Dream Big

I’m a physical therapist and a fitness coach – that was my dream, that’s what I wanted for my life. I also wanted to have my own practice, because that was my dream.  It wasn’t my mom’s dream, and it wasn’t my dad’s dream, it wasn’t even my wife’s, it was MY dream. It was MINE, and I wanted that.

I also became a consultant. People are like, “dude you are consulting; first of all you are a black person consulting in a predominantly white industry, it’s 65% female, and you are dude…. you are not going to make it”

Well… that was MY dream, that’s what I wanted. “Over 1,200 SPTs have opted-in to my emails for mentoring?”

Yeah, because that was MY dream. That’s not yours; it’s MINE.

“And now you have multiple courses?”

“Yeah because that’s my dream. It’s not yours; it’s mine. Own your dreams.”


I want to tell you a story about a guy named Josh.

In 2004, when I just started to travel on the ATP and WTA tour. I work privately for their tennis players, and his name was Mardy Fish.  At that time, Mardy was 14th in the world. So this is what happened, Mardy was struggling with an injury, and I was treating that injury for him at the clinic that I was working at.

At that time I did not have my practice. Two weeks later, he had to go to a tournament in Cincinnati, and  the year before he made it to the finals and played Andy Roddick. When you make it to the finals, or you are a big draw of that tournament, you get an appearance bonus just for showing up, but he had this injury with his back. He needed round-the-clock work and said, “Greg can you come with me to Cincinnati?” so I did.

Fast forward to two days before the tournament. We are staying at a Mariott in Cincinnati. Mardy brings this guy there; his name is Josh. Josh just seemed like some bum groupie to me.

Mardy is like, “yeah this is my friend Josh, we went to high school together.” He’s a cool dude and just had his guitar on his shoulder and he was just kind of like “hey what’s up?” he’s funny, a little racy with his mouth.

He was like, “Yeah man I dropped out of school, and I am pursuing my dreams of being a country-music star,” and I am like “okay that’s wonderful” and so he just has his guitar, and he is walking around the hotel with his guitar. The night after Mardy lost to Andre Agassi, I told him “Hey I want you to be up early so we can go and get some treatment and you can train, and we’ll do some therapy.”

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That morning I was pissed off because later the previous night the guys went out to Hooters after he lost to Agassi and stayed out late. I just felt that Josh was a bad influence on Mardy. I didn’t know this guy, but the next day Josh came up to us and said, “I am quitting school, and I am doing my dreams and go to Nashville and become a country music star.” Then he asked my wife – you are not doing anything, all you’re doing is just watching them so can you just listen to me, and he brings out his guitar, he sits my wife down, and he is just stringing his guitar and doing this little thing.

He sounds good, but I am like, “that’s just stupid; he’s leaving college to go to Nashville to try to become a country music star.” here’ the deal, that was Josh’s dream, that wasn’t my dream. That’s his dream. I told Mardy, “I don’t know if this guy is a real good influence on you” he was like, “Greg, I have known this guy  forever; he’s a great guy, and he has a dream of becoming a country music star”


About a year and a half later, Mardy is in my office – at this time I have my own office, and he says “Hey go buy Josh’s song on iTunes.” I don’t know if you guys know country music but his name is Jake Owen and he’s extremely popular now. He has been on the Billboard Top 20 now for nine songs and three Gold Albums. He has opened for Keney Chesney, Brad Paisley, Little Bigtown, Keith Urban.

It wasn’t my dream

That was Josh’s dream. That wasn’t mine. Who the hell was I to say, “You can make it or you can’t” I was more concerned about my player.  It is so funny because how I found out he made it big. I’m at my house watching the Orange Bowl –  and they said Jake Owen would be the half-time show. And I said, “isn’t that Josh? What the hell is Josh doing on TV? I guess he made it” we started looking at him and say “wow, he’s made it” I see him sometimes on ESPN game day when they had the celebrities come on..crazy!!!

Your dreams are your dreams. Click To TweetThey are your dreams. And I think most people just don’t own up to their dreams. I don’t expect people to understand my dreams just like you can’t expect me to know yours. What hurts me and what makes me feel terrible for people is that they are waiting for someone else to approve of their dreams for them to execute them out and that’s just not how it works. Yes, I am living my dream, and I want every single one of you to live yours as well.

Dream it and own it. Click To TweetYou guys can do it. If there is nothing else, I want to tell you, every single one of you can do it. You have to be strong and focused enough.  You have to tell them, “Look man, this is mine. I see it. Envision it. I am willing to put work for it day in and day out to get there.”