Informed vs Influence: What Would You Choose?

Being Informed vs influence by Professionals

So this is basically an article about the hundred most influential people in the health and fitness industry.  Talking about how being informed vs influence by specific professions.

Notice it said influential.

So a few of my peers in the physical therapy field are in a complete uproar over this.

Again, notice it said influential.

Physical therapists are informed… Actually, I might sound biased, but I know they are very informed. I believe physical therapists are one of the top professions when it comes to understanding and treating musculoskeletal conditions of the body.

BUT…. Being informed with very little influence equals having very little IMPACT.

Being uninformed with major influence means having a very huge IMPACT (negative or positive depending on your perception)

So my main concern is that of the hundred people on this list, only one is a physical therapist.

And honestly I’m not surprised one bit.

Physical therapist have very little influence. The majority of people that made the top 100 list have either written books that are catered to the public. They are very active on social media, have very strong blogs, YouTube channels, or are active in traditional media.

Kelly Starrett (the only PT on the list) did just that.. He connected his knowledge with a community (Crossfit) that desperately needed this and took off with it! He has authored 2 books (about to publish his 3rd) and catered it to the masses. Which creates greater influence hence greater IMPACT!

Most physical therapists typically don’t do any of those things.

Although PTs have lots of information, and are very informed because of their extensive education.The lack of being present in media, traditional or social, has made our profession very non-influential.

OK… So let me give you an example of myself for a minute.

I didn’t just become a successful practice owner. I didn’t just become a successful physical therapist. I just started to share my information using a social media platform to talk to you guys.

So even though I’ve been informed in my profession as a clinician and as a practice owner, I previously had very little influence in the profession. For the reasons of not having platforms to share my knowledge. I was basically having a positive impact on my employees, my family, schools and events These events I agreed to speak at because of our financial success. But now that I’m using tools (social media and web platforms) available to me to share this information, I would say that my IMPACT has grown exponentially within the physical therapy profession, wouldn’t you agree?

So I say all of this to just give you guys that little extra push… Understanding that what you’re learning in school, albeit important, will not allow you to have influence. Influence is when you decide to take that information and get it out to as much people as possible.

You don’t have to wait to get your license to start to have influence… Have influence based on your current character, and just be willing to open up yourself a little bit more.

Use this list as a reminder of where we currently are, and where we want to be. Informed vs influence should not be a competition but a cooperation of both.

Let’s start to become influential.

Get out there more.