What Does Your Inner Circle Look Like?

What does your inner circle look like?
Are you surrounded by a great team?
Do you have a strong inner circle? Do you think if you asked Peyton Manning if he would ever have dreamed he would have completed the stats he did and won the Super Bowl by 14 points, he would have believed you? Teams have been built around him. He won the Super Bowl with a sub- average game. Why? Because his entire team was amazing. He managed the game good enough to win. Truthfully, even I believed that the best player on the field, Cam Newton, was going to win.
At the end of the day, you as a person are only as good as the team that is going to carry you. I believe I have been a great Physical Therapist, but not until I had a team of people that we were able to do massively special things did I realize the importance of an inner circle.
Who is part of your team? I am not making reference to your business or your professional team. I am asking; Who is in your inner circle? Are you surrounded by duds? Are you the strongest person in your inner circle? My personality Is the same now as it was 12 years ago, but my inner circle has changed over time. I am around people that have more influence. I started hanging around people that have more influence and offer more opportunities. I hang around influential people and not duds. I believe that for a lot of people, your inner circle of friends remains the same. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but if they are not trying to improve themselves and go somewhere, you are probably not going to go anywhere either.
You have to keep your inner circle tight and strong. You have the internet to meet and talk to people. I have connections on the internet with people who I talk to daily. I need to talk to them, they are the ones that know things. You have the power to create your inner circle. Even in my private groups on Facebook, there are people that have never had such a tight group of people. A strong support system, full of positive successful people that are moving and going places. Make your inner circle tight. This is so important. Right now, many of you are destined to greatness. Some of you are already doing it, but no one knows it because your inner circle is weak.