Setbacks or Setup: Maximizing Opportunities

Turning Setbacks into bigger Opportunities

I honestly did this video blog at the beginning of the week. Totally forgot to post this because it’s just been maddening at the clinics (in a good way). All week I’ve been harping on this.It’s amazing how many perceived setbacks that I’ve personally experienced have turned into major setups for something bigger and better!

Apparently it’s not just me.

I have talked to numerous people this week that have had the same experiences. That’s why I feel as though this is such a great thing to talk about. I gave a few examples in this video blog on this. I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy this one!!


As a physical therapist, it is a constant reminder for me to relay to my patients. Your setbacks are just setups for something greater. It never fails.

When it comes to setbacks in Physical Therapy, it usually covers continuity within the program. As a therapist, it is our priority to get you on the right path through adversities that may come along in the program. At the end of the day, I always see to it that you are focused on the goal for the program.