One Piece of Advice to New Physical Therapists

Lead with education. As a physical therapist, we are trained that our biggest value set is our hands. I am not saying there is anything wrong with your hands or learning new skills. But the day you come out of school, I’m probably the first person that will be telling you this: “You actually know  more than enough. You have enough skills to be a competent physical therapist.” Here’s what I think many PTs don’t have. Many PTs don’t know how to actually piece it together to present it to a patient.

Leading with education is the key.

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One thing you have to understand is that with the way insurance is today – there’s more responsibility to the patient. Their deductibles are higher; their out of pocket responsibility is higher; their co-pays are higher. We have this responsibility to the insurance company – to document and justify why the patient is there. But you know who gets left out a lot of times?

The patient. They get left out.

We don’t explain to them, “hey this is actually what is going on with you.” “this is what is happening with your neck or your back, shoulder, knee or your elbow.” And if there’s any one thing that I can tell you right now – it is to lead with education. If your patients don’t understand why they are doing what they’re doing, they will smile at you but they won’t come back. Their hair appointments will be much more important. The football game will be much more important. Please understand that.

One of the companies that I consult for who I personally think has the best medical app for physical therapists in the United States (Complete Anatomy) – is 3D4 Medical, I was telling them that there are lots of new grads that just finished school and I wish they had access to your app. Guess what they did, they have given all of the people that follow my page or anybody that I share a link with a 20% discount on their app. Below this video, I will put a link for you guys to have access to that. If you follow that link, it will say because you are a friend of Greg Todd – you can get our app for 20% off. This app is absolutely amazing. I really just want to make you guys have good habits from the get-go. This is for all physical therapists. But, when you’re five years out or six years out, you’re kind of stuck in your ways. But when you’re a new grad, you don’t know any different. If you don’t want people to disrespect you, if you want people to honor your DPT; if you want the people to continue to come in for their appointments – you show them your knowledge. Show them your skill sets of communication. Lead with education. Show them their problem. Use amazing technology to deliver your message and you will never have issues with respect. It will build your confidence.

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If you don’t do it, it will crush your confidence. It will create constant doubt in your ability to make decisions for patients… And it will slowly ruin your career.