How to be a Person that People can Trust

I heard an amazing message in regards to relationships at church. This is important because many of you in this group are Physical Therapists. It’s important for us as PTs, in how you treat all people.

How do you build up leadership?

If you are a successful PT, then you have to be a great leader. My analogy would be a plane waiting to land and circling in a holding pattern over the airport until it was safe to land.

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When was the last time you had  “beef” with someone? You had a disappointing situation happened to you and others either acted in a positive way or a negative way. They either embraced you and said we’d get through this or said ‘GOSH, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” Based on their reaction, that will determine if you will ever tell that person something again.


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Most people that have struggles with relationships whether it is work, home or friends….they tell someone something and then that person reacts in a particular way.

If you want to be a great leader and build relationships, you are going to have to learn how to treat the people closest to you well Click To Tweet, when things are going bad. Not when things are good and they are achieving success, or doing good things for you. You have to learn how to treat people good, especially when they are in a rough time. That is when you have to lock arms with people because that’s what builds true relationships.

Click here to get access to a free 14 day trial to my private mentorship group

As an owner of two practices, 20+ employees, these are the people that will ride or die with me. They will because I have earned it.  When things are bad, I don’t quit on them. That is when we get closer. We have a situation in our office where one of my employees has failed her PT exam, and I showed her amazing support.

This is not the time to quit on this person. This is the time to lock arms and say, “I got you”. We’ve got you, we are doing this together. That is when relationships build… not when you are doing good for me. They build when things are not going well. We don’t quit on each other and don’t put one another down. If you want to build relationships, you have to build relationships when people are at their lowest. Click To Tweet