What Would You Do Different If Your Time Was Limited On Earth?

What if our maker came to you and said, you have 8 months left? Or he came to you and said you have 8 years left on your clock on this earth. Would you do anything different?
I want to give my personal testimony. I was very sick about four years ago; it has been going on for a long time. I contracted a parasite which caused gastrointestinal problems. It came to a screeching halt about 2009 when I got so sick that I had to take time away from my company. It came back again in 2013. I was really having a hard time. I was hospitalized a few times. No matter what medical care I got, it wasn’t working. There were times when I was blacking out. My wife and I began to realize there is a possibility that I may not be around. I did get help. I changed my health habits and my eating and that seemed to make the difference. I remember saying to God, if I can get through this I will do more.
What drives me every day is when I get up, I know tomorrow is not promised. Even though I feel great right now, I am not promised tomorrow. I understand and have a better appreciation that tomorrow is not guaranteed. I constantly remind myself of that and I know if I had another day, there are certain things I would do differently. I would make sure that I kissed my kids and told them I love them every day. I make sure I tell my wife I love her every day, even if we are having a spat or something. I tried to keep that in my internal psyche that nothing is promised. I know that if I had only a few more days left on this earth, I would want to try to help someone and make this place a little bit better than it was before I came along. Today is the day before Halloween and I am letting my staff dress up. I am dressing up too. In the past I would never have dressed up. What if the business is not around next year? It has been around for 10-12 years, but I am not taking anything for granted. I co-hosted my 20-year High School reunion. I would have never done that before getting sick. I wouldn’t have cared. I now have a different perspective on life. It was important for me to get people together and reconnect after so many years.
My point is that you cannot take things for granted. You are not promised anything. I want you to ask yourself about that. It is all about quality, not quantity of time. I know that in my existence I have done more in 38 years than some have in their 78 years. I also know that there are 28 year olds that have done more in their time than I have. At the end of the day, you want your life to be about quality and not about quantity. I want to make the biggest possible impact I can on this earth in whatever time the creator has allotted for me to be here. The only way I can do that is if I get better, if I get more patient, if I get more kind, stronger and more resilient. I need to get better at handling failure so that I can get to success. That is the question I want you to think about today. If your time was coming to an end, would you do things different? If you would, then start on that now.