Get Uncomfortable

Here’s the story on the first day I worked with the #1 player in the world.

I walked into her room, and there were cameras all over. She had Eurosport doing a documentary on her.

I was sweating bullets while I was doing manual physical therapy on this girl. What’s even worse, was that the whole thing was videoed!!

When everybody told me, don’t open up your practice, you are going to lose everything.  I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable when I had to open my practice.

When I got sick in 2010, I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable; I had to stretch myself,  and learn all these different things that kept me valuable to my company.

When I decided I am going to help physical therapists and I started to create these online courses, understanding that nobody had done online courses like this before, I had to be comfortable with being uncomfortable again.

I am always getting uncomfortable. So I have my first launch, and we brought in people but I was uncomfortable with launching something, I was uncomfortable with asking people to pay me money so that I can teach them my ways.

Watch the video here: Physical Therapy Tip – Get Uncomfortable


If you want magic to happen in your career….

I was uncomfortable with staying up night after night going through the process of my whole life as a PT and teaching people all this stuff night after night – that made me uncomfortable.


If you want magic to happen in your career, you have to be uncomfortable.


If you are just comfortable, guess what happens…You will be at a flatline your whole career.  Comfortable is “I am going to take the same CEU courses like everybody else” that’s comfortable. “I am going to build a relationship with businesses around the area”, that’s uncomfortable. Comfortable=flat line while uncomfortable=magic.

You have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. When I broke 25 min or even 22 minutes in my 5k, I was uncomfortable. I had to get uncomfortable with training, and during the race. When I broke 19 minutes in 2009 in my 5k, I was super uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable with my training, during the race, and I was uncomfortable after, but that’s when the magic happens. It happens when you are uncomfortable. If you don’t want to get uncomfortable, you ain’t going to have magic in your life.