Do you Dream Often?

Do you dream, do you still believe?

Are you still dreaming?

I have young kids on YouTube following me, 7th, and 8th graders. My wife reminded me that I am old and they look up to me for inspiration. There was a kid in seventh grade that reached out to me a few weeks ago that said he thought he’d like to be a Physical Therapist. Someone commented on that this morning and asked him why he was worrying about that when he was only in 7th grade?

I want to tell you a story that happened 13 years ago. Thirteen years ago I worked for a company called CORA Rehabilitation. It is an outpatient company that has multiple clinics throughout the entire United States. My first three weeks working for them, I was honored to go to their annual meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. They took all their clinical managers. We stayed at the Trade winds hotel. I had just become a clinical manager. It was beautiful. We had our own rooms. Several of my friends from school worked for them as well. I remember that night, going back to my room and thinking I wanted to do this one day for my staff.


I was 23 at that time. I didn’t have my own staff, I didn’t have my own company, I worked for someone else. I remembered tearing up knowing one day I would do that for my staff. Recently, I just bought 29 tickets for my entire staff and family to go to Universal studios/ Islands of Adventure because of how well we have been doing. I told them after we had purchased the tickets.

Watch the video here: Do you dream often?

I told them my story of thirteen years ago. I had dreamed this. I envisioned this. If you are reading this and you are in 7th grade thinking about doing PT, you are not too young to be thinking this. You have to dream it from now. Click To Tweet I already have envisioned taking my staff to Sandals in the Bahamas with their spouse. I don’t know how long it will take me, but I dream these things all the time.

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If you are not willing to dream, then what are you going toward? You have to dream; you have to envision it Click To Tweet. This is what I want, this is what I was going to do. Don’t let people crush your dreams. Do not let them take that from you.

Sometimes that is all you have. You’ve got to hang on to something. That is the message I have for you today. It is so important, don’t let people take that away from you. If you want this, dream it! This is what you want, then dream it. How are you going to get to this point? Envision and dream it, then decide how are you going to get to that reality! Click To Tweet