One Month until Big Day!

OK… I’m not going to lie. I’m totally stoked. I will be a guest speaker at the American Physical Therapy Association private practice conference in Orlando.
In my profession, this is probably the biggest event that you could speak at.

I might be nervous for like the first minute or two, but after that I will just go into a completely different mode… I’m talking on a subject that I’m very passionate about, and I’ve spoken about it on numerous occasions at different universities.
But this is what I was just thinking about today…
Why did they pick me?

Why now?
I’m not very active with the APTA, and I’m not really involved in the organization at all. I don’t have any inside connections that got me the gig.

I actually applied to speak a few years ago when I was more involved, and I got declined.
So here’s my reasoning they want me… Times are changing!
I’ve owned renewal rehabilitation with Mike for 11 years now. And when Mike and I sat down and talked about opening up another facility, we did that because we had doctors that would thought would endorse us and would refer to us. Or at least they gave us a verbal agreement that they would support and refer patients our way.
The clinics that were able to capture the most physicians were the ones that did the best… And there was really no way around it.
But now, it’s a completely different ballgame.

I don’t have a lot of doctors that exclusively refer to me at our Wesley Chapel facility.

But what I do have is a following of patients… And I’ve used social media to stay connected with my loyal customers, and use blogging to showcase to potential patients what I know with the regards to physical therapy.
With the increasing responsibility for patients with their insurance, people aren’t just going to anywhere that their doctor tells them to go to. Think about it, if you knew you had to pay $70 to go see a physical therapist, don’t you want to investigate them and make sure that you don’t waste your time and money on someone that’s not skilled with what condition you’re dealing with?
So if you had to choose between someone that your doctor recommended that you’ve never met… or me, who you can find a bunch of information online about and see videos of me on how I treat patients with certain conditions… Who would you want to go to?
And basically, that’s what I’ve done… And I think the APTA has realized that this is the way the profession is going to. The traditional marketing ways are ancient and not effective anymore. Social media is one of the most powerful ways to connect with potential new patients… And that’s what I’m going to talk about.