Be the Bigger Person

I always tell my employees, my wife, my friends that you need to be the bigger person. This morning I was reading a devotional. This devotional was about arguments. How do you resolve conflict?

My reasoning for doing these blogs consistently is to make you better. Sometimes it could be physically, sometimes it could be emotionally. Sometimes it could be with relationships. It is to help you become better. One of the things about conflict when you are dealing with people is that you are always wrong. The other person can be wrong too. You could be 99.99 percent right in this conflict and .01 percent wrong. But someone has to be the bigger person.

resolve conflict

Resolve Conflict by Learning to say “Sorry”

I would say one of the biggest attributes to success in my Physical Therapy company over the last 11 years is that if we have a conflict with a patient or if they are not happy about their scheduled time or maybe they are not happy about something, I say “I am sorry”. This happened two weeks ago at my office. I don’t know what happened at our front desk, but something happened with a patient and the first thing I did when I saw the patient was to say “I am sorry”. I didn’t even do anything!!! But I had to say I am sorry because you have to understand that when it comes to resolving conflict, someone has to say they are “Sorry, I apologize for my part in this”. At the end of the day, what I realize is if I am going to ask people to work out and invest in themselves… if I am going ask people to do those things, we have to be right emotionally and mentally.

If there are relationships in our life that are just holding us back, it makes us not want to move forward with other parts of our life. That is really the truth, and if you have a relationship today that is unresolved and there is conflict there, be the bigger person and apologize. Even if it really isn’t your fault, just apologize. I am telling you right now, one of the best books I ever read, is a book by Dale Carnegie called How to Win Friends and Influence People. At the end of the day, that is more important than getting muscles.

You have to learn how to get along with people. It will to take you so far in life. We need to learn how to deal with people better. If I had to take one attribute that I have that has allowed me to get to the places that I am in life, it is learning how to deal with people and even more importantly, how to deal with complicated people. So that is my message for today. No exercise, no fitness motivational talk. Just deal with people. Say ‘I am SORRY”, even if it is not your fault.


Generosity leads to charity and forgiveness.  So this weekend at church, there was this amazing message that was given on the importance of giving.

Before we went to church, my daughter, who is a volunteer with 3-4 yr. olds was telling me how much she loves to serve. She was describing to me how she feels “amazing” when working with the kids.

My pastor gave this pretty interesting description on his experience of going to the Dead Sea.

Generosity and Charity

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest lakes in the world, and marine life usually can’t survive in it. The Jordan River empties into the Dead Sea, but there is no other outlet for the Dead Sea. Water is going in, but none going out.
He was creating an analogy in which those of us that don’t give, usually feel “dead” inside.

This might not make sense to some people, but I totally relate to what he was trying to say.
Growing up, I was not a giver. I just felt like whatever I got, I had to hold onto… And always felt that I wasn’t going to get anymore. I didn’t like to share with anyone.

But with maturity, and having God as a more present figure in my life, I have learned that giving is absolutely amazing. And I’m not talking about giving, with the intention of getting back from people. I’m talking about giving (whether that be money or time) with a cheerful and grateful heart… And understanding that nothing I have achieved could’ve been possible without God. So if it’s not mine to begin with, who am I to try to hold onto it anyways?

Generosity: Choosing the Life of Overflow

The more I start to understand that opportunities will always present itself to me, because it’s not for me to have more and hold onto, it’s for me to give back to others…the less anxiety I have about ever being in need for anything again.
I tell you guys that, because people think that business is strictly about hustling, grinding, and coming out with the next greatest and best idea.

That does play a big part, but there are principles that have been in place for thousands of years that haven’t changed.

Give whatever you have with a cheerful and grateful heart with no expectation of getting back. Trust me.. you will feel great about it.

Perks of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship. I love being an entrepreneur… Entrepreneurship can change your life! Why?

Because I do have more control of my time. But please… Don’t let anybody fool you into thinking that if you’re your own boss… You don’t have to work hard.

That sounds like an entrepreneur that won’t be in business for very long.

Yesterday, I saw over 20 patients, and nine new consults. I didn’t leave my office until close to 9 pm as I was finishing up documentation.

Tomorrow, my team and I have 32 patients on our schedule, with 9 new consults that I will have to see…
This morning, even though I didn’t have to work at the clinic today… I still woke up at 5 AM, so that I can get my workout in, and get all my work done before noon… So that Kerry and I can get in a lunch date before the kids come home from school.

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy.

Personally, I love being able to do mid-day lunch dates like this in the week…but that’s just what floats my boat…and that’s the perks of being an entrepreneur. But, you still have to put in the work.

I love that I can offer fitness/wellness programs in my clinics without having to answer to some idiot corporate guy that just wants to pound out as many physical therapy patients as possible and not help people beyond that.

So that’s the perks of being your own boss…. but if you are a boss that doesn’t challenge yourself, gives yourself off more days, than days that you are working probably won’t be around for very long.