How Physical Therapists Get Instant Credibility from Patients

One of the biggest things that I get asked all the time is how do I get patients to believe in what it is I am telling them?

As insurance goes up and up, co-pays are going up and up, deductibles are getting higher, patient responsibilities getting more, it’s getting harder.

People are saying “I don’t know if it makes sense to me being in physical therapy; it’s a little too much money; I don’t know if I can commit to two or three times a week”

I could personally tell you a story from me. This is probably about six or seven years ago, I am working with this guy who’s got some degenerative back problems and the first day he came in, I did my evaluation on him. He was in quite a bit of discomfort, so I went right into the treatment.

Watch the video here: How Physical Therapists Get Instant Credibility from Patients

I took whatever measures were needed and found out what was wrong with him.  The next time he came back, he said “I don’t really know if this is working. This is $35 a visit and I don’t know if this makes sense for me to come and see you” I am like, “please give it more time; it’s early in the process”

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The guy comes back the next time and says,

“You know what? Today is going to be my last day”

I said, “okay, do me a favor. I know it hasn’t completely gotten better but would you just see me one more time just to follow up with me so that I know how you are doing?” He goes, “alright fine”

Two important things you need to know

He came back for the fourth time and here’s what he told me…

“I actually went to a chiropractor and basically came out with a treatment plan for me and he told me I was going to have to pay $1800 up front”

Me: “did you do it?

Patient: “yeah of course I did it”

so he gave the guy $1800..

Did the chiro fix him? No.

But he did something different that I didn’t do. He obviously had a solid plan and something that was so compelling that made this guy take action…. and that was the day I said, “I need to use and showcase my skills as a physical therapist Click To Tweet and deliver an incredible plan using my physical therapy resources for every single patient.

Here#1: Complete Anatomy. You can at this app whether it’s at my website or my YouTube page. It is the most amazing app for Anatomy showing tissue, muscles, joints and everything. I use it to showcase my talents as a physical therapist to patients and to educate someone on this is why you are feeling what you are feeling. 

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#2: I create a plan based on their complaints and getting them to their transformation. And within the first 30 to 45 minutes of me seeing a patient, I have gained their respect. When I think of big thing in our profession is rely so much on treatments and such emphasis on… Click To Tweet There is not enough emphasis on communication and evaluation and explanation that unfortunately will lose respect from people coming to see you.

You don’t gain enough respect and say “I am going to stay with him/her for the long haul”