How to Interview for a Physical Therapist Job

I want to talk today about interviewing. Whether it’s your first job, second job, your 5th or 10th job. It really shouldn’t matter. Do you know what your potential employer is looking for? I want to tell you from my standpoint – as I have been just a staff PT but I have also been an employer for the last 13 years.

Here’s what I know about you. I know that the minute you come into my office.
1. I know you are a PT. 
2. If you graduated in the last seven years or so, I know you are a DPT. 
3. I know that you have at least entry level competence. 

But that is really all I know.

Now, it’s a matter of what do YOU know. Because what YOU know is going to determine what YOU get paid. And if it doesn’t, you are interviewing at the wrong place. That means there is no progression for you.

Let me give you three things that will make a huge difference

1) What you know
2) Who you know
3) What you can do for your employer to better their business. 

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So, let’s talk about each one individually.

1. What do you know?

Do you understand the business of Physical Therapy?

I am not just talking about all the ins and outs, but since the majority of physical therapy clinics get reimbursed by insurance?

Do you understand insurance? 
Do you understand the difference between cash pay versus fee for schedule? 
Blue cross versus case rate? 
Case rate versus medicare? 
Do you understand how it all works? 
How there is a difference between working as solo practitioner versus working in a team approach? 
Do you understand all those things? 

Because if you do, you are going to separate yourself, and you are going to stand out to your potential employer.

2. Who do you know?

Usually, I tend to hire interns because I already know them. I know what they are about. I know how they roll. I know how they interact with patients. There’s just not as many surprises with them. It is really an HR nightmare when you hire someone and then you realize about 3, 4 or 5 weeks into it that“oh my, I hired the wrong person.” As an employer, that is what we are nervous about.

So, If I don’t hire interns, who do I hire? Honestly, I usually hire people that I can find out information about. Are you on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram and can I find out stuff about you?

I am not trying to see if you are perfect, but I just want to see that you are legit.  Also, if you are interviewing for a place and your potential employer knows someone that knows you, please reach out to them. Make sure that they put in a good word for you.


3. Do you have things that you can bring to the table right away that could better their business?

You better let them know that. Do you have a following on social media? An email list? Other skill sets that you could help to build their business because you live in a different era now. It is not just about insurance, it is about prevention, it is about wellness, it’s about doing other things to offset all the issues that we are dealing with insurance or the lack of how insurance pays today.

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Those are the three things you have to think about.
1. What do you know
2. Who do you know; and
3. What can you bring to the table.

Whether you are a person that is considering physical therapy, you just became a physical therapist, or you have been out for ten years. If you know these things – knowledge is not just power, knowledge is money. Understanding these things will give you a lot more leverage when you interview for your employers.