What is your expertise?

Over the last six months, besides me speaking and doing my stuffs in clinics, I’m have created courses to train Physical Therapists on How to Become Business Owners. How to become marketable. How to do it the way I did it. And I am an expert at that. Here’s the thing that I want to tell you today. The course platform that I use is a system called Kajabi. I am in a private group in Facebook that basically helps me and my team with explaining how to use this online platform to create online courses. Let me tell you something I’ve seen since being in that group this year.

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The people that have Kajabi – there’s people out there that’s teaching people  how to put on a makeup – their experts in makeup. There’s people that are experts in how to setup your house.  There’s people that are experts in so many different things that you would think are so trivial. There’s a little boy that is selling courses on how to play Minecraft. There are people that are selling courses on how to play Madden. There are people that have courses on how to win in  Mortal Kombat..and they’re making a killing. I want you to think this morning,

“What are you an expert at?”

Watch the Video: What is your Expertise?

Let me explain what an expert is because in the medical field, we tend to think that experts are people that have only major certifications; you have to have degrees – and that’s not true. The people that make the most money believe they do something different than everybody else. People will pay for that.

The things that I offer from a business standpoint, a marketing standpoint or physical therapy standpoint, well that’s just the way that Greg does it. Because I have success in that area, you purchase or pay to do it my way.  I truly believe now that I have seen this for myself. I’ve seen people that do so many different things – they call themselves experts in yoga, in fitness, in whatever. I truly believe with all my heart – every single person is an expert in something. There’s something that you do that you do in a certain way – that is just different and unique in the way that you do it. I believe every single one of you could do something today. That you do something a little bit differently than anybody else and there are people out there that want it the way YOU do it.

One of the companies that I work for – it’s called Complete Anatomy, an anatomy app that I use to explain conditions. I’ll put a link for those of you in the medical field – so you can get that app for 20% off.

But I want you to think about this today; think about what you are an expert in. Just think about it for a second? Maybe it might take you five minutes to figure it out. Maybe it might take you five hours. But I’m telling you right now, every single one of you – you’re an expert in something.  Keep that in mind.

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What do you love to do?

Ask yourself this, “If money wasn’t an issue – I could do this throughout the day” Is there something out there that you could do that allows you to get paid for that you truly enjoy? Here’s the deal, passion sells. And people can tell when you’re not really interested in the things that you are talking about. I highly recommend you guys do the thing that you are passionate about.  There’s too many people that are just existing and they’re just doing something for a paycheck and they just won’t progress because they really don’t like it. People buy you and they buy passion.

You’re going to have to work regardless…. so whether you are a business owner like me and I put in a lot of work on the front end and I am reaping a lot of the benefits now. Or you are an employee and you’ve got to work everyday. It doesn’t matter. You still got to work.Work takes up a good portion of your life. Why are you going to do something that you hate for half of your life? Why are you going to do something that you are going to do five days a week that you hate just to get two days off on the weekends? It just doesn’t make sense. Do the thing that you love. There’s ways to get paid to do the things that you are passionate about. I guarantee you, you will stand out by doing that.


You are an EXPERT!

Keys to Success

Today I want to talk about the keys to success. There are two major keys to success. The first one is the environment. Who are you around? Who are you surrounding yourself with? If you look at professional sports teams that are winning, but may not be champions, they display all their accomplishments. But, if the organization is a winning team, all they put up are their winning banners. The difference is the environment. The expectations.
Are you around people whose expectations are so low that if you do things half assed, they look at you like you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread? The environment of people you are around is actually so low that you start to tell yourself that you are doing pretty good. I am around people that aren’t so great, so I look pretty good. That is not how it is going to work, if you want to make it big. You have to put yourself around solid people that are constantly trying to elevate themselves. That is what draws and attracts people to my business. It is not the money. It is the environment. They are going to be around people that have made it to the highest level in their field. That is what attracts people to work for my company. ENVIRONMENT.

Number two, Self-control. Yesterday I was at church and the message was a lot about financial stuff and self-control. Everyone believes you have to make a lot of money to be able to make it big. The truth is, that is not how it works. Would people do the things I did early on in my career to get to where I am now? For example, my first job when I moved to Tampa was an hour and a half away from here. I had just saved up enough money to purchase our new home and we wanted to get furniture. My car broke down right there on the bridge. We could have bought another car, but we realized we wanted to sacrifice for other goals. so while living in the first house we had one car for a year and a half. I was working an hour and a half away. We shared a car with a new baby. People couldn’t understand what we were doing. They said they would have bought a new car. But we didn’t because we wanted to save up for other things. That lead us to other opportunities to do things for the business, I had the money. I had the resources. If I want to go on a big vacation, I don’t go unless I have the money. It is self-control. That is what I have been able to build over time. Self -control has kept me faithful to my wife. Self-control is what has allowed me to stay loyal to my workers, my business associates. Self-control and your environment. Those are the two keys to understand. If you can understand those two things, you can make it big. If you can do it, you talk to me. Those are the types of people I want affiliated around me. I want people with self-control. People who are willing to change their environment and are committed to making it big.

APTA PPS Annual conference 2015: Day 3

I’m overwhelmed… What happened yesterday was nothing short of amazing. Day 3 of the APTA PPS Annual conference 2015.
This was my first time speaking at PPS annual conference. I’ve never spoke on a stage this big… My speaking has been pretty much relegated to crowds of 60 to 80 people when lecturing at universities.
This was hundreds… And it was a group that I wasn’t sure on how they were going to accept my message.

As I told you guys in my previous blog on Thursday, I was really floored by how the crowd responded to Gary Vanyerchuck. You could hear pins and needles in the room when he was speaking. And to me, that guy is basically the Michael Jordan of social media and the art of the hustle.
Luckily, I got a good night’s sleep, and I wasn’t thinking about the talk at all. I woke up at my typical 5 AM time… But after about 20 or 30 minutes I was able to go back to bed. I slept until a little bit after 8 AM.

at APTA PPS Annual conference 2015

My staff is amazing… They did a video encouraging me and wishing me well for my talk this morning. I was just totally floored. I just realized how much they love me and I realized how blessed I am to have such amazing people to be part of our team.


APTA PPS Annual conference 2015
I went downstairs, sat in a lecture in the main ballroom, and then I started getting set up for my talk.
It’s hard to grade yourself on how you spoke… But I can tell you this… I wasn’t even nervous. I didn’t have that crackling in my voice like I usually do for the first minute or two… I just started out ready to go.
My talk went for 1 hour and 30 minutes on how I’ve use technology to grow my practice and to make incredible first impressions on my patients.

APTA PPS Annual conference 2015
APTA PPS Annual conference 2015

Even though the talk finished at 12 PM… I had to stay around for an additional two hours and answer questions. From what everyone told me, it was the most engaging talk of the entire conference and I had multiple people come up to me and tell me that it was the best talk of the entire conference.
You want to hear the irony of this?

Two years ago, I submitted a proposal to PPS on talking on this exact subject with this same material… And they declined it. So the moral of the story is it’s all about timing… And not giving up.

APTA PPS Annual conference 2015
I had many people come up to me after the conference, and I basically could leave my job (which I’m not going to) and be a full-time consultant today if I wanted to… But the person I remember the most that came up to me after I finished was a lady by the name of Lisa Chase.

We actually met the night before at the last talk of the evening, and it was more of a roundtable discussion… and the both of us were pretty animated in what we thought about the proposal of what they were doing.  She just had this feisty spark about her, and it reminded me of how I am.
We chatted briefly, and I told her that I actually would be speaking the next day and she decided that she would come.
So when she came to me after my talk… I specifically remembered who she was, but when I looked down and saw that she was from St. Petersburg Florida, and I saw her name, something just clicked in my brain. We actually worked together on the WTA tour!!!

It was so awesome for us to catch up… She was the person that I would report to when I was doing different treatments on some of the top WTA players that I had to work with.
So anyways… We ended up having dinner together last night… And we were able to catch up on so many things, as well as have discussions on ways that we could grow her practice. It was probably the highlight of the conference for me, because when you find physical therapists that are like-minded and they really have their intentions in the right area… All you want to do is see them do as well as you.

APTA PPS Annual conference 2015
So honestly… After that, I went up to my room, I got a few more texts from different people wanting to speak to me about consulting for them, and I just told everyone that I would get back to them tomorrow. I was exhausted mentally… And I just wanted to go to my room and take a nap.

There was a big dinner at 7 PM,  and I slept through the entire thing. I woke up around 10:30PM, went to shower, came back to my bed called my wife and kids to tell them that I was going to go to sleep.
It’s now 5:30 AM Saturday morning, and I’ve decided to just blog about this so I can reflect on it a little bit… and then pack my stuff and drive back to Tampa in time for my son’s soccer game this morning.

I know he’s going to be so excited… Because he thought I wasn’t going to be there this week.

OK… That’s all for now… Everyone have a great weekend! APTA PPS Annual conference 2015 Rocks.

The Power of Social Media!! The “Uber” Story!​

I find all my new employees via web or social media. That’s how they all find me. We rarely have issues with staff and/or interns volunteers because you can vet us out before you even step foot in our place. It’s either for you or not. Leveraging the power of social media. Check out below on how Uber got started.

The Power of Social Media in a Tweet

The Billion Dollar Tweet - power of social media

Please read this!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a tweet Travis Kalanick sent in January 2010. The reply from Ryan Graves happened 3 minutes later. That tweet was worth over a billion dollars.

January 2010 was the month Travis was doing a test run with 3 cars in New York for a mobile app that he and his friend, Garrett Camp, had just created.

They had decided it was time to start a company around the app and, needing to find a General Manager to run it, Travis took to Craigslist and Twitter looking for the right person.

Ryan’s reply to Travis came as he was looking for something new. He had some experience at GE, and had worked for Foursquare for a while for free after the company turned him down for a job. He was ready for a new opportunity – and took a chance with this tweet.

Travis replied back, they met, they hit it off, and Ryan joined Travis and Garrett on March 1st as their first hire.

With their new company started, the three of them then invited all their friends to demo the product and they officially launched in San Francisco just 3 months later on May 31st.

That was five years ago.

This week, the team that started with that tweet has built their company, Uber, into a company that is currently valued at over $60 billion (they just announced another funding round of $2 billion this week http://bit.ly/ubers-next-2-billion).

Today, Travis and Ryan are worth over $6 billion, and that tweet from Ryan (who today is Uber’s Head of Global Operations) began a journey which has made him a billionaire today as well.

How are you using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube today?

As a wall of content? As a broadcasting tool?

Or, like Travis and Ryan, as a way to find the resources, connections and opportunities you need when you need them?

Depending on how you use it, social media can make you feel apart from everyone, or one step to anyone.

It can overwhelm you, or empower you.

It can be a time waster, or a time saver.

“Never confuse motion with action.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

What do you need or who can you help today? It may just be a tweet away.

Of course, there is no promise that one connection or one tweet will result in you making a billion dollars or impacting a billion lives. Using the power of social media in best possible way is when you create a positive effect to people.

But there is no promise it won’t either.

Private Practice in a Nutshell – Starting a Company

Private Practice: Company of Physical Therapist

I think it’s important for people to know what our company is about. The clearer I present what we embody as a company, the less drama I have had to endure with people –  a private practice with clear goals. I don’t receive dud applications anymore. We attract people like us, because it’s clear what we stand for as a company.

Our motto is healing people, changing lives, transforming bodies.

We empower all of our patients. We use state-of-the-art technology to educate our patients. This will provide useful information about their physical therapy condition. By doing this, they can understand everything we can do as their therapists to better themselves and to accelerate the rehab process. We also use technology to leverage our communication with our patients. Whether that be via social media, text messaging, or email campaigns, they have total access to their therapist during treatment and non-treatment days. Because of this, the patients view of a physical therapist is now elevated. They see our ability to explain their conditions in ways they have never experienced. We rapidly gained the respect of the patient within that first visit.

Our goal for our patient is to have them better than they were pre-injury. That’s why we have programs for patients who have completed their physical therapy treatment plan. We offer additional services that promote personal changes in their lifestyle. This will positively impact their overall health and quality-of-life. We offer several options for these type clients. It can involve both fitness and nutritional programs within or outside of our facility.

The energy that is in our facilities is electric and palpable. Our staff live to the healthy lifestyle to be the example our patients need . We have crazy energy daily in our clinics. Couple that with the awesome atmosphere, the music, and TVs. It’s almost like a sports bar atmosphere within an outpatient facility. There’s nothing like it around.  Passion is what makes our company unique in so many ways.