideal client?” And you should be able to sit down and say these are my ideal clients. And guess what? Facebook will allow you to go right directly to that ideal client. But they want to see a video of you, not a picture, but a video. Because I can tell you right now, I’m not a chick, but when I’m going to a salon I want to go to a warm environment. Show it to me on video. You don’t need a big camera. You get your phone and do it.

Back in the day you don’t have those things, but now you have it. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be busy. If you want your video to tight and want get better but you’re still using your phone, I didn’t think you need to do that, I still look at my videos on YouTube that have fifteen, sixteen, eighteen thousand views, twenty plus thousand views. All of them are like to getto. There’s no tripod, there’s like music in the background, like my daughter has a finger over the lense. People don’t care, people care about your message, they care about what you got to offer.

Not Giving Up: The Most Amazing Story of Perseverance!

I believe in not giving up.

This girl came in to my office and said “hey, do you need extra help at your clinic because I finished my internship and they don’t need me as much anymore at Saddlebrook?

I told her “No, I don’t think I need you, but thanks.”

She came back again and again…and I finally told her, “you know, maybe I could use a little help cleaning the tables.”

One day she asked me “How do you work with these tennis players and travel with them?” and I said, “You have to be a physical therapist, because that’s what they want. Players want someone that can travel with them, that can work on them, rehab them, and that can help with all their strength training.” She said to me, “Okay. I am going to be a physical therapist. What does it take?”

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She went back to school and did the prerequisites needed to apply to a PT program. Julie applied to University of South Florida, and guess what – she didn’t get in. Next year, she applied again – and got denied again. Then she applied to the University of St. Augustine – full time program.

Denied again.

Did she gave up? Nope.

You think she wanted to give up? Yeah, she did.

But she didn’t.

Julie applied again to University of St. Augustine’s hybrid program where it was half-online and traditional learning. On her fifth try of getting into school, Julie finally got in.

No giving up.

She passed her classes over the next four years and she got through it. She went to all of her internships and in duly fashion she nailed it. Every single one of her internships offered her a job right on the spot because they were like, “you are basically a ten year therapist.”


After finishing her internships and having multiple job offers, she decided that she wanted to come back to Renewal Rehab. She said to me that, “I want to finish what I started here!” So, I gave her a job offer and all we had to do was have her passed the board exam… simple right? 

Not Giving up Greg and Julie

A year and a half ago, January of last year (2015), I offered her a job. She did her boards and we both thought it was a done deal. I actually put her on the schedule 2 weeks later…just waiting for her pass results and license to come in.

She failed her exam. Not once, not twice or 3 times…. but 4 times. 


The entire team was devastated.


We came up with a plan. I told her, “of the jobs that you had, why don’t you get rid of this job here first and study like you have never studied before.” “You’re going to be a PT; you’re going to do this for the next thirty plus years.” “all you’re going to do is when you are going to that board exam and when you finish, you won’t have any regrets.” “twenty years from now, when you are not a PT, you are going to say ‘I have no regrets because I gave it everything I had.’”


She drove down to Miami to take her board exam. And on the final try, she passed her board exam with flying colors.

And that my friends, is NOT  giving up.


The Key to Success is Perseverance!

You can call that perseverance.

That my friends, is reality.

If you want to hear the story about everything going perfect for everyone and you get these great opportunities and everything just works out perfect – go ahead and read a fairy tale book.

But reality is that. It might not be failing three times for you; it might not be getting rejected to school four times. It’s about not giving up. It’s about continuing to fight for yourself. It’s about getting knocked down over and over again, and getting your ass up and you keep on going. You might be dealing with a family issue, a job issue, a health issue… the fact is we all get knocked down. It’s about getting back up.

What we dreamed about eight and a half years ago, started in May 2016. Four of the first five months of her being our head PT, we have had record breaking months and she is thriving as a new grad!

I know she is going to be amazing because she doesn’t give up. Her patients aren’t going to give up. I know her story, I know that she is someone who has character.

If you got rejected from PT school, a friend or family member, you have a health issue, or if someone just passed away you don’t give up.

You keep on going, and you keep on fighting.

Break the Cycle

I just found a way to make it happen. I could have done it earlier – but I just wasn’t mentally ready. I was getting in my own way. At the end of the day, sometimes when you want to do things that you are dreaming about, you have to get out of your own way and you have to break the cycle.

My wife and I have been married for 15 years, and coming into the marriage we had baggage.
We had baggage from the things that we saw other married people do whether it was our parents or someone else. We decided when we were going to do life together, that we were going to break the cycle. Whether it was a cycle of verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or whatever – we will break the cycle.


As a PT, I just broke the cycle of always having to feel like a servant to another group of providers/physicians. Now, I am just trying to help others break the cycle as well. Honestly, that is just a decision that YOU have to make.

My brother told me a story a few years back, that always resonated with me.

There are these two guys that are walking down the street and they hear this old man crying.

One of the guys looks over and says, “Why is that guy crying?”

The other guy said, “Because he has a nail stuck in his foot.”

And the other guy said, “Why won’t he get up?”

And the other guy said, “It doesn’t hurt him that bad enough yet.”

-Ain’t that the truth?

You only break the cycle when it hurts bad enough.


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I was talking to somebody about this because there was this thread in a Facebook PT networking group, about how non-clinical people that have MBAs are telling physicians and Physical Therapists how to treat patients…. and the therapists in the Facebook group were complaining about it.

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But I am like, “Hey, at the end of the day, it obviously doesn’t hurt you bad enough.”

In 2004, when I had to deal with that same nonsense, it hurt me bad enough. It made me so angry that I wanted to change more than I wanted to stay the same.

So when somebody says to me, “I cannot open my own PT place.”

I say, “No, it just doesn’t hurt you bad enough.”

When somebody says to me, “I can’t run my own online fitness groups.”

I say, “Nope, it’s just not hurting you bad enough.”

“It’s hard for me to get along with my girlfriend.”

I say, “No, it’s just not hurting you bad enough.”

“It’s really difficult for me to put my kids first over my career.”

I say, “Nope, it just doesn’t hurt bad enough.” the consequences haven’t been there yet.

In order for me to make the changes that I had to make with my health, I had to be at rock bottom.

When you get to the point where the pain to stay the same is greater than the pain to change, it’s no problem – you’ll change. That’s how you break the cycle.

PT and Entrepreneurship

When I was a physical therapist, in 2003-4, that was around the time when I was working with men’s and women’s tennis players and I was doing some pretty cool stuff clinically. I used to have patients coming to the office that I would work at, and they would see us doing these really cool things with tennis players or with people that live in the local community. Patients (usually business men or women would say to us, “you guys should do this, this, and this type of program. ” and I would be like, “huh? Why can’t we just treat patients? What is he/she talking about?”

Those people were what we call serial entrepreneurs.

Those are people that see an opportunity – they see a problem, or they see something that you’re doing very well and they see opportunity in it.

Watch the Video: PT and Entrepreneurship


I have been a PT for sixteen years…

I was not born as a serial entrepreneur. I am a PT. I got into this to treat patients. When you are in PT school, they are teaching you how to treat patients and pass your board exam. That’s all they are teaching you to do. But until you learn entrepreneurship, then you actually don’t really know how to capitalize on all the things you learn in PT school. It’s a different era now. PT doesn’t cost $12,000 for the entire program…it’s a big investment to day.

It’s not an option anymore to be just a physical therapist. You have to be an entrepreneur. I am not saying you have to have a business, such as the four-walled clinics like I do. But, I am saying that you have to start thinking in ways that you could use the knowledge that you have to help others in many ways other than your typical twenty five year PT. 

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The hardest thing for me when I got in PT school was just getting in. It wasn’t about money; my PT courses were like 40 dollars per credit. It’s different now – and although it’s expensive, there’s massive opportunity. It’s the best musculoskeletal solution for people. But you can’t look at your employer who’s been a twenty or twenty five year PT, who spent ten grand and already made their money for them to leading the entrepreneurial charge. You can’t look at them like that, because they’re not going to. If you are waiting for your employer to do that, you are screwed. It’s not going to happen. They don’t need to. They are not in the same situation that you are in. So, let’s stop crying about it – and let’s do something about it.

In 10 days, I will be offering 4 days of our pre-launch to our course to teach you entrepreneurship as a physical therapist. I will be offering a discount to all of my students that are pre-registered for the course. We have 49 people on the list and I highly recommend you do the same if you are serious about opening up the ability to be more than just a PT that bills units.

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I have four students in my course for Smart Success that are not even PTs yet but they totally get it because being a PT and being an entrepreneur are totally two different things. I learned how to be an entrepreneur after I became a PT. I wish I could have learned how to be an entrepreneur when I was becoming a PT. You have to learn it at some point. Don’t think that entrepreneurship is just having four walls of a clinic. You could have a little online business with the skills that you have right now. You have to learn entrepreneurship – the mindset, the structure, on how to bring the people in that you can serve with your physical therapy skills.