Why Being a Different Physical Therapist Will Explode Your Career

Recently I went on to Google and looked at all the big companies. I am not taking a poop on them, but when I see ATI, SELECT, CORA, nobody has 50 five star reviews. But little ‘ole-GT over here in Tampa Bay has 150 five star reviews. I worked for those companies but something told me at year 4, I don’t want to do this anymore.

The thing is that they are not allowing me to do the things I wanted to do. I want to help people beyond insurance. People’s insurance is finishing quicker and quicker. I just want to help them. It’s frustrating when I can’t finish what I had started.

It’s frustrating when I had to look at somebody  based off of their insurance plan. My peers were like, “That is how we did it; that’s how we have always done it; that’s just the way we do it” I basically said, I am either out or I am getting my own place. I can’t do this anymore.

That was just a mindset shift. I was like, “this is not right”.  You guys are feeling it too.

Nobody wants to deal with that. I should be able to look at someone and know that you want to get well. You have a back injury, a neck injury, a knee injury, a wrist injury, whatever and you just want to get well. Why am I just basing the treatment that I am going to do based on whatever insurance you have?

The mindset in our profession is – that’s just the way that it is; take it or leave it. That’s how we did it; and why did you do it like that – because that’s how my boss did it. And you go to the boss and ask why you do things and they say, “well… that’s what my boss did” DOH!!!!!!

So we are basically doing things from 1964 and not changing. I don’t know, it’s just not cool. It really does take a mindset shift.  And that’s why I have to do this for the profession. I have to show you all and be transparent with what we do because you will see it’s so different how I do it,  but it’s so successful.

We play lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z in our clinic. Most of the people in the clinic don’t look like me but you know what people love? People love that we have this environment that is liberating and that’s free. People love it. Now you tell that to a lot of people in our profession and they say, “You are just unprofessional Gregory”


Let me ask you something professional people, show me your reviews….

Where are they at? That’s why I have to reach out to the younger generation of PTs. I have to do it. I have to show you that it is totally possible and you have to think outside the box.


If you are different, you are going to win


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I want to tell you that, to inspire you all. For all of you to see that it’s totally possible. You know the biggest mindset shift that I talked about yesterday in a DPT group is what  Ben, Aaron, Paul, Jarod and myself are doing….which is working with one another. 

You want to know why I do that? 

The typical mindset in physical therapy is taking a crap on one another. You see that sometimes in the DPT groups. Somebody says something and people just start taking a crap on that person. And there is so much beef and hostility within the profession. “Oh, this person’s technique is stupid…blah blah blah”

I believe in collaboration.

Watch the video here: Why Being a Different Physical Therapist Will Explode Your Career

We as physical therapist  see about 7% of the population that is dealing with musculoskeletal conditions in the United States. 93% are seen by other people. Me, being a physical therapist for the last 16 years, I can tell you that we should be seeing the majority of those people.

The problem is if we don’t know how to market, we don’t know how to communicate with others Click To Tweet There are so many physical therapists out there that have such great ideas and want to say something but they are so afraid of saying it, of putting themselves out there on social media.

They are not afraid of what their friends are going to think; they are afraid of what other physical therapists are going to think. That almost makes me want to cry. It’s like we are kicking each other down. It’s ridiculous.

It costs $25,000 a year and out of the blue this person just went, “I want to mentor you for free because you are doing so great” That’s because that’s my philosophy; it’s my mindset. I always believe that if I just help people regardless of if you are ready to purchase my courses or not, I am going to help you but most of the people in the PT profession don’t believe that. Yes, I am a big believer in karma.

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The big thing I want to tell you is that millennials are the best. Click To Tweet


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The first few months when I have my clinic with hardly any patients, you know what we did?  There were only three patients, so we just played dodgeball. Everybody had a whole lot of fun because that’s what I do. I have a lot of fun. Now, that we have these amazing clinics, guess what we do everyday? Go into the hall right now, you will see my staff just did these crazy pictures and we just have fun all the time. As a leader, I created that and I just want you to see that you can be different. If you are all about the fun, you can do that and still work hard; you can do that together.
And the other thing is this, “okay great now just what being rich or something?” No, it’s not about that. You know what it is about? It’s about me being able to be in a position where I could do the business for the lifestyle, and I can be in a position where I could be working from home, I can be with my four kids,  with my wife, and I can do this for people that aren’t paying me right now and help the future profession and then after that I can pack off for the day at 2:30 and I can take my family to Bahama Breeze. That is why I do what I do.