Mentorship for Mentors: Never Stop Learning

Why Mentorship is for Everyone

Last week I talked about the importance of having an inner circle that has influence and how they can help you move forward in any facet of your life.
This is just such an important topic to begin with. There’s so many people that want better for themselves, and are actually willing to put in the work to do it… But they have absolutely no clue how to do so. Having that great drive to do whatever it takes to be successful is often not enough to get you to the top. What you need is a teacher to guide you along the way. That’s why I believe mentorship is so important. Everyone should have a mentor to look-up to for inspiration, guidance, and counsel.

Success is always attributed to some or any form of inspiration. This source of inspiration can be through people that we are directly in contact with life family or friends. Some use life stories of known people that mimic their own struggles and successes. To cut it short, it can be virtually anybody in your life that will greatly impact your success in the future.

Being on top can be lonely, as the saying goes. Having someone to be that guide to either reach new heights or maintain your position in life is one of the best ways to keep you level-headed. These people may not be able to contribute much on your savvy and skills but what they provide is genuine wisdom on life experiences. I as a mentor myself always see interaction with other people as an opportunity to learn something new.  Even mentors should have mentors. I have one.

In the video below, I talked about my top two reasons why mentorship is so important to everybody.