Powerball is Not for Me Because…

My Powerball Argument

I’m not a Powerball person… and I’m not against anybody that plays it… It’s just not something for me.
Today, I heard some interesting stats. 44% of people that win the lottery are bankrupt within five years, and over 70% of people that win the lottery are bankrupt within 10 years.
I’ve been looking at my Facebook wall, and there are many people that are pretty disappointed that they’re going to have to go back to their normal life this week.
I know most of it is just fun… But one thing that I always told myself is that I want to make sure that I’m not currently living a life that I want to escape from. I really never grew up with an entrepreneur spirit or heart. But one thing I did realize early in my physical therapy career, is that I didn’t like a lot of the things that I had to do within the company that I worked for. So my reasoning for opening up a practice, was more along the lines of being able to run things in a very laid-back and relaxing way.
I always asked myself, if I wasn’t at work, what would I want to be doing? For me, it would be listening to music, watching ESPN, and hanging out with my family.
So, I understand that I can’t treat physical therapy patients, and have fun times with my kids… But I try to replicate my working situation as closely to what I would want to do outside of work. It makes me happy… It makes me relaxed, and it shows at the clinic.
This is a video of me the other day having fun with my hoverboard at the clinic. As I always say, do the things you love, and live a lifestyle that you don’t have to run away from as much as possible.