Ideas + Execution Makes Success

Ideas with execution makes success.


Let me tell you this story on how we have over 12,000 downloads on my Podcast over the last six months of 2016. We started this podcast on accident.  It was because of my LIVE stream following that knew I was going on a family vacation.

They basically said this…

We’re used to you coming on every single day. “How are you going to serve us? We want you to have time with your family, cool, but how is this going to work? We’re just going to go back and listen to your YouTube videos?”

I said, “You know what? Should I do a podcast and just pre record messages from the podcast?”

I could do a Periscope like I usually do and then I can just do a podcast and then just do that for the two weeks before the vacation and then you will have stuff while I am gone because I need to spend time with my family and I don’t want my wife to kill me. 🙂

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They said, “yeah, good idea”

But that’s an idea; It was a good idea to start a podcast. But you still gotta execute. I know so many people that have so many amazing ideas. I have heard it from many of you that are physical therapists, that are students, and some of you are so damn brilliant. 

Watch the video here: Ideas WITH Execution Makes Success

I know how to serve people good, but I don’t really have tons of ideas like some of you do. If you say you are going to do something you gotta do it Click To Tweet. But I know that when I try to execute on something, you know what gets in my head??? – it’s fear.

It’s fear that I am going to fail and that’s why today I made the title “Ideas + Execution… the only way execution is going to happen is if we minus the fear Click To Tweet and that’s when success happens.

It was an idea that I had and honestly it wasn’t really me, it was Calvin. Calvin had this idea. I was like, “okay, sounds good but how are we going to execute it out?”  

I said, “Louise (my assistant), how are we going to do this?”

She said, “that’s a great idea”

I said, “yeah that’s wonderful, but how are we going to execute it?”

Then we actually came up with the execution plan.

If you listen to the first podcast, called “Greg’s Story” it actually sounded good because I did it with my mic that I have  in my office here. But the first seven or eight after that? They suck.

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The content was good but the microphone was trash. It was awful. But then you learn, and it got better. So we bought this microphone, and then we made each one better and now we got this bad boy on a machine.

You are going to get better as you start doing it more. That’s my point. Its execution. You are going to get better, but you just gotta start. You gotta be okay with just sucking in the beginning The problem is that everybody wants their stuff so good when they start.

You have to minus the fear!

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A lot of times we have our idea and we see success , but it’s that middle part that trips everyone up. It’s okay if nobody is on your first few broadcasts. It’s okay if you only have one person that is viewing. It’s okay if you don’t have a massive line out of your clinic. It’s okay, you are still trying to figure crap out. Remember, it’s ideas… but you gotta execute, you can’t just have a whole bunch of ideas, you gotta execute, and you gotta minus the fear.

Ideas are wonderful, they are great, but Ideas without execution - they don’t mean anything Click To Tweet, but they are just an idea.  The hard thing with execution is fear. It’s fear of what others think, failure and etc.

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You have to understand that’s actually part of the process and you have to get better. I don’t know anyone that’s just going to do something for the first time and they are going to be amazing at it. By the way, my podcasts are now are really dope so if you want to check it out just go to the or subscribe to me on iTunes  and if you leave a review I will take you out to dinner at CSM :).