Do you value you?

No, he was truthful.

A lot of times we say we want things and say we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get those things, but do we want it? Are we prepared to make the sacrifices to get it? Are we ready to invest in ourselves to get to that point?

I ended up doing what he told me to do, and it changed my life. The only reason why I did it is because he gave me tough love and said, “That’s the reason why you’re always going to be a loser” because you are not even willing to invest $5,000 to get $1,000,000.00

You are not willing to spend a dollar to get five. You are not ready to invest in anything. It hit home.

Here’s what I have done differently over the last five years that has allowed me to win big: I have invested in myself more than I have ever invested in myself in my entire life. Investing in me to become a better person.

I am more patient, understanding, and forthright. I moved toxic people out of my life. That’s called an investment that I put in myself to take myself to the next level. I was willing to at least invest in myself.

Watch the video here: Do you value you?

I had enough self-worth to say I am going to pull the trigger and invest in myself. I am going to double down on myself.

Here’s another thing I have done over the last five years to allow me to win….I’ve invested in people. I have invested so much into my team, staff, and family. Now, I am investing in people that don’t even give me anything back in the form of money or anything.

I have put more videos out there on YouTube for 7th graders than pretty much anybody else. I am okay with investing into people so that they can eventually give me back because that’s how it always works at some point, it will work. And because of that now, I have a clinic that is doing things that I could have never dreamed of.

Are you willing to invest?

If I said to you right now, give me a dollar, and I will give you back five, would you do it?

At the end of the day, what my brother said was harsh, but it’s the truth. I tell you all day, “Give me the dollar and I’ll give you five, and you can do it all day.”

Invest in yourself a dollar, and I know that you can give me back through the investment $5, but  most people would never do it.

It wasn’t until my brother laid down the gauntlet on me that I realized that I didn’t have much value in myself.  The elephant in the room with physical therapy is that we don’t have value within ourselves. We trained ourselves to do two things.

Number one is we trained ourselves that the longer that we spend with a patient, the more valuable that is. No matter if what we’re doing sucks, the longer that we can spend with them preferably one on one, that is our value.

Number two, is we have been trained in physical therapy that insurance is where our values are.
Now, I want to tell you this. When I took that course, I came back. Do you want to know the greatest thing that course did for me? I shelled out $5,000 plus the money to go to California and a hotel.

And what happened to me is I was able to tell myself “I have value” I just spent that money on making a better version of Greg.
Double down on yourself every single time. You are willing to put an $180,000, $200,000, $300,000 dollars on a four-wall home, but you are not ready to put down on yourself? Don’t play yourself like that.