Standout: Being Your Authentic Self!

Every Person is Unique: Standout from the Crowd

There’s a lot of people in this world. A LOT! You do not have to be that different to standout. All you have to do is be yourself.
You ever sit down and think about it? I’ll be at a sporting event sometimes, and just marvel at the magnitude of how many people are in the stadium, and it’s only like .0005% of the people in our city… and our city is like only .0000005% of people in our country.

When I finally grasped this concept of how big our world really is, I finally realized that as unique (maybe odd) as I am, there are enough people out there that would be attracted to my particular uniqueness. It’s just by default.. there’s just that many people.

There’s absolutely no reason to be anything other than your authentic self.
It honestly is like the most liberating thing… that you don’t have to play yourself and be like anyone else, because you understand that there are enough people in this world that will be attracted to your particular uniqueness. You feel totally FREE!!! It’s like running around in your superman underoos all day!!! Just liberating!!!!

How many people would be attracted to do physical therapy at clinics where they play Jay-Z, NeYo, Big Sean, and even sprinkle in a little Taylor Swift here and there?
How many people would be OK with their therapists dancing and talking loud and even hoverboarding in the clinic at times?

Well…apparently enough. We’ve had over 180,000 PT visits in our clinics since I became a co-owner. I’ve had over 1,500 fitness clients. About 20 min ago, I got the most heartfelt message from a former patient that I had over 10 years ago, who said that I inspired him during his recovery and now he is in physical therapy school to be a licensed physical therapist!!!

BE YOU. DO YOU. Trust me…there’s enough people that will dig you exactly the way you are. Standout!