Measure Everything with Life and Work

Measure and Analyze Everything

You have to measure everything that means something to you. If you don’t track, you don’t have any means of knowing if things are getting slowly better or slowly worse.

I measure all the main things in my clinic. I keep track of individual times I spend with each of my kids and my wifey.
I measure and track every workout in Hammer and Chisel.

I take pics every 2 weeks while I’m on a scheduled program. This will give me a bird’s eye view of the progress I have on the scheduled program.

I take any positive I can find to keep keep focused. I’m telling you, the progress or the problems can be found early… You just have to be willing to track it all. It make be difficult at first but once you get the right information moving forward, it will be more like a routine task. Analysis from the data you get is also key as it will give you the insights you need to improve on the things that you are doing.

As a physical therapist, that has been the key to my patients success in my Tampa and Wesley Chapel clinics. I have many things for us to measure. How does the patient feel, has the pain changed, has the motion increased or decreased, has the strength increased or decreased, has the balanced progressed or regressed… The list goes on and on.

If you don’t, you get lost.. QUICKLY. Measure everything!!!!