Let’s Talk Marketing

When we talk marketing in physical therapy, it really is like an explicit word. Nobody wants to hear it. I am not going to spend a ton of time on this but I want you to understand a couple of things:

1.) You have to understand that there is good marketing and there is bad marketing.

2.) You have to understand that there are good products and there are bad products. Good products, bad products. Good services, bad services.

We understand those things. There’s good marketing and there is bad marketing Click To Tweet. And then there is good products and then there are bad products. I have seen some amazing marketing for some crappy products. And guess what, those crappy products sell. I have seen some bad marketing for some great products. Particularly in the field of physical therapy, I have seen of the most amazing clinicient – I know they are; I learned from them; I have seen them present courses; I heard patients talk about how amazing they are – but their marketing is so bad that I have seen them go out of business. I have seen them close up their shops for physical therapy. They close up their shops, crying, discouraged, devastated, and they blamed it on everything but marketing. Physicians are getting bought out, insurance changed, wa-wa-wa, we-we-we, and they truly felt as though they had no control over their total devastation and demise.

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I have seen it happen to some of my best friends. I have seen it happen to some of my clinical mentors. But they just had bad marketing. Bad, bad marketing. They did not know what they are doing. I have also seen really great marketing for some crappy products. And they become a multi-billion dollar business.


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Please tell me, you have something more to give to the Earth than cheap pet and you are trying to tell me you cannot come up with a million-dollar company?

In our field of physical therapy, we just pay no attention to marketing. Click To Tweet Once you understand that marketing is what allows you to get your great product/service out to people, and without it you got no shop. Marketing could come in the form of direct marketing, building relationship with people or referrals, testimonials, referral from past clients. You have to embrace marketing.

The fact that schools are not paying attention to this, they are setting you up for disaster. As you see, I don’t care to say that. I don’t care of who I am to upset because the truth of the matter is that if you are coming out of school and you have no concept of how to market your product – yourself as a clinicient, and then you are wondering why things aren’t working out for you – it’s because you never embrace marketing. A lot of times it’s because your school that taught you never embrace marketing. At the end of the day, you have to pull up your big boy pants and you have to say, “This is my degree, this is my career, and I have to embrace marketing.” That’s what I wanted to instill to you all.

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Marketing changes. What works today might not work tomorrow.

What worked five years ago might not work today. But it is what it is. As much time as I spend becoming a good clinicient; as much time as I spend when I finish school going into my books so I can treat patients; as much time as I spend with those type of things – I need to spend equal or more time learning marketing. I don’t want you to be like those people – amazing clinicians that shut their doors down because they were so crappy at getting their brand out. They were terrible at it. Had no self-awareness. Had no ability to find out what the people that they were looking for, were actually searching for so that they can find them and get themselves out for those people.

I hope this message gets out to physical therapy students.

Here’s my direction to you: go to your professor and say, “Why don’t you teach us marketing? Greg Todd said so.” I am assuming their answers would be, “Because we don’t know how to market.” then say, “How can you equip us?” Let us see what happens.

Whatever you do, if you don’t know how to market, you have no chance in hell of ever succeed Click To Tweet.

You have to learn how to market.