“Easy” ain’t going anywhere!

Understand when I say that. It is easy to not wake up. It is easy to eat the cookie, not workout or half ass it every single day at work. Easy isn’t going anywhere. Every day, you have to be in grind mode. A grind state of mind, every single day. I went to a consulting meeting. I was 40 days into my fitness program. Everyone was having drinks, ordering food and I ordered water with lemon. They asked what I was doing. I explained my program and that was the end of it. With that comes a certain respect because I am different, I am weird. I have goals. Things I have to do. I am not saying you have to do it. I am saying I am doing it. Easy is always there. Drinks are always there. The clubs are always there. You’ve got to be weird. You have to be different if you are trying to inspire any one. If you are trying to do better for yourself. You better be different than what everyone else is doing. The fact is easy isn’t going anywhere. Most people love easy. You have to be in grind mode if you want anything amazing out of your life. Opportunities don’t always stay around. I am in an amazing support program that may not be around in a month from now. The fact that I have all this support, all this motivation, all this confidence may not be around a month from now. What will be around, are those cookies. The truth of the matter is that you have to take advantage of your opportunities right now. You have to be in the grind mode.