I want to talk about respect … Or the lack thereof. I really don’t watch the news… But I do get notifications on my phone from major news networks… Just for the simple fact that I want to be in the loop of any major things that are going on. It makes for good small talk with patients that I’m trying to connect to.

I can’t tell you how disturbed I am to see these continual notifications come up on my phone about a white guy walking into a church and just spraying black people just because…or a black man walking up to reporters and just killing them point blank.

respect give it to get it

It’s all wrong… Black lives matter, white lives matter, hispanic lives matter, cops lives matter…everyone matters. And the truth of the matter is that it’s a small subgroup of crazy ass people… So I’m not going to bash all law enforcement or an entire race of people.. because it’s a few bad apples that are creating such a stir.
Here’s the thing that’s really concerning to me. Respect.

To see how people are so open with constantly disrespecting authority is just baffling to me. As a kid growing up, if I ever called an adult by their first name (without them giving me approval first) and my parents heard, I would have gotten a can (maybe 2 or 3) of whoop-ass as soon as I got home.

I was trained on how to respect people, and maybe I’m old-school, but the majority of people I grew up around had a decent amount of respect…so my question is, When did it all go south?

How can somebody in their right mind deny a cop a meal at a local chain restaurant? Don’t people understand that they are a huge line of authority?

Respect is important

People talk about the president like he’s a 2 year old.. I don’t care how you feel about him.. I’ve never disrepected a president, no matter what I thought about him or the job they were doing.
Why??? Because they are in the highest position in our country..and with that comes a basic respect factor.
And then kids are hearing their parents act like 8 year olds, and are mimicking this dumb ass behavior in school, etc. because Mommy and Daddy are actin-a-fool at home… SMH

So if you’re at home, and you see a person of authority come on TV… And you start disrespecting them in front of your kids… And then five years later, your kids have no respect for you, and treat you like a punk ass… Please don’t be alarmed on why little Johnny is tripping… Remember, you were tripping first!

My wife respects me. I respect her. My kids respect us, because we are in an authoritative position. We respect them.
I respect Team Renewal…EVERY ONE OF THEM and vice versa.