How I Made Physical Therapy and Wellness Coaching Work Together

One of the best ways you can leverage your resources to leverage money is by online wellness coaching. I have been a private practice owner for the last 13 years and in 2008 I was pretty desperate. I did not have a ton of patients; a lot of physicians that I thought will send me patients didn’t and it just wasn’t working out.

So, I had to find ways to get myself into physicians offices. At that point I didn’t really know how to market any other way. It was interesting because there was a physician that I really wanted to work with bigtime and I just couldn’t get into them.

Finally, I did something and I said, “hey, I realized you guys like have a weight loss facility. Do you have exercise that’s a part of it?” and they are like, “no.”

I said, “would you be interested in it?” “yeah, actually we would but we don’t want to do it.” what if I created a program that can help your clients in your medical weight loss program and I can help them with the exercise portion of it.

We came into an agreement and it worked out really good that I started programs with people and at the same time they got comfortable with knowing me and they eventually started sending me physical therapy patients.

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It worked out but I learned a couple of things through that whole time, and I still worked at that office, I just don’t go to that office anymore. A lot of those people have turned into my online wellness clients.


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There’s a few things that I learned and I want to impart that to you guys today on why it’s so simple for physical therapists to do the same thing. Understand me, I have over 850 online clients and I get them really, not even through any type of advertising, they are just patients that move over to it.


Here are my three reasons why this is so important

1.) As a physical therapist you spend the most amount of time with patients than any other medical field that gets reimbursement through insurance. Think about it for a second.

Primary care physicians, their time is limited with patients, they are scheduling patients every ten to fifteen minutes.

Orthopedic specialists, Neurologists, they are scheduling every five to ten minutes. Physical therapist, you might see multiple people in an hour but you have a good amount of time that you can develop relationship with people. 

How do people make decisions on whether or not they want to use someone for something else? It’s through the relationship you are building. And because you have that opportunity, it’s very easy for people to go into other services that you potentially offer.

The problem that I see for most of the companies that I consult for is physical therapist don’t even offer anything so there is nothing to talk about.

But if you did, because you already have that relationship with people, because we probably have the closest relationship with our patients over any other traditional medical field, it’s really easy for people to naturally use us if we have to offer.


2.) Physical therapy is primarily based of of people using their body. Through using their resources by exercise, balance, stability, flexibility to actually heal themselves. How simple is it to continue to do that through some type of wellness program? Whether it is aggressive fitness stuff or just taking their condition to the next level.

There’s so many different ways to do it but it is simple for us Click To Tweet. I knew that because when I was working for those physician offices, those people weren’t getting any type of exercise routines when they were with those physicians. For us it’s simple, people are already in a routine.

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3.) People do things out of their habits. People come into your office one time a week, two times a week, three times a week. The majority of people that you are seeing at your office probably didn’t even exercise a day in their life before they had their injury.

Now they have a habit down. Why are you taking them away from that? They have already created that. That’s one of the things that I always tell my potential wellness clients.

You are already in the routine because of your ankle injury that you have or because of the knee injury that you have or because of the back issues that you had. You are in this routine, why don’t we just continue it?
Those are my three reasons on why wellness and physical therapy should be synonymous. Click To Tweet It’s a breeze.