My 5 Favorite Personal Development Books


I have been helped more with personal development than I have with any particular CEU course I’ve taken. Physical therapy continuing education is fantastic.  But the truth is that in this game what they don’t tell you is that you are capped out with what you can make from learning new techniques.

 You are not getting rewarded for learning more techniques. Why? Because insurance doesn’t give a crap, they just don’t care…I’m not really sure how else to say it, but there you go.  At the end of the day, people just care about themselves and their transformation. Click To Tweet

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What has helped me the most is personal development. I am in  personal development about 1.5-3 hours every single day and I have been doing that consistently for the past 4 years. The more I am in it the more successful I get – It’s that simple.

Here are my favorite personal development books.

1.) Awaken the Giant by Tony Robbins          

Awaken the Giant is a very short book but that will get you going. He gives so many tips.

Tony Robbins, is one of the few dudes that I never get sick of hearing.  Some guys are saying the same things over and over. He has such a wealth of knowledge.

If you get the audio book for it, it’s a short hour and twelve minutes, you are going to get so much from what he is telling you.

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2.) Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy.

This was probably the best overall book I’ve read as a business owner.  Darren Hardy is the founder of Success Magazine. He has an amazing story. He became a millionaire by 21, and he talks about the different businesses he’s been through but really everything that he said in the book, I was like, “yup yup yup!!!” about business. 



3.) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

If you are going to get promoted, you are going to have to be someone that is influential, and someone that is liked. If you are a total tool and you have the greatest skillset, you will just be at the level that your great skillset can get you to.  But if you are likable??? Skies the limit. 

I haven’t gotten to this point my own, it’s because people have promoted me. I’ve worked for probably about 15 hours for the last three months clinically. It’s because I have been able to influence people and people want to work for me and I learned a lot of it through this book. 

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4.) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Probably of all the books that I have told you, this is the longest book, but at the end of the day this is what you gotta understand – successful people have successful habits. That’s really it.

They have habits that unsuccessful people don’t have. So if you want to learn what those habits are, read this book. This book will tell you, “this is what they do” and if you start doing it you will see your life start to change.

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5.) It’s Not About You by Bob Burg and John David Mann

It’s simple, it’s effective, but it really is true. One of the biggest things that I see all the time is everybody wants it to be about them. When I focused my energy on not making it about me, and just finding ways to make my staff happy, that’s when everything changed.

I realized it’s not about me, it’s about them. If I can make these people happy, then they are going to make me happy. If I can make these people happy then they are going to make our patients happy. I gotta cater and serve them. I gotta make sure that they get everything that they want. You are not going to fix every single patient. So if you are basing your relationship off of you fixing every single person, then what’s the odds of… Click To TweetThere are people that come to my office that are not fixed but I was honest with them, and our relationship flourished.

I am like, “Look the things that we are doing aren’t working. Here are some options and let’s take it a step further. I am going to text and email you. Also I will make sure that you get to this other provider.”

I will do those things because it’s about you, it’s not about me. You came to me with your care. If I can’t do it (most of the time I can), I will make sure you are okay. I have people that I never fixed and they sent me so many patients because I make it not about me.

I see this all the time with physical therapists and they are like, “this patient saying they got a 10 out of 10 pain and they are rolling their eyes” it’s not about you, it’s about them. Whether they have a 10 out of 10 pain or not, it doesn’t matter.

Obviously they are trying to tell you something, so just remember, it’s about them.

If you start reading these books, they are going to teach you things you won’t learn in college. These things are going to teach you the true hustle, how to build emotional intelligence, and how to build proper habits.

As a young physical therapist, all you learn is how to pass the NPTE. You pay 6 figures+ for that today. That’s all you learn.  These are my five books that I would say will put you in the right direction.

Importance of Personal Development

When people talk about personal development, to me, I thought Personal Development was like if you didn’t have money and you go in a shrink. I look down on it so much, I just didn’t understand it. I thought, is there something wrong, like it’s self help? Is there something wrong with me? Why did I need that? Personal development is the key to your success because personal development is just you getting better in whatever area in life you are not so good at.

I have always been a giving person. I was a guy like, “I’m about me; I’m about trying to get my; I just try to get what I can.” but I decided that I needed help because I had my clinics and I was doing my thing – I am doing good – but it was all about me. I started to read books that was teaching me about leadership and how you need to promote others before yourself. For me, I needed help with leadership. That’s the personal development that I needed. And then I started to go in personal development that started to help me more with my confidence. The fact that I can come on here and I can speak to you and speak from my heart; sometimes I speak about my faith. You know how hard that is? Because you are thinking in your head, “maybe people don’t agree with me; maybe I can’t say anything.” that is confidence. How do you develop that? Personal development. Working on your mind. Working on trying to get out of your way. You are blocking yourself. How many times are you getting in your way? Think about it for a second. How many times are you like, “okay, I want to say this but I am so nervous that I am going to piss X, Y, and Z off – then I am not going to say it.” just think about that for a second. How are you going to ever pass that. Is there like a course you are going to take in college that is going to help you with that? I don’t know, I didn’t see it when I was in college. You are gonna have to get in personal development. How are you going to get into the point where you are going to put others first instead of yourself. You are gonna have to get in personal development.

Going to college and becoming a physical therapist, obviously, that has been fantastic. But personal development is what took me from being a good physical therapist to a million-dollar company. I can tell you right now if there is one thing I could be attributed to besides my God – in Him who keeps blessing me and putting opportunities in my way – it’s personal development. Personal development allows me to go after things even though I feel I am not ready, it gives me the confidence to just go for it. Personal development is what taught me how money works and how compound interest works either for you or against you – that’s personal development. Personal development has allowed me to understand business. Personal development has allowed me to understand what people are looking for. Personal development has allowed me to improve my leadership. Personal development has allowed me to become more confident. That’s why I start my course with that.

Because when you are a physical therapist – when you are in a room and you have a patient that’s trying to tell you what they learned in Google – do you have the confidence on how you are going to do it on that person but at the same time you are not going to piss that person off? That’s what you will learn in personal development. Sorry, your professor ain’t going to teach you that stuff. Personal development is going to teach you that.

I want to urge you all today. If you are not in a book, if you are not listening to audio, if you are not doing that, please start today. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes today. Just start getting in it; start feeding your mind telling yourself, “I am good enough. I can do this. I can be better. I can learn. I haven’t tapped out on my ceiling yet.” Personal development.

You know how hard it was for me? I live in a predominantly white area and until I had the confidence – because I want to be me, this is who I am. I am hiphop. I love all music but in my clinic I want to be who I am. Me. And I had to be okay in being me. And what has happened, we are just talking about it this weekend, everybody feels comfortable. Not everybody in my clinic likes this music or whatever – but when everybody feels good with, all my employees is they are comfortable of being themselves. But it took me to work on myself to have enough confidence like, “this is me. I don’t care what patient it is. This it me, take it or leave it.” and everybody in my clinic – why people would never leave my company – is because they know that we are totally okay with them being who they are. At the end of the day, if every single day you got to front and you going to be something that you are not, that’s not a good way to live. You are not going to be happy. You are just going to be pissy all the time because you are fronting – you are not who you are. You are being somebody else. Personal development will allow you to put out your authentic self. I can’t stress that enough.

I graduated in 2000. That was the last year that it was a bachelor in PT and I just never went back. What happened was I started working with the Professional Tennis Tour, working with players privately and travelling. My plan was from when I graduated school, was in five years I was to go back and get my MBA so that I can open up a business one day. Well, I never did that.

There is only so much gain that you will get with body weight – and I am a body weight guy – you have to lift. If you want to get serious muscle – I didn’t get this from body weight. Body weight is great but you have to throw up some weights. You just have to be safe, you have to know what you are doing. You have to have good form. You have to throw up some weights if you want to achieve those type of goals. You can do body weights stuff wrong, you can do lifting wrong as well. It’s a lot easier to hurt yourself with traditional lifting than it is to do with body weights training. Either way, just learn how to do it right. If you don’t know how to do it right then ask somebody that knows.

I am rich in blessings, I am rich in life, I am rich in health – which I wasn’t always.