Keys to Success

Today I want to talk about the keys to success. There are two major keys to success. The first one is the environment. Who are you around? Who are you surrounding yourself with? If you look at professional sports teams that are winning, but may not be champions, they display all their accomplishments. But, if the organization is a winning team, all they put up are their winning banners. The difference is the environment. The expectations.
Are you around people whose expectations are so low that if you do things half assed, they look at you like you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread? The environment of people you are around is actually so low that you start to tell yourself that you are doing pretty good. I am around people that aren’t so great, so I look pretty good. That is not how it is going to work, if you want to make it big. You have to put yourself around solid people that are constantly trying to elevate themselves. That is what draws and attracts people to my business. It is not the money. It is the environment. They are going to be around people that have made it to the highest level in their field. That is what attracts people to work for my company. ENVIRONMENT.

Number two, Self-control. Yesterday I was at church and the message was a lot about financial stuff and self-control. Everyone believes you have to make a lot of money to be able to make it big. The truth is, that is not how it works. Would people do the things I did early on in my career to get to where I am now? For example, my first job when I moved to Tampa was an hour and a half away from here. I had just saved up enough money to purchase our new home and we wanted to get furniture. My car broke down right there on the bridge. We could have bought another car, but we realized we wanted to sacrifice for other goals. so while living in the first house we had one car for a year and a half. I was working an hour and a half away. We shared a car with a new baby. People couldn’t understand what we were doing. They said they would have bought a new car. But we didn’t because we wanted to save up for other things. That lead us to other opportunities to do things for the business, I had the money. I had the resources. If I want to go on a big vacation, I don’t go unless I have the money. It is self-control. That is what I have been able to build over time. Self -control has kept me faithful to my wife. Self-control is what has allowed me to stay loyal to my workers, my business associates. Self-control and your environment. Those are the two keys to understand. If you can understand those two things, you can make it big. If you can do it, you talk to me. Those are the types of people I want affiliated around me. I want people with self-control. People who are willing to change their environment and are committed to making it big.