How To Develop A Following

I want to tell you how to develop a following to yourself. This doesn’t matter if you are a physical therapist; I don’t care if you are a mechanic, or if you are in school. You have to know how to create a following if you want to be able to be successful in anything. You are going to have people that believe in you and then eventually will want to purchase from you. That’s how it kind of all work in any business. It’s a matter of how many people follow you, how many people become your fans.

There’s something that is really important of understanding how to develop a following. You develop a following by having core beliefs and by not chasing money Click To Tweet. I am talking about people are with you from start to finish.

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My clinic – I have for eleven years now, and my first patient in that clinic – I am talking when we had nothing – has now become a physical therapist for five years. She came in, had a car accident, I gave her everything that I knew. I treated her like she’s the only one because she’s the only one. Her name is Christy Bates, I don’t know where she is now, but I treated her with everything that I had. She had a great experience that she decided to go to PT school and she has now been a physical therapist for five years.


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My second patient that I ever had was a professional tennis player. My third patient that I ever had, till this day, we are still great friends. I was invited to her wedding two years ago because she married another patient of mine. We have just been great friends.

When those people came into my clinic, I wasn’t looking at them like, “Oh my, great money.” I treat them the way that I wanted to be treated.

Don’t lead with money

I don’t lead with money and I live with building relationship with many people. It’s been twelve years, they like me more today than they like me twelve years ago when we met.

I think that so many people that are looking to build their goals and dreams – they lead with money. They are like, “I wanted to get that Range Rover. I just wanted to get that big house. I wanted to live here.”

Those things are not bad but the fact is when things get tough and hard, and they get really hard – disappointment after disappointment – let’s face it, will the Range Rover carry you through? Do you really want it that bad? Or will your principles of what you truly believe in carry you through.

Click here to get access to a free 14 day trial to my private mentorship group!

I have principles. The reason why I open my own business is because I wanted to do physical therapy different. I wanted to have hiphop music in my clinic. I wanted to be able to treat people with respect and develop relationships. Be able to play dodgeball which is what we did at night. Sometimes at seven o’clock at night, when we shut down the clinic, we would have a few patients and we would play dodgeball in the middle of the clinic. I wanted to have fun. People came in there and were hurting – that’s the thing I knew with everybody but I want to make it an environment where it was fun. I didn’t lead with money.

It makes me think about that because of my Periscope following, my YouTube following. I have started a Facebook page for Physical Therapy Builder. It has blown up in such a short amount of time. My YouTube subscribers are gone from two hundred to nearly twelve hundred in six months. My Facebook page has gone from nine fans to eight hundred fans in about two and a half months. I think it is because people realize that I am not after your money. I believe in the things that I am telling you.

Let’s talk money for a second. I know if I have solutions that can help you and it’s beyond what I already given you for free, then I think everybody understands you have to pay for that premium service. I have people on here right now that are going to watch this and they are part of my premium service – and they pay for it. There is always financial reward on the back end but if I was leading with that, people would see, people would know.

Recently, I went in to one of my private premium groups. I gave them a story about how I got a new referral source. They know that I don’t lead with money. If I have something valuable that I can give to my premium students, they are getting it first. That’s just the way that is.

If you want to build a following, find out what are you about, what is your core beliefs? Click To TweetAnd please, don’t lead with money.

We can spot it a mile away. Find what you truly believe – what truly moves you, what you really want to change about this world, what you could give of value to people right now. Start leading with having a dream of helping hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundred of thousands of people with the problem that you can help with. Stop thinking about your bank account. Stop thinking about the next house, the next pool, the next big thing that you can get. Lead with people in mind first and you will develop a following. Click To Tweet