Who is navigating your ship?

Something that a friend of mine brought up to me saying, “Hey, trying to get to certain goals but sometimes obstacles or people or things kind of varies off where we want to go to.” that happens all the time.

That’s called life.

Life is like us being in a ship Click To Tweet. If you want to get somewhere, there’s two things that you have to understand. Number 1, is you have to know your destination. That’s why I am a believer in short term goals, long term goals. Because I have to know where I am trying to direct the ship. So I am here… I am trying to get here. It’s not just like me being a big dreamer; you got to have at least some idea of where is it that you’re trying to go. You don’t have to know twenty years from now what you want things to be like, but you gotta at least know where you want to go on the next month. What are you trying to do differently in the next three months, in the next six months. Have you guys thought of that? Because you got to know where you are directing your ship.

Guess what happens when you got a ship. The ship is in water. And what happens with water? Sometimes we have choppy seas. Sometimes the season calms. But there’s a lot of times the seas are rough. And if you are controlling the ship and the seas gets rough, what happens to your boat? It starts to veer off. And that’s why I say you are the navigator of your boat.

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Your job is to know two things: where am I going? And when the seas get rough; when the obstacles come in your way. That could be an issue with the relationship. That could be failing an exam. That could be failing an internship. That could be a health problem. I shared for the last two years in the social media every single one of my stories. All of my obstacles and trials. I have been so open of letting you guys know that my run, my ship has been veer off many times. But I am the navigator. My job is to course-correct. I am course-correcting all time. Got veered off – course-correct, get veered off – course-correct. Nobody else is navigating my ship but me.

What I want you to remember today is that you are the navigator of your ship Click To Tweet. Obstacles are going to come up. That’s part of the seas. Choppy seas, sometimes you are going to have rough seas. If you ever had a death in your family; you have a death of a very close one, you are going to have rough seas sometimes. At the end of the day, you are the navigator.

I am not saying it’s right – but it is. We have to understand that things are always going to veer us off Click To Tweet. It happens all the time. You are the navigator. You just have to understand, there’s a lot of power in that; there’s a lot of control. I can’t always control the seas but I can control my ship. That’s why you have to have goals, you have to know where you are going. Because if you don’t know where you are going, you start drifting off, you start handing with the wrong crowd, you don’t know where you are going anyway so you just like, “oh well…” You don’t want to do that.

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If you know me, all I say to you are authentic. I share with you my lowest points, I share with you with my highs. We are not trying to be like a big ball thing. When I was younger (18, 19, 20, 21) and I had this goal of being a physical therapist. I wasn’t really a good high school student; I was just average like 3.0. Back in the day last 1995 when I graduated high school, PT was like seriously hard to get into. It didn’t cost much money than what it cost now but it was like fifteen hundred people have applied but only 15 can get in. It was like 3.8 or hit the road jack; I was a 3.8 kind of dude at that time. But I knew coming out from high school that I want to be a physical therapist. I was going to step my game up. I had not got a 4.0 since fourth grade so I got to focus. I hadn’t done it but I knew I got to get focus. So when I got in college and everybody going out every night, because I knew my goal – even if I did go out part time – I was able to course-correct. My first semester of school, where everybody else are getting to know people, I didn’t go out, I went just straight and grinding. I got my first 4.0 in ten years because I knew what I wanted. It’s important for you to sit down and ask what do you want so that you know where you are going to. But in the summer, I did go out. When it’s time to navigate the ship, I knew that I had to stay on course and I am not regretting that today because if I didn’t do that then who knows what would have happened. But now, today, I can do this. I can go into my office when I want. I can do things when I want, I can be on Periscope while everybody is working. It’s all about staying focus. If you feel people are always taking you off, you have to get around with different people.

I just like to promote moving and health. I don’t believe in working out to lose weight. I think that is a very dangerous way of losing weight. I believe in eating correctly to lose weight. I believe working out is should be for your mental state. I believe working out should be for toning up. I believe working out should be for getting around people that are like-minded. When I go to crossfit, those people are grinders – those people I like. I like to be around people that are going to take care of themselves. Working out gives me confidence and energy.

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Being a Physical Therapist and working with people who haven’t worked out all their lives and now they are working out or doing therapy, I just believe that I need to keep them active. If you can just do walking around your neighborhood, doing a light jog, getting ready for your first 5k, doing one of my fitness programs that I set up just for my patients after they finish physical therapy. I believe exercise is so important for your well being. We are so deconditioned as people in the United States. I don’t believe you just had to do crossfit. Crossfit is hard. So if you haven’t done anything and you are like, “Oh, I am going crossfit.” – I don’t recommend that because that is just dangerous, you are going to hurt yourself.

You keep me motivated. I know now that I live a life that is beyond me at this point. God has blessed me, I need to bless others.

What Separates You as a Physical Therapist?

You have to lead with yourself. You have to be true to yourself. Click To Tweet

One of the things that I do is I consult. I consult now for fifteen companies. As of today, it might be eighteen companies.

I get these questions like, “how did you become a consultant? What are they looking for?”

Are you a physical therapist? Okay good.

Let’s talk about the real thing. Who are you? Do I even know who you are?

Can I find you on Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Are you even there? I am not talking about you have an account for it, I am talking about are you active? Are you even active in the world or are you just hiding? Because if you are hiding, you got no chance to ever get captured by another company Click To Tweet.

That’s the first thing.

Number two, if you are there, are you being your authentic self?

It’s very easy for me to come on YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live in every single day and talk. Because I am talking me. This is me. There is no script. I don’t have to be anything but me, and when I am being me I don’t mess up because you can’t mess up being you. You have to understand those two principles. You just got to be yourself. Click To Tweet

This is what it’s going to happen. It’s called the Law of Attraction.

You are going to attract people that are like you Click To Tweet


Honestly, consulting companies, they scope me out because I am on social media. They can see my personality and see that I really love what I do.

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They would come at me and say, “Hey, that’s the type of guy we want branding our product.”

Every single one of you on here wants something to offer but people got to know who you are. It’s not hard to come live on video if you are who you are. That’s not hard to do. Just be yourself. This is all a journal of my life. Don’t lead by being a DPT, lead at being yourself.

What kind of people do you attract?

I never thought that six years ago I actually going to be in a situation that I might not be able to treat anymore because of the sickness that I had. If I am only know as a PT and that’s all my identity is, how would I made a living? Luckily for me I have led with being Greg.

I knew that no matter what, if I couldn’t treat patients anymore, there would be enough people that are just like Greg and like what Greg stood for, that I could learn something new and still earn a living. Please understand that if there is nothing else that I can tell you, lead with yourself. Click To Tweet You are the valuable thing. Not being a DPT, not being a part of a specific MLM, not being affiliated with a company, it’s you first.

Everything else follows after that.

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I am not promoting anything that I don’t believe in. I am not leading with any products. That’s not me, I am better than a product. I am me, you are buying me.

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If I start endorsing product that I don’t believe in then I am wack then my whole credibility will be crumbled. I can’t afford that. I can’t afford to do that. If I am not in my authentic self every single day, I can’t sleep good at night. You will get so much opportunities if you understand that principle. People can see.

The Truth About Developing And Running A Business

This is a conversation that I had with my wife yesterday.  I have been putting a lot of work into my courses. I was showing her the workflow of how people sign up for my course – when somebody opts-in to watch the webinar, and then how an email is automatically sent when they finish watching it, etc.

She said, “wait, you don’t have to…” I said, “no babe, it’s already set up.  It’s interesting because I said to her, “The way business works is you’re gonna put a lot of work in on the front end but you don’t have to put as much work in on the back end.”

Do you guys know what I’m saying?

Do you feel me?

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You put a lot of work on the front end but you don’t have to put as much on the back end. Click To Tweet

In the beginning of my PT career, I grinded hard.  7:00AM, first patient. 8:00PM is when I finished. Then, I would go to Saddlebrook. I would go work with those tennis players that I was talking about. Sometimes at 8, 9, 10 o’clock at night. And I repeated that over and over again.

Watch the video here: Can I Just Give You the Truth About Developing and Running a Business?

Today, I don’t do that.

I had to put in the work then because I had to develop a reputation for myself. I might only have four to five patients for the day. There are days I might only have seen three patients for the day.  Regardless, I learned and built a reputation for myself.

[“bctt tweet=”It’s grind in the beginning, you will then reap the rewards” username=”gregtoddpt”].

If you are a regular employee,  it doesn’t work like that. You work, and you get a reward. But you will never actually have something really for the future besides your 401K, your dental benefits, and whatever extra benefit your employer might give you.

But business works different. In the beginning, my business was not really a business. I was self employed, and I was putting in work for my reputation. But I was not really putting in work for my business.

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Over the last seven years, I’ve been really putting in work for not just my reputation but for my business. I’ve been learning processes, I’ve been writing down processes, I’ve been writing down “this is how it should go”, step A-B-C-D, step 1-2-3-4.

Does this make sense to you guys?

That’s how it works. And when you have business that means that you have steps. You have steps for everything.

That’s called business. And many of the people that I’m going to talk at this conference,  I don’t really know them, but I’m telling you that most of them don’t have steps for business.

Let me tell you what happens. When you have steps for business, you can do a course like what I did or you can consult for companies like I do.

You know why? Because you can put different people in the business and it will still work because the steps are already there. That’s how it works. So if you want to get paid, if you want to build something, here’s my recommendation to you guys right now.

Whatever you do, I know this is not just physical therapists right here, write it down. If whatever… Click To Tweet.


A true business owner

If you can show a system for what you do, there’s people out there that have money. People out there that have money, also known as investors, and all they want to do is to buy things – or invest in things and in people that have very good systems.  That’s the message for today.

That’s what a true business owner is. Not a self-employed PT, but a business owner. Yes, you need to start self-employed and to understand and build a reputation for yourself. When you go to business, it’s all about systems. There you go, business knowledge for you all this morning.

How I had built my brand from my company is through my blog… I am a private guy but I don’t mind talking about my journey. I just like to be real and authentic. Business is not easy; life’s not easy. Being a good dad is not easy. Being a good husband is not easy. But there’s nothing good I have ever gotten in life that was easy.

There’s nothing good about easy. Life’s just damn hard. It’s important, when things get tough it’s good to know there are other people out there that understand and that you know they are grinding with you. If you know that, life just gets better and seems more manageable. It’s just so much better, to be able to ride it out with other people.

You approach your investors with your system and your passion. Click To Tweet

Let’s just say the course is worth five million dollars. Remember, no investor cares about anything else but your system. But here’s the difference between you getting a million and five million: Passion!!!!!!

If I wanted to sell you on my course, let me show you two ways I could do it.

  1. Non-passion way…. “I’m Greg Todd. Yeah, I have this course you know? Yeah it’s pretty good. Physical therapists kinda like it. Overall I think I put a lot of good stuff in there. Yeah, so you guys just take a look at it and let me know what you think.”
  2. Passion way …. “Hey guys, listen! I can tell you right now over my sixteen years of being a physical therapist and getting my company to a 7-figure business. Every step of the way has been put in this course. This course unleashes the power for every physical therapist to totally explode their career. This is not a course just for one individual person for success. This is a course that will change the entire industry!”

You see the difference? That’s the difference. It’s passion.

When you got passion you don’t have to sell. Click To Tweet

I hate selling. One who sells is the one don’t believe in their niche. It’s people that do not believe in their stuff. They are like, “damn I got to sell.” because you don’t believe in it. I believe in what I do.

I know that there’s a lot of people that follow me and they believe in me. When somebody believes in you, they’re gonna refer other people to you.

You don’t build a business, and a reputation by yourself. People promote you. When you ride or die with people, with patients, and with staff, they will help promote your personal brand.

No matter where you at now at life, just enjoy life. Just make things happen. No matter how hard things get, just be thankful for what you currently have. Be thankful for where you’re at right now.

Be thankful that your trials are actually teaching something to you. Click To Tweet

The Power of Repetition

It is crazy to me being asked to consult for companies. Most of the companies that asked me to consult for them – you know what they want from me? They want me to use my gift of teaching and explaining their product.

Usually it’s like, for instance, as a physical therapist – a few of you in the group have been a patient of mine. My strength is my ability to educate. I can give you your condition that you have and I can actually make you understand it for the first time in your life. I do that for disc problems, neck problems, hip problems, hamstring problems. I have this gift of explaining things to people so that they actually understand it. And that’s what companies mostly want me to consult and do for them.

This is so important because I’ve struggle with speech impediment; I’ve struggle with stuttering. I’ve struggle stuttering all of my life. I nearly did not become a physical therapist because of my stuttering problems. And how I have been able to overcome those stuttering problems – dealing with people every single day.

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Is because of reps. It’s repetition. It’s doing something over and over again until you get to the point where you have what I call… Click To Tweet Meaning that, you know how like, sometime you’re driving on the highway. And you’re like, “wait, how did I just get over here when I was just over there. How did i just do that?” that’s because you are so proficient at driving that sometimes you don’t even have to be totally conscious and aware of what you’re doing. And you’re so good at it and you can get to point A to point B and now you don’t remember how did that happen. That’s called: unconscious competence.

Watch the video here: The Power of Repetition

If you want to be good at something that you currently aren’t good at, you have to do so many… Click To Tweet

Remember how hard it was to get started? Remember how difficult it was to do a burpee; or how difficult it was push out reps when you are doing chest press; or do bear crawls with someone you’re doing right now. How difficult it was? But how comes overtime it does get a little bit easier? It’s because of repetition.

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Whatever you want to do in life, you have to repeat it out. Click To Tweet You’re going to have to just constantly do it until your body just becomes proficient with it. Take it from me. “Stuttering Greg” is now known as an educator and a speaker. It’s crazy but you know what, it’s the truth. If you want to get good at something, do it consistently over and over again. Don’t stop until you get good at it. And then when you get good at it, do more. So you can get… Click To Tweet

The Future Depends On You

The future for so many people depends on you.  The future truly depend on you.

I had no concept of that. I just thought that as I have been doing my thing – doing live trying to just grind to get through. Take care of myself,  my wife and then we had one kid, then two, then three, then four. I am just going to take care what I have to take care since I brought these people into the world figuring out how to get some food and how to put some clothes on their back. What I really did not understand until the last couple years is how much people’s future is going to depend on the decisions that I make and that you make.

I went with my staff to Orlando, there were thirty of us. As we were driving back home, my wife and I were kind of just chatting then she asked me, “Who’s the employee that been with you the longest?” and I said, “Sheryl, she’s been with me for thirteen years and then the second one is Julie who is been with me for eight years.” So, this is an interesting story.

I just want to quickly tell you. You know how I got Julie? Julie was finishing up her internship. Remember I was working on a tennis store? I was a physical therapist for a lot of WTA ATP players. Julie finished her internship, they had no job for her, she didn’t want to go back to Winsconsin so she came to my office and say,

“Hey. Do you need some help around here?”  and I say, “uh, no. I am good.” so, I am doing my thing. She came to my office later and say, “Hey. Do you need help around here?” and I am like, “No. I am straight. Have a nice life.” A week later, guess what happened? A patient that I was treating for her hip sent me a letter. She sent me a letter saying, “Greg, thank you so much for your help but I got to tell you something. I am not coming back to your clinic because I don’t feel your table was clean.” you know me, I am a perfectionist. I was running all over the place treating patients and I think I forgot to wipe down the table before I treated her and that lady brought me a letter.

A day later, Julie came in. She said, “Do you need any help?” I said, “yes, actually I do.” and so, that was the story on how Julie came on to my clinic. From Julie, my first ever tech, so many people were hired because I finally got help and I was able to serve more people. And Julie has made such an impact in our Tampa Bay community. That one decision I made has kept that person and it was meant to be. You know something that is crazy about it? Julie was planning to get back her masters but she was like, “I want to do what you do. How do you work with these players. I want to travel like you.” I said, “you need to become a PT.” she said, “I can’t do that” and I said, “sure you can.” she dropped out of her classes and started the journey to become a PT and now is the full time head PT at my clinic just graduated out of school. My first ever patient that I had at my clinic was that chic right there. My second ever patient at my clinic because she came to my clinic and I didn’t have a lot of patients. I just gave her everything I could think of. She has now been a physical therapist. The second patient I had has been a physical therapist now for six years. It totally changed her life. It totally changed the course of her life with her interaction with me. My third ever patient at the clinic has now been married for two and a half years to one of my other patient and they have their first child who is four months old.

Watch the video here: The Future Depends on You

You guys don’t understand. I didn’t understand this neither. I did not understand that the things that you do, people are waiting for you. They’re waiting for you. Their future depends on you. The decision you make are basically going to dictate what happens to other people’s lives. Click To TweetWhether they meet you or not. Whether you impact them or not. I just never truly got that. We tend to think that it just revolves around us and whether we do something or not, it’s really that big of a deal. Because it’s just about us. But once you truly understand that the future is going to depend other people’s lives –  the course of their life is going to be determined based on the decisions you make.

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The influence that you have over people and the decisions that are made are ridiculous. You don’t even think about it. You don’t realize what your impact is Click To Tweet. Somebody put in the DPT group for the students. I guess some girl, her name is Becky Roberts, she put in the group that she needed motivation today. And she put in the group, “Who’s the PT that motivates and inspires you? I need some today.” and apparently right after she did that, the first person mentioned me and I saw it. When I saw it, I just come back home, my heart was so full. It’s still goosebumps – the impact, everything that happened. We went and I was going to pick up some food at Outback and that girl needed some motivation. I don’t think she will realize what I am going to do and I said, “Go ahead Friend Request me and I am about to drop motivation with you right now.” she friend requested me and I didn’t type it out, you know I didn’t type, I speak and held on my Messenger and spit fire at her. And that girl was so grateful and then more people kept on asking. My heart is so full. You don’t know that you can do one thing. Maybe that one little dose of inspiration – that took me thirty seconds to do. Maybe that one little thing is a difference of her getting through PT school and not getting through.

I don’t care if you are a PT or not, understand that whatever you do, you are going to influence people’s lives. Whether you like it or not. Whether you influence them for good or whether you influence them for bad – that’s totally up to you.

I think we need to be motivated. I need to be motivated. You can’t take a bath one time and expect to stay clean because you got to stink in about a day or two. You need constant cleaning; you need constant motivation. You guys have to understand that probably what you are going through right now – this is one thing I never understood. At the age of nineteen, twenty, twenty one, I was working as a receiver but a janitor, that is basically what it was – at TJ Max. I never understood that that was probably my hardest labor job.

Those things is what set me up for the things ahead. Working as a physical therapist on weekends wasn’t hard when you working as a janitor cleaning shit. If you are going through a rough time, you got to understand that is character building time. That’s the time where it’s building you up for what’s going to happen ten years from now. You can’t see that right now, all you are thinking about is “I am going in a rough time, I need motivation.” you’re going through a rough time – that is actually setting you up for what you are gonna be doing ten years from now. Me, working at TJ Max and having to grind and deal with stupid people, having to deal with rude people at where I was working at, that’s what set me up to be able to handle. I still believe that to this day the jobs that I had from age sixteen to twenty are the hardest jobs I had. I might get paid ten, fifteen, twenty times than I am at today but without those jobs I am not who I am today. I can’t relate to people the way that I relate today because of the things that I went through at that age. If I didn’t work at TJ Max, I could not have been working at a club on South Beach at the age of twenty two which I was making a hundred dollars a night. Because I knew how to deal with certain people, I was able to do that. And because I was able to work at a club at the age of twenty two, when I got my first job, I knew how to deal with a lot of people. What I did at sixteen set me up for what I was going to do at twenty; what I did at twenty set me up for what I was going to do at twenty two; what I did at twenty two set me up for what I was going to do at twenty eight; what I did at twenty eight set me up for what I was going to do today. The things that you are doing now are setting you up.

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We got to start some vision. Have vision. I understand that you are going with your grind. I get it, I appreciate it, and I respect it and I want you to push through it. But understand there is a reason why you are getting through it. You are going through it because it’s going to get you ready for what you are going to do ten years… Click To TweetYou can’t see that it, but I am telling you that’s how it is.

In 2004, I am at my clinic. I am treating this guy for a hip displacement. I knew he was part of the military but I didn’t know really more than that. I treat everybody the same, I don’t care if you are a professional athlete. I don’t care if you were a checker. I treat you the way I want to be treated. He was asking me, “how’s your weekend?” and I was like, “we actually went to this couple’s gathering at our church and my wife and I won the newly wed game.” the question that I won on is “If I didn’t marry my wife, who would I want to marry?” and my wife knew I said, “it is going to be Halley Berry.” and that’s how we clinched the win. And then he said, “oh I know Halley very well.” And the next night will be Emmy’s. He was the secretary of the Navy. I didn’t even know that. So, while they are at the Emmy’s he called up his boy and said, “have Halley hook us up.” Next day at my clinic, boom, federal express. My wife will get over it, she loves Will Smith.


Smart Success

Success does come at a price, it’s not a walk in a park. Now, I have looked at all the things that I learned through trials. I got really sick in 2009 after I did the San Francisco marathon and I couldn’t recover. I got sick to the point that I couldn’t exercise for over a year. Doctors told me that I couldn’t treat patients anymore. That forced me to have to learn other things besides treating people in physical therapy. What it allowed me to do is to see the big picture. It allowed me to be a little bit smarter with the things that I was doing.

Have any of you ever done crossfit before? I am doing crossfit – I do it a couple days /week – When I do crossfit, the coaches are always queueing me on form. When I am doing a deadlift and sometimes I want to flex my back –  they are queueing me on form because when I get my form right, I get more efficient. And if I become more efficient, I can lift more. I don’t open myself up to injury as much. I become much more proficient in that exercise which means I can do other things because I am not taxing out my body as much. This is called smart success.

What has happened to me through my trials is that I have learned that success does come in different forms. Maybe I was perceived successful in 2005, 2006 when I open up my clinic. I guess I was perceived successful in 2009 and 2010 when I was drowning with patient care- at least I was making a good living.

Over time, you learn how to become efficient. How to become better. How to become faster, stronger, you learn those things and your success in my opinion, becomes smarter. That’s the reason why I called my course Smart Success. Because through my trials and experiences, I have found that this is the quickest, most efficient way to become an amazing physical therapist.

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It’s by doing the things that I am instructing my students to do. I feel like my success now is smart because I am so efficient with my time. I’ve worked on my leadership. I’ve worked on myself to have people want to work for me; people want to be on my team.

People that work for me, they will work while I am doing this and I am still impacting people. That’s why I am putting on the course, to show you guys how to do that so that you can become a leader – and attract people to you. I have shown people, instead of doing it the traditional way begging physicians for referrals, there’s a way to do it through direct marketing, through talking to people and build a following in social media.

It’s Smart Success.

Because if I do this I can take my kids to the bus stop, I can hug and kiss my wife and have coffee and breakfast together. That means a lot to me because I nearly had that taken away from me. In 2012, I nearly had that taken away from me. I was unconscious, I was on the floor, while I was at my parents house in Miami.

They didn’t know what was wrong with me. They thought I was dead.


When you have certain things taken away from you, you realize that life is short.  If you are going to do stuff, you’ve got to do it smart.  I want to spend time with the people I want to spend time with. I have now trickled that over in my job. I don’t want employees working more than 40 hours a week. You’ll get your benefits, you’ll get your full 40 hours, you are not working more than 4 days a week if you work for my company because I believe that life is precious.

Everybody needs to spend time with the people that they love. Everyone needs to spend time with their family. That’s my culture. I teach my people, “we are not going to work harder, we are going to work smart.” We are going to give people amazing experiences at our clinics and there is no reason why we have to be here more than 4 days a week. We just stagger our schedules.

You guys who have taken the course – you have to want it. It’s not like you purchase the course and then all of a sudden you have this osmosis. Somehow what comes in my online platform just comes in your head. It doesn’t work like that. You have to put in the work. All I have done is I’ve laid it out for you to make you think different, to make you see the opportunities. That’s all I’ve done.

My heart wants to help people in the profession. I got this opportunity to open up my third clinic or it was to create a course. She (my wife) actually want me to do the courses. I wanted to do the courses because after I spoke at PPS last year in November, and my talk was the highest rated talk of the conference, everybody wanted me to consult for them to help with their practices. That sounds cool but when you have four kids and you have a wife, you realize that’s not really I want to do. I don’t want to travel 35 weeks out of the year. If that was the case, I would have stayed and work with the tennis players. Smart is creating a course so that if you really want it, it’s there for you.

I hope that it helps because in PT we don’t just do things smart, we do things hard. That’s why people burn out.

Should you be an Entrepreneur then answer this one question

Do you value your time? I once took my family to the Bush Gardens. About fifteen minutes from the park, we are at a stop light and a lady had a sign up saying “She is homeless…” My wife took out ten dollars out of her purse and we give it to the lady. That sparked a conversation about our journey and money and all about other stuff. The conversation came up about why I became an entrepreneur.

I never had this entrepreneurial mind. I am a guy that wanted stability. I just want to work a 9 to 5. I wanted to have a family, I always dream of having a cute wife and having some cute kids but I don’t have massive aspirations of owning a business. But early on our relationship, she get jealous and said she loves time. My wife doesn’t need the Gucci bag. We still shop at consignment shop for our kids. We are not material people. Most of the time when I get her gifts for Christmas, she returns that back because she feels like she can get it on sale or at a garage sale. That’s just the type of chick that she is. What she wants is she wants my time.

2005, I was working for a corporation. I started from the bottom and we started from nothing – zero patients. In a year, I doubled their projection in numbers – all I am asking is “hey I am giving you everything that you wanted, can you allow me to work four days a week?” and they said, “No.” Why? I have done anything they wanted, and more – why can’t I work four days a week? Because my wife wanted time. She is working, doing her internship for teaching. We didn’t have any time for each other. All she wants is my time – my job wasn’t giving me my time. So I asked them again two months later and they said, “No, you have to work five days a week.” I just kept on grinding and show them the clinic is having 30 visits a day. And I asked them again, “can I have at least one off per week?” and all I have to do is work ten hours a day so I still get my 40 and they are like, “No.” So that was it, two weeks later, pregnant wife with our second child, no major savings – I resigned. I wasn’t taking anymore of that bullshit. I value the relationship with my wife, she wanted time and I wanted to give her time. Our relationship today, fifteen and a half years being married and people are always like, “your kids are so good. Your relationship with your wife is so great.” A lot of people see us behind the scenes and they know that we are lovebirds because I spent so much time on her. She doesn’t want the coins, she wants the time.

When you are an employee, they don’t give you time. Because that means so much to me, of my company nobody works more than four days a week because I value that  and so I am giving that to them. We are going to work smarter, not necessarily to grind more. Everybody works four days a week. Everybody gets one day off. Because the struggles that I went through I put all that unto my employees.

Do you want to be a business owner/ entrepreneur? Do you value your time? That is the question that you need to ask. Let’s forget about coin right now. If you value your time, you’re never going to be satisfied working the five-day, six-day, forty to fifty hour hustle. There’s only so much time.

I love my family more than physical therapy. I love my wife more than physical therapy. I love all of my four children more than physical therapy. I love the fact that I don’t have to miss events that I used to because they wouldn’t give me my time.

Is it time that you want? If it is, you have to be an entrepreneur.

One Piece of Advice to New Physical Therapists

Lead with education. As a physical therapist, we are trained that our biggest value set is our hands. I am not saying there is anything wrong with your hands or learning new skills. But the day you come out of school, I’m probably the first person that will be telling you this: “You actually know  more than enough. You have enough skills to be a competent physical therapist.” Here’s what I think many PTs don’t have. Many PTs don’t know how to actually piece it together to present it to a patient.

Leading with education is the key.

Watch this video: One Piece of Advice for New Therapists

One thing you have to understand is that with the way insurance is today – there’s more responsibility to the patient. Their deductibles are higher; their out of pocket responsibility is higher; their co-pays are higher. We have this responsibility to the insurance company – to document and justify why the patient is there. But you know who gets left out a lot of times?

The patient. They get left out.

We don’t explain to them, “hey this is actually what is going on with you.” “this is what is happening with your neck or your back, shoulder, knee or your elbow.” And if there’s any one thing that I can tell you right now – it is to lead with education. If your patients don’t understand why they are doing what they’re doing, they will smile at you but they won’t come back. Their hair appointments will be much more important. The football game will be much more important. Please understand that.

One of the companies that I consult for who I personally think has the best medical app for physical therapists in the United States (Complete Anatomy) – is 3D4 Medical, I was telling them that there are lots of new grads that just finished school and I wish they had access to your app. Guess what they did, they have given all of the people that follow my page or anybody that I share a link with a 20% discount on their app. Below this video, I will put a link for you guys to have access to that. If you follow that link, it will say because you are a friend of Greg Todd – you can get our app for 20% off. This app is absolutely amazing. I really just want to make you guys have good habits from the get-go. This is for all physical therapists. But, when you’re five years out or six years out, you’re kind of stuck in your ways. But when you’re a new grad, you don’t know any different. If you don’t want people to disrespect you, if you want people to honor your DPT; if you want the people to continue to come in for their appointments – you show them your knowledge. Show them your skill sets of communication. Lead with education. Show them their problem. Use amazing technology to deliver your message and you will never have issues with respect. It will build your confidence.

Get Complete Anatomy with a 20% off discount here.

If you don’t do it, it will crush your confidence. It will create constant doubt in your ability to make decisions for patients… And it will slowly ruin your career.

No Need to Change Who You Are

There’s a lot of people in this world. One night, my wife’s cousin was here. I’m not going to get to her full story. She’s successful, graduated from college five-six years ago; she’s doing her thing for a company. She doesn’t really care for the company that much and she’s trying to decide if she could go back to school to be an attorney or do this, do that, just all types of things. And I was just telling her that she was very good with communicating. She has great energy. She’s a smart girl. I was telling her, “you know? There’s a lot of people in this world.” she’s like, “What are you talking about Greg?” I said, “there’s a lot of people in this world that can learn from you.”

I showed her this picture over here. This picture is a picture of the old orange bowl. You guys know, I am Hurricane fan and that’s like 70,000 people in that picture. Do you guys realize that 70,000 people in Miami is 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of the people in Miami. Miami is 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of the people in Florida. And Florida is 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of the people in America and the list goes on and on. Meaning that, there are so many people – and I said to her, “look, are you telling me that right now there’s not one person in that stadium that couldn’t benefit of something that you know?” there’s not one person? There’s a lot of people in this world. There’s no reason for you to be anything different of who you are. Who you are at the core – you don’t have to change. There’s just so many people out there. Somebody is going to like you. Somebody is going to dig you on how you are.

Yesterday, I was looking in my clinic and we had all this music going on and there was 53 patients going into our clinic. There’s enough people that are going to dig us the way we are and we don’t have to worry about the other people. We just don’t have to worry about it. There’s just enough people that are going to vibe with you. “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” I totally love that. If you don’t dig me, if you don’t dig my energy, if you don’t dig my superhero stuff, that’s fine. Just bounce. There’s no problem. There’s enough people that are cool of who I am. And when you are who you are, you don’t have to like, “oh my gosh, what am I gonna talk today?” you just talk about what comes into your head. Like your talking to your sister or your brother or your wife or your husband. It’s just a liberating feeling. I just want to remind you guys that before I left – there’s a lot of people in this world. And with technology and social media, it makes it even easier for those people to find you. And you don’t have to change. You don’t have to change who you are at the core. There’s people that just dig you.

My Agenda

Somebody asked me one day “Dude, I followed you on social media. Are you a motivational speaker?” “Not really. I am a physical therapist.” he said, “you inspire, you motivate. You helped me out so much.” You know, there’s a lot of people that stalk and lurk on you but you don’t really know who you are influencing. It’s crazy. Because my reach each day with my videos are about 2500 people. But, that’s what I know of. You don’t know who you’re reaching or impacting. Just do your thing.

Am I a motivator? Yes, I guess I am. But let me tell you my agenda. Because I really do have an agenda. My agenda is this. Growing up, I think I was in the twelfth grade, there was a man. His name is Patrick Hadley. I used to fly these remote control planes, I actually saved up all of my money – like my parent gave me three dollars per lunch. I never had lunch at school. I saved up all of my money. So that in a year, I was able to buy one of these radio controlled planes. And this man, Patrick Hadley, he’s going to the same church that I’m going in to used to fly them as well. And he taught me how to fly them. Now, looking back, he actually served as my mentor. Because while we’re flying – he had two young boys, but they are like babies and I am a seventeen, sixteen year old kid, whatever. One day he said something to me, because I didn’t do great in high school. But he said something to me that changed my life. He said, “well Greg, whatever you do in college. Just remember, you’re probably be doing it until you’re sixty five so, don’t shortcut it.” that’s all the dude told me. And that stayed in my head. And when I had to decide as an average B student if I should do physical therapy, that one comment from that man stayed in my head. And that’s what made me flip the switch when I got in to college. First semester college, straight A’s. Never had that in my life. Second semester college, all A’s, one B+. But that one thing he said completely changed the way that I approached school. I went into college working part-time and the hardest classes I have ever taken in my life. But just because that man invested in me, I said, “you know what? I needed to do the same thing for kids.” So believe it or not, some of the demographics I am trying to reach is like 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade because I know that a lot of people don’t have fathers. They don’t have fathers, men, even black men in the household showing them that it can be done. So that’s my agenda.

Here’s my second agenda. My pastor talked about this yesterday. My pastor gives me this analogy about encouragement. Back in the day when used to play baseball and when he was in a slump – coz I used to play baseball to and I used to get on a slump and can’t hit a damn thing. So he’s out there getting ready to hit the ball, and he gets up the bat and he hears the kids in the dugout saying, “oh crap, Greg’s up.” It’s just a confidence killer, right? You already suck, you already aren’t doing good and they’re like, “oh, crap. Greg’s up.” and it’s just a killer. I know how powerful because I built my career on this. I know how powerful a word of encouragement is to people. That are constantly broken down over and over again. And I understand difference, like right now every single one of you that are on – I tell you, you can do it. I know that little jolt of confidence, that little encouragement could be the difference with you jumping trying something versus you just saying, “I’m not doing it.” And I know that as a physical therapist are people, just like physicians are people. And I know my people in physical therapy because I have been there around a long time, they struggle with confidence. And they have this incredible skillset but they’re confidence is so low for the most part that they just don’t feel comfortable with decision making. With making that move. They’re always waiting for someone to tell them what to do in the form of a physician or this or that. That kills them, it kills them. And I don’t just see a whole lot of PTs out there saying I’m going to give somebody a word of encouragement. I’m going to do that for people. That’s my agenda.

Yes, many of my videos are gonna come across as motivational. And rightfully so. You know what? I am a motivator. Because every single time that I talk at any conference, people come up to me after and say, “you have inspired me.” I’m usually talking on how I use my website to build my business. But because my story is real and authentic and people realize that in my talk – a lot of times I am saying, “why can’t you do it? I believe you can do it.” I’ll go to people and I am looking at this white lady over here and I am like, “what’s your name?” “My name is Sussie” “Sussie, why can’t you do it?” and then I am looking over here, the black dude over here, “why can’t you do it Tyron?” and I didn’t realize that I naturally do that. I naturally want people to know that they can do it because they can. And I can’t see you all right now. But I am telling you – you can do it if you want to. But it’s not easy. Nothing’s easy that’s worth it. It’s gonna be hard. A lot of things in life are hard but that doesn’t mean you can do it. Of course, you can do it.

But sometimes, you do need a little encouragement. Sometimes, you just need somebody to believe in you. And I’m telling you right now, lack of belief is a bitch. It will mess you up. So, that’s what I am to you. I’m going to encourage you. I’m going to tell every single one of you that you can do whatever you put your mind to. But you got to have to come with a gameplan. You have to surround yourself with people that are going to encourage you. And if you don’t have those people around you, then you’re gonna need to surround yourself with people that encourage you. Are you getting what I am saying? If your mom is not encouraging, or your wife is not encouraging, or your husband is not encouraging – I am not saying to go hurt them, I am saying put some headphones on and listen to me. Or put some headphones on and listen to Tony Robbins. You gonna have to have more people around you that you are taking in. That are encouraging you. Then you’re going to have people that you are not, or else you’re not able to do it. You’re gonna have to surround yourself with others that really are just lifting you up. And if you do that, you can do whatever you want. You can do anything you put your mind to. And that is my agenda.

You have probably a lot of things that you do well and that’s great. But right now, what I would do is I would say, “you got to decide – are you trying to help people through your talents?” and you have to decide of the two or three things that you are the best at. To me, that’s the key. You have to decide, I am best with these two-three things right now, I just need to do those things consistently. And you will attract people that way. If you do too many things, you end up doing a lot for nothing. You just running hard in place. So take the two things. For me, I am a good physical therapist. I am good at motivating. I am good at teaching. This is what I realize, I still treat patients – going to my office and work today and treat again on Wednesday and I am done for the week. But what I am the best at is teaching and motivating. You just going to do the things that you are best at. You might have a lot of talents and I totally believe that. But just focus on the things that you are really good at. Just take two. And if two is overwhelming, take one. Start doing that and start honing your craft with that. Because you will attract people.

The mind is a battlefield. There are hours that I have massively high motivation and then I crash like two hours later. You guys have to understand, the mind is a battlefield. If you are not constantly working on making yourself better mentally, if you’re not constantly filling yourself with stuffs – you guys think I just have it? I listen to Eric Thomas, I listen to Tony Robbins, I listen to Les Brown, I listen to myself. I listen to my previous Periscope broadcast because I will motivate myself. You have to be constantly investing because if not, you lose your motivation. You can lose your motivation in five minutes.I am a bible-believer man so I am always in the word and I can pull from that. You got to have places that you’re pulling from. Because if you don’t have that and then when rough times come and you got no rock you’re on – you’re in trouble. Keep that in mind.