Giving Spirit: A Learning Experience

What makes a Giving Spirit?

You know what I’ve learned? (As I wait for #kid2 bball practice to finish). A giving spirit makes you feel more successful in your life.

This morning I received a touching email from a lady that I was able to assist a few months ago with something in regards to physical therapy.

There’s no need to get into exactly what I did for her, but something I think is really important to understand.
I can tell you personally, I was so afraid to be successful, because it’s always been indoctrinated in me that successful people are greedy, and don’t give back.
That’s just not the truth… If you have been given the ability to have more resources, whether it’s in the form of money, time, or a gift of some sort… Having more of it, just makes you more of who you are already are.
People that are tools, just become bigger tools when they have more time on their hands or more money on their hands.

At the same time, people who are givers, become even more giving, and more powerful in their ability help and influence in a positive manner.
So if you are struggling with that, understand this… I was too. You have to get over that, if you really have your heart in the right place.
I know for a fact, that some of you have hearts of gold, and it’s a tragedy that you aren’t more successful… Because you have the ability to impact so many people in such a positive way.
Because there’s not as much of an urgency for coin in my life, I’ve been able to influence more people, and not have to think about every single person that I can influence having to pay me money. That’s a great feeling.
And I’m not going to apologize if I do make money… Because I know where my heart is, and I know the different people and organizations that benefit from my ability to make a good living.
Keep fighting for your goals and dreams… Because there’s a lot of people that could really benefit if you make it.