Physical Therapy Career Tip – The Power of the Gift

I help physical therapists monetize and leverage their careers through innovative strategies, and that’s what my gift is. Apparently, my gift is also motivating and inspiring people. I think my story is just my story and it’s just me, and I think people find my story inspiring. It’s very easy for me to speak every day because I am just speaking about my life as a PT. I don’t have to prepare anything.


How many times has someone given you a gift? I am not talking about a physical gift but maybe words of wisdom, encouragement, direction, and you don’t take it?

Is it your gift? Well… if you didn’t take it. It’s still theirs.

I want to tell you all a story about a lady I met at an event last year. Her name was Paula and she wrote me this long letter (I’ll explain why). At that event in Orlando, which was a room full of private practice owners, she was the only person in the room that wasn’t a private practice owner.  Paula was trying to find direction in the field of physical therapy. She’s been a therapist for like 13 years, but she was considering opening up her own private practice, and her main reason for coming to the event was to get that answered.

After my talk on how to market yourself in private practice, she said that she finally had direction. That night when everybody else was going out, I decided to stay back, and take Paula out to dinner. We went to a local Macaroni grill and I just spoke to her. It would have been cooler to go out with the big names in the industry and talk it up, but this lady needed direction. I wanted us to leave that dinner with either her knowing that she’s going into private practice or her knowing that this is wasn’t for her. I spoke life into her. I just talked. It was a gift that I gave her.

BUT, She had to receive the gift!

She obviously was very thankful, and she wrote me this heartfelt letter thanking me for my time.

I think the thing that I want to tell you is this; I want to let you guys know that you all have gifts. Many of us have the same type of gift, and that’s the gift of understanding physical therapy, that’s the gift of the things that we learned in the field of physical therapy.

We have so many other gifts as well; All of us have hundreds  of gifts that we can give to other people. As a Physical Therapist, I think that we’re way too close to it that we don’t see what we do as a gift. We don’t realize that the things that we know, that we truly value it as a gift. Click To Tweet

Watch the full video here: Physical Therapy Career Tip – The Power of the Gift

We’re so good at what we do, and we are so gifted. We learn it (anatomy, kineisiology, and all the other things we learn in PT school), and you just think everybody knows it, but what I understand is that’s a gift that most people don’t know.  It’s a gift, and sometimes you’r e just way too close to it. I don’t know how to say it, and that’s why I said, “because of the things that you know you can give gifts out in the form of ebooks or webinars or audio books or regular books or online courses or whatever.”

You have to receive your gifts.

I am trying to give it out to as many physical therapists as possible, and they have to accept it, but if they don’t take it, it’s still my gift. There are people on here that took it the first time around, and now they have been blessed with that gift, and it changed their life.

Understand two things today. People are giving you a gift. Sometimes gifts are free, and sometimes gifts are paid, like me learning how to do all these things through social media was a gift. It was a gift from a woman that I paid $2,000 for, but it’s still a gift. Because I know how to leverage myself to levels that I never leveraged myself before and then honestly I just took a lot of that stuff and now I am teaching it to the people that I love the most. I am just giving that gift, the art of leverage, and just creating new gifts for PTs that they never learned in school.

Accept your gifts and own up to what your gifts are. Click To Tweet Give them out, own it. It’s not being cocky, it’s just being real. You have amazing gifts, every single one of you has a story.