Get Uncomfortable

Here’s the story on the first day I worked with the #1 player in the world.

I walked into her room, and there were cameras all over. She had Eurosport doing a documentary on her.

I was sweating bullets while I was doing manual physical therapy on this girl. What’s even worse, was that the whole thing was videoed!!

When everybody told me, don’t open up your practice, you are going to lose everything.  I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable when I had to open my practice.

When I got sick in 2010, I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable; I had to stretch myself,  and learn all these different things that kept me valuable to my company.

When I decided I am going to help physical therapists and I started to create these online courses, understanding that nobody had done online courses like this before, I had to be comfortable with being uncomfortable again.

I am always getting uncomfortable. So I have my first launch, and we brought in people but I was uncomfortable with launching something, I was uncomfortable with asking people to pay me money so that I can teach them my ways.

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If you want magic to happen in your career….

I was uncomfortable with staying up night after night going through the process of my whole life as a PT and teaching people all this stuff night after night – that made me uncomfortable.


If you want magic to happen in your career, you have to be uncomfortable.


If you are just comfortable, guess what happens…You will be at a flatline your whole career.  Comfortable is “I am going to take the same CEU courses like everybody else” that’s comfortable. “I am going to build a relationship with businesses around the area”, that’s uncomfortable. Comfortable=flat line while uncomfortable=magic.

You have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. When I broke 25 min or even 22 minutes in my 5k, I was uncomfortable. I had to get uncomfortable with training, and during the race. When I broke 19 minutes in 2009 in my 5k, I was super uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable with my training, during the race, and I was uncomfortable after, but that’s when the magic happens. It happens when you are uncomfortable. If you don’t want to get uncomfortable, you ain’t going to have magic in your life.

Physical Therapy Career Tip – The Power of the Gift

I help physical therapists monetize and leverage their careers through innovative strategies, and that’s what my gift is. Apparently, my gift is also motivating and inspiring people. I think my story is just my story and it’s just me, and I think people find my story inspiring. It’s very easy for me to speak every day because I am just speaking about my life as a PT. I don’t have to prepare anything.


How many times has someone given you a gift? I am not talking about a physical gift but maybe words of wisdom, encouragement, direction, and you don’t take it?

Is it your gift? Well… if you didn’t take it. It’s still theirs.

I want to tell you all a story about a lady I met at an event last year. Her name was Paula and she wrote me this long letter (I’ll explain why). At that event in Orlando, which was a room full of private practice owners, she was the only person in the room that wasn’t a private practice owner.  Paula was trying to find direction in the field of physical therapy. She’s been a therapist for like 13 years, but she was considering opening up her own private practice, and her main reason for coming to the event was to get that answered.

After my talk on how to market yourself in private practice, she said that she finally had direction. That night when everybody else was going out, I decided to stay back, and take Paula out to dinner. We went to a local Macaroni grill and I just spoke to her. It would have been cooler to go out with the big names in the industry and talk it up, but this lady needed direction. I wanted us to leave that dinner with either her knowing that she’s going into private practice or her knowing that this is wasn’t for her. I spoke life into her. I just talked. It was a gift that I gave her.

BUT, She had to receive the gift!

She obviously was very thankful, and she wrote me this heartfelt letter thanking me for my time.

I think the thing that I want to tell you is this; I want to let you guys know that you all have gifts. Many of us have the same type of gift, and that’s the gift of understanding physical therapy, that’s the gift of the things that we learned in the field of physical therapy.

We have so many other gifts as well; All of us have hundreds  of gifts that we can give to other people. As a Physical Therapist, I think that we’re way too close to it that we don’t see what we do as a gift. We don’t realize that the things that we know, that we truly value it as a gift. Click To Tweet

Watch the full video here: Physical Therapy Career Tip – The Power of the Gift

We’re so good at what we do, and we are so gifted. We learn it (anatomy, kineisiology, and all the other things we learn in PT school), and you just think everybody knows it, but what I understand is that’s a gift that most people don’t know.  It’s a gift, and sometimes you’r e just way too close to it. I don’t know how to say it, and that’s why I said, “because of the things that you know you can give gifts out in the form of ebooks or webinars or audio books or regular books or online courses or whatever.”

You have to receive your gifts.

I am trying to give it out to as many physical therapists as possible, and they have to accept it, but if they don’t take it, it’s still my gift. There are people on here that took it the first time around, and now they have been blessed with that gift, and it changed their life.

Understand two things today. People are giving you a gift. Sometimes gifts are free, and sometimes gifts are paid, like me learning how to do all these things through social media was a gift. It was a gift from a woman that I paid $2,000 for, but it’s still a gift. Because I know how to leverage myself to levels that I never leveraged myself before and then honestly I just took a lot of that stuff and now I am teaching it to the people that I love the most. I am just giving that gift, the art of leverage, and just creating new gifts for PTs that they never learned in school.

Accept your gifts and own up to what your gifts are. Click To Tweet Give them out, own it. It’s not being cocky, it’s just being real. You have amazing gifts, every single one of you has a story.

Physical Therapy Career Tip – Know Who Are You Talking To

I want to talk today about who you are talking to. Who exactly are you talking to? This is in response to an article from Resilient Performance PT, and the guy’s name is Doug. His article was on “What is the language of physical therapy?” This article was so on-point. I just want to give you one little small sentence, and I want to talk to you about a story.

Here’s what Doug said, “It is not uncommon to see the self-anointed physical therapy intellectual elite criticize commercially successful colleagues who speak to the public in a language that it can understand. Simplify complex phenomenon like pain. Should private practice PTs be directing their message to other clinicians or directly to the public?”

This article goes on and on, but I want to tell you guys that this is critical.

Because I just want to tell you what I did for the first four years of my career versus what I’ve done for the last twelve years.

First 4 years of my career was all about getting as much initials after my name as possible.

Would my colleagues care about this? Yes…

Would my patients? Well… I thought so, but apparently they didn’t care…

I was able to get extra initials, and I’m sure I gained a little more respect from my colleagues, but I don’t think it did much for my patients. So I decided to start to learn how to communicate with them better. How to break everything down, so anyone could understand what is wrong with them. Basically, I learned how to explain every condition in a way that my mom could go to her friends and explain to them so they would understand.


So my question to you is this.

Who are you directing your message to?

Who are you trying to talk to?

Watch the Video here: Physical Therapy Career Tip – Know Who You Are Talking To


Talk to the community!

If you have the desire to be an amazing clinician or a fantastic helper of musculoskeletal conditions in your community, then you better learn how to take the stuff that you learned in school, or are currently learning in school, and you better find out how to talk to the community. You might get crucified for it, your colleagues might not get it, but you better know how to do that. That’s why I took one module of Smart Success PT, and I just train you to do that because the number of interns that I’ve had, and even some new PTs that I’ve had that have not worked with me before coming to Renewal. They are like, “I’ve never seen someone explain this so simplistic.”

Initially, they think it’s complicated, but they are like, “Oh my gosh, the patients are like wow, I finally understand my condition!” “I finally know what the hell doctors are trying to tell me all this time?”

That’s just the truth. You have to make a decision. You either try to talk in the jargon of your colleagues, and that’s cool, or you are going to talk and make your patients understand you big time.

That’s just a decision that you have to make.  All the different conditions that we typically see, how do you say it to patients in a certain way that gets them to understand. How do you do it?

I know that’s a touchy subject for PTs.

Kelly Starrett…some people love him and some people don’t, but the dude figured out a way to be able to teach people first aid for orthopedics. Whether you like it or not, he has catered to the community. That guy is killing it doing that. He is one of the most influential physical therapists; I don’t care if you like him or not, it doesn’t matter. But he has figured out how to put his message out to the community. Some people might be a lot better than him, we can always argue about who’s better clinically, but it’s just a decision that you have to make. Who are you trying to cater to? Just think about that. Click To Tweet

Let’s talk marketing and cupping

I am a physical therapist first. My primary thing is to be a physical therapist and a damn good one. A good physical therapist is not necessarily a good business person. I know some of the best physical therapists that I have met in my life have gone out of business in private practice.

I want people to appreciate me for the things my professors told me I should be valued. Click To Tweet  It’s just not how it works. Not just for physical therapy; it is for every single business in the world. If you cannot sell, if you cannot market, it doesn’t matter. In the field of physical therapy, it is frowned upon to market. If someone even slightly has this mingling of self-promotion, they are frowned upon, crucified, and it’s crazy to me.

Watch the video here: Physical Therapy Tip – Let’s talk marketing and cupping

It’s crazy to me in a profession with no brand awareness at all that we don’t get it. That it doesn’t matter just how good you are, it matters how well you market. It is part of the equation.

Do you understand marketing?

People in physical therapy have to come to the realization; they just have to come to the realization that if you don’t know how to market, don’t blame anybody else. The fact of the matter is that people will do what other people are doing.

If Michael Phelps put some cupping thing on him all over his shoulder, everyone wants to do it. Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry does it. Everybody wants in. That’s just understanding marketing. That’s understanding that they are influential people…and people do what influential people do.

I am giving you all valuable information. I have a pretty big following in the physical therapy community. But, if Oprah or Ellen endorses me, my following goes up by 500,000. Just like that.

Did I automatically just get better? Or did I just understand marketing? Promotion from people that are respected, that’s called marketing. Do you get it? In our field, people look down on marketing. That’s the reason why we are in the position we are in right now. I have done as much CEUs as everyone else. Have I gotten that much better? Or have I just learned how to get what I do out there? I have just learned how to talk to people better by looking for what I can offer them. If you don’t know how to market, you are going to lose. Click To Tweet

Do you get it?

That’s what I want to tell you guys. Please, you’ve learned enough in physical therapy school, you have heard enough about all that other stuff. Please focus on the other things now.

Focus on how to take your gifts you learn in physical therapy school Click To Tweet and take it to the next level. Please don’t convince yourself that you have to have a four-wall clinic. It’s not true.

You have a cellphone; you have a business. Every single video that I have right now, that’s on YouTube, that’s on Periscope, that’s on Facebook LIVE, that’s all done by the same phone that you have, we have the same thing.

If you have a phone that has a camera, you can start. Don’t let anybody fool you. It’s just the truth. Stop looking down on marketing and start embracing it. Believe in what you do and learn how to market to reach those people better and stop complaining about cupping and all that other stuff.

Dream Big

I’m a physical therapist and a fitness coach – that was my dream, that’s what I wanted for my life. I also wanted to have my own practice, because that was my dream.  It wasn’t my mom’s dream, and it wasn’t my dad’s dream, it wasn’t even my wife’s, it was MY dream. It was MINE, and I wanted that.

I also became a consultant. People are like, “dude you are consulting; first of all you are a black person consulting in a predominantly white industry, it’s 65% female, and you are dude…. you are not going to make it”

Well… that was MY dream, that’s what I wanted. “Over 1,200 SPTs have opted-in to my emails for mentoring?”

Yeah, because that was MY dream. That’s not yours; it’s MINE.

“And now you have multiple courses?”

“Yeah because that’s my dream. It’s not yours; it’s mine. Own your dreams.”


I want to tell you a story about a guy named Josh.

In 2004, when I just started to travel on the ATP and WTA tour. I work privately for their tennis players, and his name was Mardy Fish.  At that time, Mardy was 14th in the world. So this is what happened, Mardy was struggling with an injury, and I was treating that injury for him at the clinic that I was working at.

At that time I did not have my practice. Two weeks later, he had to go to a tournament in Cincinnati, and  the year before he made it to the finals and played Andy Roddick. When you make it to the finals, or you are a big draw of that tournament, you get an appearance bonus just for showing up, but he had this injury with his back. He needed round-the-clock work and said, “Greg can you come with me to Cincinnati?” so I did.

Fast forward to two days before the tournament. We are staying at a Mariott in Cincinnati. Mardy brings this guy there; his name is Josh. Josh just seemed like some bum groupie to me.

Mardy is like, “yeah this is my friend Josh, we went to high school together.” He’s a cool dude and just had his guitar on his shoulder and he was just kind of like “hey what’s up?” he’s funny, a little racy with his mouth.

He was like, “Yeah man I dropped out of school, and I am pursuing my dreams of being a country-music star,” and I am like “okay that’s wonderful” and so he just has his guitar, and he is walking around the hotel with his guitar. The night after Mardy lost to Andre Agassi, I told him “Hey I want you to be up early so we can go and get some treatment and you can train, and we’ll do some therapy.”

Watch the video here: Physical Therapy Tip – Dream Big

That morning I was pissed off because later the previous night the guys went out to Hooters after he lost to Agassi and stayed out late. I just felt that Josh was a bad influence on Mardy. I didn’t know this guy, but the next day Josh came up to us and said, “I am quitting school, and I am doing my dreams and go to Nashville and become a country music star.” Then he asked my wife – you are not doing anything, all you’re doing is just watching them so can you just listen to me, and he brings out his guitar, he sits my wife down, and he is just stringing his guitar and doing this little thing.

He sounds good, but I am like, “that’s just stupid; he’s leaving college to go to Nashville to try to become a country music star.” here’ the deal, that was Josh’s dream, that wasn’t my dream. That’s his dream. I told Mardy, “I don’t know if this guy is a real good influence on you” he was like, “Greg, I have known this guy  forever; he’s a great guy, and he has a dream of becoming a country music star”


About a year and a half later, Mardy is in my office – at this time I have my own office, and he says “Hey go buy Josh’s song on iTunes.” I don’t know if you guys know country music but his name is Jake Owen and he’s extremely popular now. He has been on the Billboard Top 20 now for nine songs and three Gold Albums. He has opened for Keney Chesney, Brad Paisley, Little Bigtown, Keith Urban.

It wasn’t my dream

That was Josh’s dream. That wasn’t mine. Who the hell was I to say, “You can make it or you can’t” I was more concerned about my player.  It is so funny because how I found out he made it big. I’m at my house watching the Orange Bowl –  and they said Jake Owen would be the half-time show. And I said, “isn’t that Josh? What the hell is Josh doing on TV? I guess he made it” we started looking at him and say “wow, he’s made it” I see him sometimes on ESPN game day when they had the celebrities come on..crazy!!!

Your dreams are your dreams. Click To TweetThey are your dreams. And I think most people just don’t own up to their dreams. I don’t expect people to understand my dreams just like you can’t expect me to know yours. What hurts me and what makes me feel terrible for people is that they are waiting for someone else to approve of their dreams for them to execute them out and that’s just not how it works. Yes, I am living my dream, and I want every single one of you to live yours as well.

Dream it and own it. Click To TweetYou guys can do it. If there is nothing else, I want to tell you, every single one of you can do it. You have to be strong and focused enough.  You have to tell them, “Look man, this is mine. I see it. Envision it. I am willing to put work for it day in and day out to get there.”

My 5 Favorite Personal Development Books


I have been helped more with personal development than I have with any particular CEU course I’ve taken. Physical therapy continuing education is fantastic.  But the truth is that in this game what they don’t tell you is that you are capped out with what you can make from learning new techniques.

 You are not getting rewarded for learning more techniques. Why? Because insurance doesn’t give a crap, they just don’t care…I’m not really sure how else to say it, but there you go.  At the end of the day, people just care about themselves and their transformation. Click To Tweet

Watch the video here: My 5 Favorite Personal Development Books

What has helped me the most is personal development. I am in  personal development about 1.5-3 hours every single day and I have been doing that consistently for the past 4 years. The more I am in it the more successful I get – It’s that simple.

Here are my favorite personal development books.

1.) Awaken the Giant by Tony Robbins          

Awaken the Giant is a very short book but that will get you going. He gives so many tips.

Tony Robbins, is one of the few dudes that I never get sick of hearing.  Some guys are saying the same things over and over. He has such a wealth of knowledge.

If you get the audio book for it, it’s a short hour and twelve minutes, you are going to get so much from what he is telling you.

Get the audio book here

2.) Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy.

This was probably the best overall book I’ve read as a business owner.  Darren Hardy is the founder of Success Magazine. He has an amazing story. He became a millionaire by 21, and he talks about the different businesses he’s been through but really everything that he said in the book, I was like, “yup yup yup!!!” about business. 



3.) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

If you are going to get promoted, you are going to have to be someone that is influential, and someone that is liked. If you are a total tool and you have the greatest skillset, you will just be at the level that your great skillset can get you to.  But if you are likable??? Skies the limit. 

I haven’t gotten to this point my own, it’s because people have promoted me. I’ve worked for probably about 15 hours for the last three months clinically. It’s because I have been able to influence people and people want to work for me and I learned a lot of it through this book. 

Get the Audio Book Here



4.) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Probably of all the books that I have told you, this is the longest book, but at the end of the day this is what you gotta understand – successful people have successful habits. That’s really it.

They have habits that unsuccessful people don’t have. So if you want to learn what those habits are, read this book. This book will tell you, “this is what they do” and if you start doing it you will see your life start to change.

Get the Audio Book Here



5.) It’s Not About You by Bob Burg and John David Mann

It’s simple, it’s effective, but it really is true. One of the biggest things that I see all the time is everybody wants it to be about them. When I focused my energy on not making it about me, and just finding ways to make my staff happy, that’s when everything changed.

I realized it’s not about me, it’s about them. If I can make these people happy, then they are going to make me happy. If I can make these people happy then they are going to make our patients happy. I gotta cater and serve them. I gotta make sure that they get everything that they want. You are not going to fix every single patient. So if you are basing your relationship off of you fixing every single person, then what’s the odds of… Click To TweetThere are people that come to my office that are not fixed but I was honest with them, and our relationship flourished.

I am like, “Look the things that we are doing aren’t working. Here are some options and let’s take it a step further. I am going to text and email you. Also I will make sure that you get to this other provider.”

I will do those things because it’s about you, it’s not about me. You came to me with your care. If I can’t do it (most of the time I can), I will make sure you are okay. I have people that I never fixed and they sent me so many patients because I make it not about me.

I see this all the time with physical therapists and they are like, “this patient saying they got a 10 out of 10 pain and they are rolling their eyes” it’s not about you, it’s about them. Whether they have a 10 out of 10 pain or not, it doesn’t matter.

Obviously they are trying to tell you something, so just remember, it’s about them.

If you start reading these books, they are going to teach you things you won’t learn in college. These things are going to teach you the true hustle, how to build emotional intelligence, and how to build proper habits.

As a young physical therapist, all you learn is how to pass the NPTE. You pay 6 figures+ for that today. That’s all you learn.  These are my five books that I would say will put you in the right direction.

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