About to Cross the Finish Line

Recently, I had my last day of round two of my 60-day program. My first round, I nailed it. This second round did not go as I planned. My 60 days has taken me 76 days. I have missed workouts, I have traveled, three speaking engagements and launched two courses. I took my wife away and had two months of record breaking for my business. I have hit exhaustion, two weeks ago. I was in the middle of a workout and had to stop it and literally started crying. Then turned it back on and kept going. This is a marathon. Life is a marathon, I do not sprint, I grind and I finish. That is what I do, I finish! If it took me 80 days, I was completing it. my last marathon was in 2009. After that I got sick, but have done four marathons; Disney, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago and San Francisco. I have never run a complete marathon. I have trained for it. I have done a half marathon under an hour, which was about 7 minutes per mile. I have done 5k’s under nineteen minutes. When I was training hard, I never did a marathon in under three hours and fifty minutes. It was a poor time for a guy that was running the speed that I was at. I have never been able to run one the whole way through. There was actually a marathon that I got very sick the night before, I got out there and starting cramping at the twelfth mile. A marathon is 22.6 miles, somehow I found a way to crawl to that finish line. I do not quit. You keep on going regardless of what happens. Crap happens to you. These things are self-inflicted, these things are good, these courses are good. These courses are going to be a blessing to a lot of people, especially Physical Therapists. They are going to learn how to do this career right. But it made other things suffer and one of those things was that I was not on my game as much as I normally am, but I do not quit. You have to learn not to quit! I don’t quit not only for myself. I have a platform; I have a responsibility to people that are watching me. Not just you, but also my family. I have four kids plus an extended family that looks to me for inspiration. If you are a Physical Therapist, you have a responsibility to other people that are looking to you for inspiration. You are promoting a life of health. You have a responsibility every single day and take it very seriously. That is how I have learned my business. Not just on social media for the last four years when media has been blowing up, but have been doing this for 16 years! I have been doing this my whole life. It didn’t just come up. If you are going t be doing a profession like this, then you need to honor your craft. You have to take it seriously and stop quitting. You have to start believing in yourself because you can either be a weapon for good or you can be a weapon for bad. Whether you like it or not, you have influence over people. Finish what you started get to the finish line, no matter what.
You can do anything. It all ties together. Every work out I do and push through gives me inspiration to help other because I didn’t even know I could do it. The human spirit is amazing; we have so much we are capable of. We have a platform as Physical Therapist to inspire others and we aren’t doing it! What is wrong with us? Physical Therapists need to share this with their friends because at the end of the day I see this profession in such disarray right now and feel this is the problem. Someone asked me why I don’t do this live. My mission right now is to stop people from getting into Physical Therapy that don’t need to be in it right now. I see what has happened to people that have a lot of investment into it, they are angry right now. It is not like when I came out of school.My mission is to prevent people from getting into it but also to attract people who want to do more than just have a stable job and get into it. That mission isn’t going to get me a lot of money, I don’t need it. That mission is my mission. So when I get people reaching out to me on social media in high school or college trying to make a career decision I am trying to help them with that decision.