Tapping into our Fullest Potential

So yesterday was our mental training day. We had Jesse Henry, a peak performance strategist from Tony Robbins come in and talk to us.
He did a phenomenal job talking to my staff and the staff at CrossFit 14. He basically talked about us putting our lives in perspective… And understanding that outcomes is what we are really looking for. Not necessarily to have additional goals.

How to tap into your Fullest Potential

There were many great things that he talked about… And a lot of it was questions that he made us ask ourselves. I realized that for me, and for many others… Our lives are based on what we find purpose in. I also realized that a lot of the decisions that I’ve made over my career have been not related to money… And because of that, I’m always looking at the bigger purpose… and it probably has drawn many more people to me then if I had more of a financial focus.
It was interesting thing… He made us do this exercise where we rated what we thought our current potential was in seven different areas of our life. You could rate yourself from 0 (not tapping into any of your potential) to 10 (completely tapping into your fullest potential).
I averaged five… And I really do believe that as many things as I’ve been able to accomplish over my career, and even in my family life… Feel like there’s still so much more to be done. And I guess that’s a good thing for me… That I understand that we really haven’t tapped into any of our full capabilities yet.