Setbacks or Setup: Maximizing Opportunities

Turning Setbacks into bigger Opportunities

I honestly did this video blog at the beginning of the week. Totally forgot to post this because it’s just been maddening at the clinics (in a good way). All week I’ve been harping on this.It’s amazing how many perceived setbacks that I’ve personally experienced have turned into major setups for something bigger and better!

Apparently it’s not just me.

I have talked to numerous people this week that have had the same experiences. That’s why I feel as though this is such a great thing to talk about. I gave a few examples in this video blog on this. I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy this one!!


As a physical therapist, it is a constant reminder for me to relay to my patients. Your setbacks are just setups for something greater. It never fails.

When it comes to setbacks in Physical Therapy, it usually covers continuity within the program. As a therapist, it is our priority to get you on the right path through adversities that may come along in the program. At the end of the day, I always see to it that you are focused on the goal for the program.

Private Practice in a Nutshell – Starting a Company

Private Practice: Company of Physical Therapist

I think it’s important for people to know what our company is about. The clearer I present what we embody as a company, the less drama I have had to endure with people –  a private practice with clear goals. I don’t receive dud applications anymore. We attract people like us, because it’s clear what we stand for as a company.

Our motto is healing people, changing lives, transforming bodies.

We empower all of our patients. We use state-of-the-art technology to educate our patients. This will provide useful information about their physical therapy condition. By doing this, they can understand everything we can do as their therapists to better themselves and to accelerate the rehab process. We also use technology to leverage our communication with our patients. Whether that be via social media, text messaging, or email campaigns, they have total access to their therapist during treatment and non-treatment days. Because of this, the patients view of a physical therapist is now elevated. They see our ability to explain their conditions in ways they have never experienced. We rapidly gained the respect of the patient within that first visit.

Our goal for our patient is to have them better than they were pre-injury. That’s why we have programs for patients who have completed their physical therapy treatment plan. We offer additional services that promote personal changes in their lifestyle. This will positively impact their overall health and quality-of-life. We offer several options for these type clients. It can involve both fitness and nutritional programs within or outside of our facility.

The energy that is in our facilities is electric and palpable. Our staff live to the healthy lifestyle to be the example our patients need . We have crazy energy daily in our clinics. Couple that with the awesome atmosphere, the music, and TVs. It’s almost like a sports bar atmosphere within an outpatient facility. There’s nothing like it around.  Passion is what makes our company unique in so many ways.

Standout: Being Your Authentic Self!

Every Person is Unique: Standout from the Crowd

There’s a lot of people in this world. A LOT! You do not have to be that different to standout. All you have to do is be yourself.
You ever sit down and think about it? I’ll be at a sporting event sometimes, and just marvel at the magnitude of how many people are in the stadium, and it’s only like .0005% of the people in our city… and our city is like only .0000005% of people in our country.

When I finally grasped this concept of how big our world really is, I finally realized that as unique (maybe odd) as I am, there are enough people out there that would be attracted to my particular uniqueness. It’s just by default.. there’s just that many people.

There’s absolutely no reason to be anything other than your authentic self.
It honestly is like the most liberating thing… that you don’t have to play yourself and be like anyone else, because you understand that there are enough people in this world that will be attracted to your particular uniqueness. You feel totally FREE!!! It’s like running around in your superman underoos all day!!! Just liberating!!!!

How many people would be attracted to do physical therapy at clinics where they play Jay-Z, NeYo, Big Sean, and even sprinkle in a little Taylor Swift here and there?
How many people would be OK with their therapists dancing and talking loud and even hoverboarding in the clinic at times?

Well…apparently enough. We’ve had over 180,000 PT visits in our clinics since I became a co-owner. I’ve had over 1,500 fitness clients. About 20 min ago, I got the most heartfelt message from a former patient that I had over 10 years ago, who said that I inspired him during his recovery and now he is in physical therapy school to be a licensed physical therapist!!!

BE YOU. DO YOU. Trust me…there’s enough people that will dig you exactly the way you are. Standout!

Courtesy and Gratefulness – An Interview Experience

An Interview with Courtesy

OK so here’s the backstory about courtesy and gratefulness… Last night, I was being interviewed on a podcast about some of the things that I’ve done to create a successful business in physical therapy. The interviewer, is someone that I am very fond of. Probably one of the few physical therapy personalities that I have followed and treated as a mentor to me. So it was a pretty cool moment for me to be doing that for him, and he asked me to speak at his big mastermind conference that he’s having in two months.

So let’s face it.. This guy’s no slouch… He is one of the elite business minds in our field. During the interview, I can’t tell you how many times he continued to say thank you so much for the information that you’re giving me, “thank you thank you thank you… ”

He just continued to show so much gratitude for the time that I took out of my day to talk with him. It just stuck out to me that even through all of his success, he still has such a heart of gratitude for people investing their time in anything that he’s doing.
This morning, my daughter slept through her alarm, and missed the bus. Because of that, I had to stop my workout early so that I could try to get her to school on time. It really wasn’t that big of a deal, and I made absolutely no fuss about it.
A few hours later, she sends me this text.


And you know what? It really does mean a lot… just being able to show a sign of gratitude and being thankful for when people invest their time or energy in you… and just showing it through a simple gesture.
Success leaves clues… Show some gratitude, because the more grateful you are, the more likely that person is to help you out again.

Mentorship for Mentors: Never Stop Learning

Why Mentorship is for Everyone

Last week I talked about the importance of having an inner circle that has influence and how they can help you move forward in any facet of your life.
This is just such an important topic to begin with. There’s so many people that want better for themselves, and are actually willing to put in the work to do it… But they have absolutely no clue how to do so. Having that great drive to do whatever it takes to be successful is often not enough to get you to the top. What you need is a teacher to guide you along the way. That’s why I believe mentorship is so important. Everyone should have a mentor to look-up to for inspiration, guidance, and counsel.

Success is always attributed to some or any form of inspiration. This source of inspiration can be through people that we are directly in contact with life family or friends. Some use life stories of known people that mimic their own struggles and successes. To cut it short, it can be virtually anybody in your life that will greatly impact your success in the future.

Being on top can be lonely, as the saying goes. Having someone to be that guide to either reach new heights or maintain your position in life is one of the best ways to keep you level-headed. These people may not be able to contribute much on your savvy and skills but what they provide is genuine wisdom on life experiences. I as a mentor myself always see interaction with other people as an opportunity to learn something new.  Even mentors should have mentors. I have one.

In the video below, I talked about my top two reasons why mentorship is so important to everybody.

Opportunities: Always Take Advantage

When Opportunities Strikes

Today on my video blog, I talked about a story in which myself and another physical therapist got the same opportunities to work with top-level professional tennis players and I took it and he didn’t. He felt like it was just too inconvenient to work after normal work hours. Looking at it earning extra for hours that you can spent outside of your working hours can take its toll on yourself and your family. On the other hand, having another source of income is always a good thing and will pay-off sooner than you think.
Because I took that opportunity, my career took a completely different path than his.
He’s had five different jobs.  During the time that this one opportunity came, this lead led me to start my business and grow it to what it is today. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far.
If there’s one thing I can tell you, it is that you need to have a sense of urgency in anything that’s really important to you. You will have to learn how to manage time for work and and your family.
Whether that’s your career, or maybe even building a solid relationship with your spouse, or your children. There is no guarantee that the same opportunity is going to open itself up to you. Your kids might want to speak to you today, but five years from now when they get older, if you don’t invest in them from now… They might not want to have anything to do with you. Of the things that actually mean something to you, take advantage of every opportunity that you have and make the most out of it. You will never know what these opportunities will bring into your life unless you grab it.


Giving Spirit: A Learning Experience

What makes a Giving Spirit?

You know what I’ve learned? (As I wait for #kid2 bball practice to finish). A giving spirit makes you feel more successful in your life.

This morning I received a touching email from a lady that I was able to assist a few months ago with something in regards to physical therapy.

There’s no need to get into exactly what I did for her, but something I think is really important to understand.
I can tell you personally, I was so afraid to be successful, because it’s always been indoctrinated in me that successful people are greedy, and don’t give back.
That’s just not the truth… If you have been given the ability to have more resources, whether it’s in the form of money, time, or a gift of some sort… Having more of it, just makes you more of who you are already are.
People that are tools, just become bigger tools when they have more time on their hands or more money on their hands.

At the same time, people who are givers, become even more giving, and more powerful in their ability help and influence in a positive manner.
So if you are struggling with that, understand this… I was too. You have to get over that, if you really have your heart in the right place.
I know for a fact, that some of you have hearts of gold, and it’s a tragedy that you aren’t more successful… Because you have the ability to impact so many people in such a positive way.
Because there’s not as much of an urgency for coin in my life, I’ve been able to influence more people, and not have to think about every single person that I can influence having to pay me money. That’s a great feeling.
And I’m not going to apologize if I do make money… Because I know where my heart is, and I know the different people and organizations that benefit from my ability to make a good living.
Keep fighting for your goals and dreams… Because there’s a lot of people that could really benefit if you make it.

The Future of the Physical Therapy Profession: A message I wrote to current PT students

There is a Facebook group of Physical Therapy students that I am in. I decided to give them my take on the PT profession. I think the future is very bright right now. Here is what I told them.

All of you graduates and soon-to-be graduate should be so excited right now about the profession.

When I came out of school 15 years ago, I did have a goal of owning my own practice, but I knew that I would have to probably get a few MD’s to agree to send me patients so that I could have a solid referral base.

physical therapy

Now, that is totally not the case anymore…
There are a few things that have changed the game entirely.

What Can Be Expected from Physical Therapy?

Insurance (or the lack there of). People are having so much financial responsibility with their insurance, and the no co-pay or $5 co-pay is nonexistent. So now, if patients are going to have to pay $50-$80 to come to a therapy visit… They are going to be very selective about who they go to for physical therapy. If a doctor makes a recommendation, and they go for a visit or two and are totally unimpressed with the therapist, they’re gone. It’s too much money for people to waste on that care.
Do you guys want to know who’s my biggest referral source is? Bad physical therapists… and I’m not talking about your skill set.

I’m talking about physical therapists that are more excited about talking about where they’re going to go for happy hour versus striking up a conversation with a patient.

Physical therapists that are more excited about someone bringing them in donuts then they are about the progress that a patient is making.

Physical therapist that look at the time clock more than they look at their patients.

Those therapists (and there are plenty of them) have kept my clinics busting out the seams.

Once you get comfortable within your skill set… You could basically open up a practice with very very low overhead, take self pay patients… And can make a really good living off of it by just marketing on social media and the Internet.

And you know what the crazy part is? The APTA has finally figured it out… Just look at who the keynote speaker is. This guy (Gary Vanyerchuk has nothing to do with physical therapy, but what he has done is create two multimillion dollar businesses based off of incredible customer service and great social media skills.

Crap… They even asked me to speak at PPS this year. 😜

My first blog should be…. my first blog (This was written 7 years ago).

Start of Something Better: My First Blog

I’m no overnight success. This will be the first blog of this new site, but I wanted to take my initial blog of my first consulting site that I started to be the start of this one. In my next blog, I will explain what has happened from then until now. It’s been 6.5 years and my philosophy is still the same about the field of PT.

Anyways here it is:

My name is Greg Todd, and I have been a physical therapist working in outpatient orthopedics for the past 10 years. The first part of my career followed the path of most of my colleagues, in which I worked for the big players in the outpatient orthopedic rehab business. I, like most, grew frustrated with the long hours, lack of profit sharing, not being in control of my situation, and treating patients based on how my non-clinical CEOs, that had no clinical experience whatsoever, wanted me to treat.
I remember the Monday after my annual manager’s conference in October of 2004, in which I had that talk with myself that most therapists have had, that went something like this… “Why am I continuing to work for these people??? I know more about running a PT private practice than my bosses….” I finally decided that being my own boss, and doing my own thing was just way too irresistible. So, finally, after 5 years of corporate outpatient physical therapy, I decided to cut the cord, and go into private practice.

Since that time, it has been an absolutely incredible transformation in my life as a private practice owner..but it hasn’t always been easy.

I initially took the role of a self-employed physical therapist that worked for myself…. and realized that after a year or so, that there was no way I could maintain this. The long hours, sleepless nights, and the feeling of being overwhelmed by the daily grind, started to wear me down and questioned my love for the profession. I realized that I just had a job.. but I sure as hell didn’t own a business.

I realized that my thinking had to change, so I slowly started to wean my way out of just treating patient after patient, and to start treating the business as… well… a business!!!

The funny thing is that as I put less time into treating and more time into cultivating the business, things started to take shape. 60 hours went down to 50 hours… then to 40… then to 30… and now I work around 26-28 hours/week, and have a very profitable and sustainable business with many different streams of revenue using all the skills and talents of my clinical and non-clinical employees.

As PT’s, there’s a few things that we don’t have… with the main thing being any coherent business sense… and that was me just a few years ago. I don’t mean this as a shot at anyone reading this blog, but the truth is that understanding the business of outpatient physical therapy is merely an afterthought for schools, continuing education courses, etc.

But the things that we do have completely trumps all the negatives… and that is that we have an incredibly high demand product. We have an incredible combination of expertise in anatomy and movement, and we are able to use that in such an amazing way. In my opinion (biased as it may be), we are the leaders in musculoskeletal evaluation from a clinical examination aspect…but even more important, we have many answers to treating problems that people are looking for. The majority of people don’t want surgeries, they don’t want needles…but too often, our patients don’t understand what exactly physical therapy can do for them.

Someone once told me, “In many cases, too much of a good thing, can turn out to be bad thing”. I really think that holds true for many of us that are in private practice. Physical therapy has to be one of the most gratifying professions out there, but it’s very draining when you have to give so much to patients, day in and day out with no reprieve. And that really is why I felt the urge to start this blog.

The truth is, having a successful PT private practice, means that you have to be a good clinician, an even better manager, and a great entrepreneur….all in one.. and I’m here to tell you that it is quite simple to do. I have done it, and I will continue to do it as long as I can. I want to help YOU do it as well and it all needs to start just like with this first blog.