Do you believe in yourself?

Today is a serious talk.
Do you truly believe in yourself?
I was talking with my daughter and son about someone after soccer today. He is a man of little words but he turned to me and said,” Yes Daddy, you can do anything you want, as long as you are willing to work for it. That is what my 10-year-old said yesterday. I paused and said, Yes, you are right. You can do anything you want as long as you are willing to work for it. He said, Yes, you are living proof of it. He said I know that I can have it too, if I want to work hard for it.
So my question to all of you today is, “Do you believe that”? Do you believe that you can have basically anything you want IF you are willing to work for it?
Honestly, I never believed that as a kid. I had “stinkin’ thinkin”. I was a confident kid overall, but there were certain things that I did not believe. I did not believe that I could have whatever I wanted as a black guy. As a ten-year-old at that time, I just did not believe. It was the thought process that I had from whatever I saw; whatever it is. I don’t blame anybody. I didn’t believe that I had the same opportunity as others of a different color or from the family upbringing others had. I don’t know when it changed for me over time, but all I know is that seeing other people and other experiences and seeing people that looked like me, helped me to start to change. It helped me to believe just a little bit. I started to realize how lucky I was to have my Father in my life and how hard he was working and to be able to provide for my family. It just started to change me. I was 17 years old, senior year in High School and I remember thinking how I wanted to be a Physical Therapist. I believed there were no black Physical Therapists. I remember my father telling me he knew of a black PT and I thought, really? At 17 years old I didn’t believe this. I needed to see that guy to believe it was possible for me. This is what I want to say. If you truly believe that nothing can change for you in your current situation because of what you look or feel like, because of your gender or your sexual orientation… You are done! As a parent that has a 10-year-old in the house that already knows that he can do whatever he wants as long as he is willing to work for it, I feel like I have accomplished a parenting goal. If all my kids can understand that, my job is done. But my job really isn’t done because I want to try this with other people. You have to understand you can have whatever you want, you just have to put in the work. Where there is a will, there is a way. You must change your way of thinking. You have to be involved in personal development. You have to do it because we have been conditioned to think that things are not available to us. We can’t get out of our situation or living conditions that we are in. The truth is that you can. You can! You have to start changing it in your mind. Do you truly believe in yourself? If you don’t, then you better get on Periscope every morning or you better get on YouTube, videos or books. You must start. A ten-year-old kid believes in more than we do.