Smart Physical Therapists Understand Leverage

The first story I ever heard of leverage happened back in the day; a story in the Bible about Jesus taking a loaf of bread and feeding 5,000 – that’s called leverage.

That’s called taking a little (a loaf of bread) that would usually feed a few people and making a whole lot of it. That’s what makes me different than others in the physical therapy field.

I can serve a lot of people in a LIVE format and then repurpose the same video for YouTube. What’s even better about it, is that I can do that video and because it’s LIVE, I am not wasting time judging myself and having to do retake after retake. One time, one shot, and I’m done.

Watch the video here: Smart Physical Therapists Understand Leverage

Snapchat is another way I leverage myself. I just decided one day to do “A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapist”.  Literally, all I did was just record snaps of my day as a PT at my Wesley Chapel clinic.

I saved all the snaps and put them back to back to create a video on Youtube. Within the first 34 hours it got up to 2,000 views, and in less than two days it has made the first page of Youtube for “physical therapists” search. That is leverage, that is being smart.

Go further!

Most of you need to bring your patients further on their journey, and you don’t need that many more patients.

Let me give you an example… let’s say that there would be an average of 10 visits per patient in a physical therapy private practice, with each patient’s insurance paying $80 each time that means you are going to get $800 in total.  That patient only does formal PT with you. That’s not a very smart physical therapy private practice owner who understands leverage.

What I do is offer these same people massage therapy, running analysis, walking and running clubs, fitness supplies, group fitness, fit clubs, online wellness, nutritional programs – I either offer it directly in my offices, or I refer people to others that can offer it. It keeps these people in my “ecosystem” and allows me to earn more while serving my clients better. 

Instead of one patient being worth $800, he/she is now worth an average of $1,400. I’m just making more with what I already have.

“Take care of what you have before you ask for more”, and that is called leverage.

That is what I teach in Smart Success PT, which allows PTs to win much easier.  Use what you already have and make more with it.